Candy Candy Baby!
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Devil X Devil is owned by Sachiyo Sawauchi. I'm just using them for fun ^_^
Fandom: Devil X Devil
Notes: I read the Devil X Devil manga and I just felt like I needed more. So, after this whole big storyline ran it's way through my head, I decided to just take one idea and work with it for now. So we have perverted Suzaku playing around with Hotei's weakness with sweets. Such naughty boys. Devil X Devil has been licensed by Dramaqueen, but as of yet, has not been printed. As such, here's the relevant chapters for download. Should the book ever be printed, please support the industry by purchasing it!
Info: If you haven't read Devil X Devil here's a few things you'll need to know. Hotei is a very low level demon who lives on earth. Demons cannot eat human food and feed off the natural energy of humans. He has a hard time feeding himself and usually preys on drunks on park benches. Recently, his territory has been taken over by a fallen angel, Suzaku. Suzaku is a pedophile and has a thing for cute little boys. Hotei gets very hungry and a little boy innocently offers him candy. Despite knowing that candy is bad for demons and can turn them into strange things, like bugs and frogs, he eats a candy and passes out from the pain. When he wakes up, it's turned him into a little human boy! Then Suzaku finds him, not knowing it's Hotei, he puts the moves on him. Hotei, in the guise of an innocent little kid named Hotaru, leads him along to get revenge against Suzaku for being so mean to him, but somewhere along the way, he starts to like the fallen angel. Things happen, Suzaku finds out the truth and eventually they become lovers...though somewhat dysfunctional. Some not as important stuff happens in Chapter Two, but basically Hotei won't ask Suzaku for food (or sex). It embarrasses him and angers Suzaku. Suzaku's just a pervert soooo.

This is Hotei in his adult demon form. That's Suzaku's feather.

"Oh Hotei!"

Hotei tensed as Suzaku's silky voice rang through the small apartment. He wondered if he could turn invisible by staying huddled under the cover.

"Get up! You lazy-ass demon." Suzaku walked over and poked the lump of demon under the covers.

"Leave me alone," Hotei grumbled, swatting at the offending hand.

"Shouldn't you be up already? I've already gone out and worked us up a meal and you're still in bed." Suzaku sat down beside the futon and poked him again.

"It's cause you wear me out! You feed me and then you work it right out of me again!" Hotei yelled, burying his face in the pillow.

Suzaku chuckled and pulled the blankets out of the demon's grasp.

"Wah!" Hotei made a grab for the covers too late as the fallen angel yanked them off the bed, revealing Hotei's nude body curled up on the bed.

"Heh." Suzaku chuckled as he climbed onto the futon and pinned Hotei's hands over his head.

"No Suzaku! I'm tired." Hotei pouted, turning his face from his lover.

"Aww, but I brought you a surprise." Suzaku looked down at him in mock hurt.

Hotei looked at him suspiciously. "What kind of surprise?"

"Close your eyes and I'll show you." Suzaku grinned.

"You're going to try something funny." Hotei accused.

Suzaku blinked innocently. "Now why would you say something like that?"

"Because you always do!"

"You act like you don't enjoy it. Now close your eyes."

"That's because I don't!" Hotei protested.

Suzaku took advantage of the demon's open mouth. He swooped and and kissed him deeply. Using his tongue, he quickly shoved something into Hotei's mouth.

"What?" Hotei blinked as the taste of sugar melted across his tongue. "Suzaku! No!" He gasped as he suddenly began to choke.

Suzaku watched him closely as Hotei shook and turned his head to the side. The demon gagged as he tried to get rid of the sweet. He coughed hard, managing to spit the candy out of his mouth. The small red sweet grew blurry as his body convulsed in pain.

"Hotei." Suzaku took a hold of the demon's chin, turning his face so he was looking up into the fallen angel's eyes.

"Bastard," Hotei wheezed.

Suzaku didn't reply as he leaned in and licked up the sweet red juice that dripped from the corner of Hotei's mouth.

Hotei shivered and slowly blacked out.

The demon slowly woke to the sensastion of a warm tongue running along his throat.

"Unh, Suzaaaa quit it." He pushed the face away from him.

"Now now Hotaru. Be a good boy."

"Huh?" Hotei opened his eyes, immediately feeling on edge upon seeing Suzaku's lecherous expression. "What's up with you?" He yelled. He froze at the sound of his own voice. It was high and squeaky... "The candy!"

"Yes. That was your surprise. Candy. And now I have this cute little boy in my bed. Where should I start first?" Suzaku leered as he ran his hands over Hotei's small naked body.

Hotei growled. "Start with this!" He kicked out, planting his foot in Suzaku's chin. "Stupid pedophile!"

"Ouch." Suzaku rubbed his chin. "Now now, that's not nice. Looks like I'm going to have to punish you."

"Stay away you pervert!" Hotei tried to back away, but Suzaku caught his ankle and dragged him down the bed. "Let me go! Let me go!" The demon child kicked wildly, but Suzaku managed to avoid his small feet this time around.

