These are all sets of stories, too small to be series, but too plentiful to be one-shots.

I Know What You Mean
Goten is feeling left out.

Man, I Feel Dumb
Trunks and Gohan realize that Goten's missing..

Darkwater Desires
Inspired by the Garlic Jr. Saga. Darkwater mist brings out a the hidden desires in Piccolo(yaoi, angst, rape, Piccolo/Gohan)

Namek's Tear
Sequel to Darkwater Desires, this is the aftermath! (yaoi, angst, Piccolo/Gohan)

Lines in the Sand
The battle lines are drawn in the Prequel to 'Crossing Fine Lines' (Angst, cruelty to Goten)

Crossing Fine Lines
Trunks crosses the fine line between love and hate. (Angst, violence, cruelty to Goten, lemon)

Why Him?
Goku asks the question, Why him? (angst)

It Would Be Him
Companion Piece to Why Him? from Vegeta's POV.

Forgive Me Love
Goten makes a discovery in Trunks' house. ~Songfic~

Forgive Me Love II
Trunks replies to Goten's letter. ~Songfic~

Goten and Trunks, in the library! Can you say lemon?!

Teacher Conference
A mysterious coated figure comes to Gohan's office. What's that he's wearing underneath? Nothing? Lemon!!