Here are all my series in their own little section. Quite a lot now that I look at them.

Welcome to my world. Herein you shall find another Alternate Universe. Here is a world devastated by man and overrun with tragedy but none so sad as the tale of the Mistress and her Chyldren. Enter the world where nothing is as it seems and the Darkness is the Light.

DBZ: The Musical
Yes, yes, I did it, I made a musical of DBZ! My way...yaoi style! So come and read, I have a whole theatre set up in here!

The Evil Within
Something happens to Goku and nobody knows what's wrong.

Fairy Tales
My DBZ Fairy Tale remakes starring our favorite DBZ characters.

After a fight, Trunks just isn't himself. What is Goten going to do?

A collection of email forwards that I've spoofed.

Freezer is King. Vegeta is a pet prince. Add some warmth to the land of snow and what happens?

Goku's having nightmares that he can't remember. Are they mere nightmares or glimpses of something more?

Gold on Green
Something happens in the future which sends Trunks fleeing to the past in search on an angel with golden eyes.

I Never Knew
My Very First Truten (Trunks/Goten) fic. Goten is in love with Trunks who is in love with Gohan.

I Open My Eyes
An amnesiac wakes up in the forest and stumbles across Radditz's cabin.

The Misadventures of Gigi: The Saiyan Brat Formerly Known as Vegeta
My crazy fic about Vegeta being hit on the head and reverting to a brat whose more then a handful for some of our favorite heros...

Never Enough
Trunks runs away from heartbreak and you won't believe the consequences.

Saiyan Sons
My Saiyan Sons fics are now all stored here. Saiyan Sons being a kinda sorta alternate universe. You'll have to go see what I'm talking about.

Soul Series
A set of introspective fics chock full of angst and mystery considering that the thinkers are never named.

"The" Squick Fic Wars
A battle of squick and humor between myself and Sniffleslover as seen on the Saiyanslash ML. Enter at your own risk and prepare to be squicked.

Different ways of looking at the world.

A collaboration between Larania and myself. Things go awry in the future timeline.

Virgin Sacrifice
An alternate world where tribal chiefs reign and Dragon Gods are worshipped.

The Woman in Me
Goten gets his heart broken and makes a strange wish.