"You're such a naughty boy," Suzaku purred as he laid Hotei face down in his lap.

"And you're a bastard! Let go of me!" Hotei yelled over his shoulder.

"Such a cute dirty mouth." Suzaku twisted Hotei's head just enough to kiss him.

Hotei moaned softly, trying to pull his face from the fallen angel's grip. He cried out suddenly as Suzaku's hand slapped his bare bottom. His skin stung and tears immediately welled up in the corners of his eyes.

"Naughty boys get punished Hotei. Don't be a naughty boy." Suzaku murmured hoarsely, punctuating each word with a sharp slap. By the end of his admonishment, Hotei's ass was glowing red with hand prints and the demon was sobbing. His small hands dug into the sheets as he tried to fight the pain. He could feel Suzaku's erection digging into his stomach and he tried to squirm out of the man's lap.

"Stop that." Another sharp smack was delivered to his already reddened skin.

Hotei cried out. He stiffled another sob and bit his lip to keep the noise to himself. The least he could do in the situation was keep his mouth shut and deprive Suzaku of whatever sick pleasure he got from hearing him cry

"Are you going to cooperate now?" Suzaku asked softly, gathering the boy into his arms.

Hotei stared silently at the sheets through watery eyes. He kept his mouth clenched shut, ignoring Suzaku.

"I see. You're going to be stubborn now." Suzaku lifted Hotei's face, squeezing his jaw until he was forced to open his mouth. Hotei's mouth opened reluctantly under the pressure and Suzaku leaned in to kiss him hungrily. He thrust his tongue into the boy's hot mouth. Hotei could still taste the lingering sweetness of the candy he'd been tricked with. He had to fight for breath as Suzaku ruthlessly stole his away.

Suzaku's hands slowly glided over Hotei's smooth skin. He traced that tattoo that the demon sported on his chest and down his sides. As he fingered the small nipples, he pulled his mouth from Hotei's, instead moving down to take one pink bud into his mouth. Hotei arched up into his touch, crying out.

"No. Suzaku no." He whimpered, burying his hands in the angel's long hair.

"Your body says yes." Suzaku purred as he sucked on the other nipple, teasing it with his tongue. He bit down and sucked hard.

"Ah! Hurts."

"I'll make you feel good." Suddenly, Suzaku flipped the small demon over, pushing his face into the mattress and dragging his ass into the air. He ran his hands over the smooth reddened cheeks. Taking them in hand, he parted them, drawing yet another whimper from Hotei. He grinned as he leaned forward and began to run his tongue over the hot skin.

"No." Hotei whined softly.

"Yes." Suzaku stabbed his tongue between the two cheeks, seeking out the small pucker. He began to gently tease the muscle with his tongue, pulling whimpers and soft protests from the dark haired demon child. As the skin moistened, Suzaku started stretching him out with his fingers, getting the small body ready to receive him.

"Suzaku," Hotei hiccuped pitifully.

"Hotei." Suzaku pulled the small demon up into his arms. "You're gonna like this." He kissed him as he settled the boy in his lap once more.

"No." He sniffled, burying his tear stained face in Suzaku's shoulder.

Suzaku ignored him. Instead he focused on getting his pants open. He pulled out his erection, sliding his fingers over the slick precum. Then he pulled Hotei into position, pressing the head against his entrance. He didn't give his lover time to protest as he began to enter.

"Ha! No. Suzaku." Hotei's small fingers dug into his skin as he breached the tiny hole.

"Shh. Relax. I'll make you feel good." He nibbled on Hotei's small rounded human ear. It was a change from the long pointed demon ears he was used to biting. He traced the delicate shell with his tongue as he gave Hotei time to relax and accept him. Since Hotei was smaller than usual, Suzaku decided to go easy on him and let him adjust. When he was in his regular form, Suzaku could shove right in if he wanted. Now, he was determined to go slowly with Hotei's smaller form. He would take it easy on his demon lover while prolonging the pleasure.

Suzaku claimed Hotei's mouth, muffling the stream of whimpers coming from his lips. He drove his tongue into his lover's mouth, gently stroking the smaller one. Hotei's tongue touched his shyly and Suzaku grinned. It meant that Hotei was enjoying it. His demon lover was always so shy. It got on his nerves. Hotei didn't want to ask for it at all, so Suzaku had to push him. Hotei got angry about it afterwards, but when they did it, he always had the most blissful expression on his face. So Suzaku kept pushing him, wanting to see his blushing cheeks and the buildup of tears in the corners of his dark eyelashes. He needed to see Hotei panting in desire, licking at his swollen red lips. He loved to hear Hotei whimper and call out his name. It was an addiction. More than food, more than air, more than anything, he needed Hotei.

