I Know How You Feel
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Don't own them.
Notes: I know I should be working on Virgin Sacrifices but this idea just sprung into my head! I had to write it!
Pairing: Piccolo/Goten

Goten heard the front door open and close. For a while he continued to sit at the computer finished the last paragraph of his Ecology paper. Finally with a sigh he printed it and left to go find a snack. He walked out into the living room where his brother, Gohan, and Trunks were busy inhaling two large pizzas. They hadn't had pizza 10 minutes ago when he'd gone for a drink so Trunks must have brought them over.

"Where's mine?" Goten asked standing in the doorway.

"Oh sorry man, I only had twelve bucks on me," Trunks said not looking up from the martial arts tournament they were watching.

Suddenly Goten wasn't hungry anymore. That was the fifth time this week he came over and brought something only to have it be just enough for he and Gohan. He'd heard "Sorry man but I blah blah blah," more in the last few months than he could stand. He wasn't sure if he was being left out deliberately or on accident but you'd think that once in a while Trunks would think of his best friend. Or maybe he was a former best friend. The way things were looking Gohan was now Trunks' best friend.

They were spending more and more time together. They were glued to the hip so much that Trunks practically lived in their living room. Goten was pretty sure that Gohan hadn't gone to train with Piccolo at all in the last six months. He and Trunks were growing lazy. Goten was balancing school, a part time job at a Dojo and his practice all at once. Trunks and Gohan weren't doing anything! They just hung out like a couple of bums and whatever they messed up he had to clean up! His parents had moved into the city some time ago. Chichi wanted to be closer to town and Goku didn't mind cause he and Vegeta were right next door and could spar whenever. So Goten was left keeping up the house on top of it all!

Goten was seeing red. He was pretty sure that he could take on both of these slackers with a minimum amount of effort. But instead he turned and walked out the door. He took off into the sky and flew in a random direction searching for a place to release his anger. Spotting an empty stretch of rocky fields Goten landed and proceeded to turn the rock into pebbles.

"Do you always go around blowing up rocks for amusement?" a voice asked from above.

Goten looked up startled. A somewhat familiar figure was floating cross-legged in the air. The long billowing white cape and the bright green skin immediately gave away the identity.

"Oh, Hello Mr. Piccolo," Goten called. "I was just angry that's all. There was no one around to spar with."

Piccolo nodded, understanding the unspoken.

"You probably got lazy without Gohan around to keep you on your toes. Care to give it a go?" Goten asked.

"Try me," Piccolo smirked.

"Fine, ready or not!" Goten sprung into the air and lunged at the hovering green man.

Piccolo caught his fist and a fierce fight began. Kicks and punches were thrown and blocked with the occasional surprise move broke the defenses. They were sparring more as a release than any test of skill. Finally on an unspoken agreement they both drifted down to the ground and just sat side by side watching the orange sun set.

"Mr. Piccolo?" Goten asked.

"Yeah kid?"

"Do you ever feel forgotten?" Goten asked turning to face the Namek.

Piccolo turned to stare at Goten. After some time he lowered his head in a nod. "Yeah kid. I know how you feel."

"So its not just me."

"You wouldn't be the first person to feel that way and you won't be the last." Piccolo replied almost philosophically.

"So I'm not alone in feeling alone?"

"No kid, you're not alone," Piccolo said.

Goten smiled then he looked over at the seemingly distant Namek. He was right here with him, reassuring him and yet he still seemed light years away. Something came over Goten and he decided to bridge the gap between them. He leaned over and gave Piccolo a quick kiss on the cheek. Piccolo looked at him surprised. Goten blushed and looked down at the ground. A small grin graced Piccolo's face and he reached out to capture Goten's head between his hands. He pulled him forward and gave him the most passionate toe-curling kiss of his young life.

When Piccolo finally released him, Goten looked dazed. Goten swore he saw little hearts and chibi Piccolos with wings flying around his head. He blinked and looked at Piccolo curiously. He saw the kindred spirit within this man and smiled. He sighed and rested his head on Piccolo's shoulder. Piccolo snaked an arm around Goten's waist and they just sat watching the last of the sun sink beneath the horizon, both content that they were not alone.

The End!