One Shots

Here are all my one shots and stand alone stories.

Accommodations and Cabbages
Vegeta won't come out of his room. What discovery is revealed about the nature of Saiyans? And what does a cabbage have to do with it all?

Blood Brothers
A sappy ~songfic~ about Trunks and Goten's relationship.

I was chatting with some guy (undercover of course) and this is the result or our conversation. (Trunks/Goten) [NC17]

Chika Chika
Basically its a commercial spoof. Read it and see. (insanity reigns!)

Cool Night
Fluffy little story about Trunks and Goten loosely based around a song.

Don't Eat That!
Piccolo takes a teen Gohan out for survival training. Things get strange when Gohan eats something he shouldn't. (Lemon! Smut plain and simple!) [NC17]

Vegeta has an epiphany. Songfic.

A songfic about Goku and Vegeta. (Vegeta/Goku) [NC17]

Forbidden Love
Four people came together, two bodies played out the scene that would haunt them all forever with guilt and guilty pleasure. (Warning: Lemon, Angst, Incest!) [NC17]

Free Ride
Trunks becomes a social butterfly after the death of his parents. How will Goten get his friend back? [PG13] ~Song inspired~

Go Away For-Chan-I-Am!
The answer to a challenge. For-chan (me) asks Vegeta the puzzling question, "Do you like men?" (Think Green Eggs and Ham). Poor Dr. Suess is turning in his grave!

I'm on Fire
Songfic to Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm on Fire'. Bra gives Goku some bad 'tea' O_o (Vegeta/Goku) [NC17]

A Love Before Time
A challenge fic. A story about Piccolo, Goku and reincarnation. [G]

Mistletoe Kisses
Gohan's been dumped for the holidays. But Mirai Trunks will make sure he finds the season's cheer.

My Best Friend's Wedding
What's this? Trunks has fallen in love and Goten's stuck planning his wedding? Do I sense a little angst?

My Best Was Never Good Enough
It's a songfic set to 'My Best Was Never Good Enough'. (Vegeta/?) ~songfic~

One Last Wish
In the future, Piccolo has one last wish to grant. (Gohan/Trunks)

Out To Lunch
Trunks misses a lunch date because of work. (Trunks/Goten)

Organic Experience
Goku has an organic experience. (mild Vegeta/Goku)

The Reason Under a Cloud
Trunks isn't gay. But that doesn't stop him from experimenting with Goten.

Sage Lake
This is a fic I wrote for Talon featuring Sage.

Silent Night
It's artsy and it's blasphmous and who it is is my little secret!

Someone Get the Number of That Truck?
It's a really big orgy! Lemon Galore!!

The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me
This is a response to a "Non-Traditional Pairings" Challenge. It ain't nobody you've seen together before!

The Ring
Goten's ring falls off. Is it a sign? (Trunks/Goten)

Tonic for a Wounded Soul
Mirai Trunks comes for a visit. He is curious about Goten, who never existed in his world and decides that he wants to get to know him better.

Watching Him
Somebody is watching Goku.

Vegeta's Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas, my way!

We All Fall Down
O_o Well um...Vegeta gets tired of Goku. (Vegeta/Goku) [R]

Mirai Trunks is enlisted to babysit. Chaos ensues. A challenge response.

When You Love Someone
A vidfic. (Piccolo/Gohan)

Who Was That Masked Man?
A Halloween Fic I wrote. Gohan goes to a Halloween Party. (?/Gohan) Lemon!

Zero G
A challenge response. Write a Piccolo/Vegeta lemon. So here it is. (Piccolo/Vegeta)