Hands Off the Hitsuzen!
By: For-Chan
Disclaimer: I donít own them. Clamp does.
Notes: This fic was spawned by a comment by orochimaru_han about a Yuko/Doumeki pairing >_> That said, I think I shall dedicate it to her and her partner in crime, psychicdreams.
P.S. Please don't kill me ^_^;;

As Watanuki trudged home, he sighed. Yuko had worked him really hard that day. He completely redecorated her bedroom. With a lot of sweating and straining, he managed to push a huge Western style bed with large wooden bed posts and thick red velvet draperies into just the right position. It was back breaking work to run around decorating while Yuko laid back on a lounge chair, ordering him about as she smoked her pipe. He couldn't wait to get home and sleep.

He was just turning a corner when movement down the road caught his eye. Watanuki was jumpy by nature. He had to be with all the things that were constantly after him. It was also late at night and the walk home was usually deserted, so the movement at the end of the street was suspicious. He hopped around the corner before glancing back the way he had come. At the end of the street, he was surprised to see Doumeki.

"What the heck is he doing here?" Watanuki wondered.

Doumeki had a determined set to his back as he strode purposefully down the street. Curious as to what the other boy was doing, Watanuki cautiously began to follow him. He was surprised when they headed right for Yuko's shop. He was even more surprised when Doumeki walked into the yard! As far as he knew, Doumeki couldn't see the shop, let alone walk into it!

Shocked, Watanuki followed him into the house. He was too far behind to see where Doumeki went in the maze-like house and had to pick a direction and start searching. After a few minutes of wandering, he stumbled across Maru and Moro peering into a doorway. They looked up simultaneously, their eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Ah! Watanuki-kun," they sang out softly.

He frowned. "Have you seen that big jerk Doumeki?"

"Strapping lad? Lover boy?" they asked.

Watanuki glared. "He is not my-" he started, but didn't finish as he was interrupted by Yuko's delighted laugh.

"Doumeki! You are too eager tonight."

Watanuki blinked. What in the world? He crept forward, ignoring the girls' creepy smiles as he slowly peeked into the doorway they knelt before. Inside of the room, he had a perfect view of Doumeki pinning Yuko to the large bed he'd spent all afternoon moving. Doumeki's hands were sliding down Yuko's waist as she pulled him down for a slow kiss.

Watanuki couldn't help the horrified shriek that came out of his mouth.

A pillow hit him squarely in the face and he blinked. He was no longer in Yuko's shop staring, horrified, into her bedroom. In fact, he couldn't really see much of anything with a pillow pressing down in his face. He quickly shoved it away and sat up.

"Are you done screaming yet?" Doumeki yawned, pulling his fingers out of his ears.

"I...What do you mean am I done screaming yet!" He yelled. "Do you know what kind of nightmare I just had!"

"No, but if you keep yelling like that, everyone in town will soon."

Watanuki glared, but it wasn't very effective in the dark. Doumeki's hand wrapped around his wrist and slowly pulled him back down on the bed.

"What kind of nightmare was it?"

"The worst!" Watanuki exclaimed, a bit quieter than before. "You went to Yuko's shop and you were kissing her!"

Doumeki frowned. "Why would I ever do that?"

"I don't know! But you did!"

Doumeki wrapped his arms around Watanuki, pulling him close. "You know that you're the only one I want to kiss." That said, he leaned in to give him a slow lingering kiss.

As they parted, Watanuki licked his lips and was thankful for the darkness that hid his sudden blush. "I'd better be," he grumbled, snuggling into Doumeki.

"Don't worry, you are. Now go back to sleep, and stop dreaming such silly dreams." He tucked Watanuki's head beneath his chin and gave him a small kiss on the head.

Watanuki gave another wordless grumble, already slipping back into a comfortable sleep.

"I have a very special task for you today," Yuko said as she lead Watanuki through the hallways.

"Oh boy," he sighed, already expecting the worst.

Yuko tugged him into a room and threw her hand out in a grand gesture at a large Western styled canopy bed. "We're going to redo my room today!"

Watanuki froze, staring in horror at the bed. He whipped his head around to stare at Yuko before leaping away from her. "What the hell is this?! I'm not touching that thing! You can move it yourself!"

Yuko pouted. "Watanuki-kun."

"Don't Watanuki-kun me! I won't do it! Don't look at me like that! And don't touch Doumeki!"

Yuko tilted her head. "Why would I touch Doumeki?"

"It doesn't matter!" Watanuki screeched. "Just don't!"

"Mou, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."

"I woke up on the same side that I always wake up on!" Watanuki snapped.

"In other words, the side that Doumeki isn't on." Yuko smirked.

Watanuki blushed. "I...so what? You got a problem with that?"

"Of course not. After all, it was hitsuzen."

"Yeah well, keep your fingers out of our hitsuzen," Watanuki huffed.

She laughed. "You know I can't affect it, it is fore-ordained. Now will you help me with the bed?"

He crossed his arms and turned away. "No. Move it yourself."

Yuko sighed. "Maybe I should call Doumeki. He's a nice strapping young lad, so big and strong. I'm sure that he could help me move it."

"NO!" Watanuki screamed.

Yuko blinked.

"I'll help you move it!" He said, desperately.

"Ah good!" Yuko clapped her hands together. "Now, I want to move it over just a little bit," she said as she took out her pipe and moved to perch on a comfortable lounge chair. Watanuki was so fun sometimes. Perhaps she couldn't affect hitsuzen, but dreams were another matter altogether.

The End