As Hotei relaxed, Suzaku slowly began to thrust into the demon's body. In the form of a child, he was even tighter than usual and Suzaku groaned in pleasure. Hotei panted into his lover's mouth, his eyes falling shut as he held tightly to Suzaku's back. Occasionally, he felt the brush of feathers against his hands as Suzaku's wings fluttered in pleasure. It sent shivers through him which seemed to encourage Suzaku to thrust faster. He moaned and finally tore his mouth away from Suzaku's. Hotei buried his face in his lover's shoulder. Suzaku could feel the fluttering of Hotei's lashes against his shoulder along with the slow drip of tears sliding down his skin.

"Hotei. You're mine." Suzaku murmured, nuzzling his lover. "So why don't you come for me?" He reached down and began stroking Hotei's erection. It was so small compared to his normal size. Hotei whimpered and Suzaku reminded himself that he needed to be gentle with the delicate organ or it would be too painful for the demon.

"Suzaku," Hotei moaned, clenching his fists into Suzaku's back.

"Yes," Suzaku muttered. He started thrusting deeper as he felt Hotei's body start to tense. "That's right. Come for me Hotei."

"No," Hotei moaned.

"Don't be embarrassed. Let it go." Suzaku thrust up, rubbing against his little demon's sweet spot. Hotei cried out and bit down on his lover's shoulder. "Yes," Suzaku hissed. "Like that."

Hotei twisted in his lover's grip and soon came, spilling his seed into Suzaku's hand. As Hotei's tight body spasmed around Suzaku, the angel groaned in delight. He began thrusting harder into the clenching heat. Hotei moaned softly as his sweet spot was battered in quick succession.


Hotei's voice was what did it. As the angel listened to his lover's moan, he pulled the boy's face up to look at his. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes half closed as he panted softly, shivering and sweating in Suzaku's grip. Suzaku growled hungrily as he claimed his lover's lip, finally allowing himself to find release within Hotei's body. It felt like heaven all over again. Suzaku sighed as he sucked another sweet kiss from his lover.

Hotei melted against him, lying limply against his chest. As Suzaku finally came down from the clouds he was floating on, he laid back onto the pillows, bringing his demon lover with him. He settled the boy's weight on his chest and slowly stroked his back, occasionally running his hand over the heated cheeks of his ass. Suzaku closed his eyes as he let his fingers slide down Hotei's back and gently touch the place they were still connected. It was slick as his seed slowly leaked from Hotei's passage. He rubbed the spot lightly, drawing a tired whimper from Hotei.

"Oh yes. I promised you energy didn't I?" Suzaku tilted Hotei's face so he could meet his lips. With a gentle kiss, he transferred half of the energy he'd collected that morning.

Hotei moaned softly as his body began to tingle. Suddenly, he didn't feel quite so small anymore. He glanced over his shoulder and saw his wings. "Yatta!"

"Hmm, you're kinda heavy. Are you sure I'm not overfeeding you?" Suzaku teased, knowing full well that his demon was perfectly slim and probably could use a little extra meat on his frame.

"You jerk!" Hotei yelled, hitting Suzaku in the shoulder. "That hurt! Spanking me and giving me candy!" Hotei pulled away, wincing as he separated from Suzaku.

"But you liked it didn't you?" Suzaku said, pulling the demon back towards him and into his lap.

"That's not the point!" Hotei punched Suzaku's leg. "If I liked it or not you didn't ask me if you could do that. You didn't ask me about the candy! What if I didn't turn little this time? What if I turned into a frog or a bug?"

"Demons don't always turn into pretty boys?" Suzaku kissed his shoulder.

"No demons don't always turn into pretty boys!" Hotei yelled, flailing at Suzaku.

"What a shame. I guess I was lucky this time."

"Lucky I don't kill you!" Hotei growled.

"But if you killed me, then who would feed you?" Suzaku purred as he nibbled Hotei's pointed ear.

Hotei shivered. "I-I can feed myself," he protested.

"I don't consider old men on park benches to be very good for you. You belong only to me. I don't want you to touch other men. I will take care of my little demon. You are mine and no one else's." Suzaku hugged the demon close to him.

Hotei blushed. "Suzaku."

Suzaku grinned. His demon was such a cutie!

Hotei tensed suddenly. "Suzaku...what's that?"

"I want you."

"You just had me!" Hotei protested, trying to move away from Suzaku and the erection that was poking him.

"You were little then. I want you now."

"Then why'd you make me little?" Hotei yelled.

Suzaku grinned. "I like Hotei all ways." He grabbed at his lover, pushing him back down onto the futon.

Hotei struggled weakly beneath him. "You horny pervert."

"Hey, I'm not the one with horns around here." Suzaku smirked.

"Fuck you." Hotei spat as Suzaku's fingers danced over his horns.

The angel grinned, pressing his lips to Hotei's. "No, I think I'll fuck you."

The End

Done. Man, I'm so tired of re-reading that story, I'm not gonna! It's done. I'll edit it later if I feel like it. Anyway, feeeeeeedback. I'm curious *nods*