The Many Uses of Cucumbers
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don’t own them!! Unless the toys count, hmm. Or maybe I can get Digimon stock! that’s an idea!
Warning: Yaoi, meaning boy/boy action. LEMON! As in there is lots of graphic gratuitous sex!!!
Note: This is my first finished Digimon fic as well as my first lemon. O_o I stayed up really late at night eating Cheetos with chopsticks so don’t blame me if you don’t like it, it’s the Cheetos’ fault! Oh and by the way, I hate cucumbers, sorry to all of you who may also be turned off of them by this fic!

Matt and Sora got stuck together in the search for food. Matt would have rather been stuck with anyone but her and he knew that she felt the same way about him. They were in competition for Tai’s affection, even if Tai himself hadn’t realized it yet, they had. They walked along in silence looking at the various plants that they passed by. None of them looked particularly edible. Matt hoped that they found something soon or they might go hungry tonight. Finally Sora turned to Matt.

“Look,” she said. “This obviously isn’t getting us anywhere. How about if we spread out a little bit to cover more ground. I'll walk on this side of the trees and you walk about ten feet that way and hopefully we can find something.”

As much as Matt didn’t like taking orders from the girl, he had to admit that the plan sounded pretty good. He nodded silently and walked off to the side, fully aware that Sora was glaring at his retreating back the whole way. As he saw Sora walk off, he began to walk forward too, but now his thoughts had drifted away from food and towards the object of their affection. Tai.

Matt didn’t know when he had started to fall for their wild leader, all he knew is that he had fallen, and fallen hard. Suddenly, Matt tripped over something and went crashing to the ground. The air whooshed out of his lungs and he landed in an ungraceful heap on the forest floor. He slowly picked himself up off the ground brushing at the twigs and dirt sticking to his shirt. He turned to see what had tripped him and saw a large sprawling vine with lots of cucumber-like vegetables hanging off it. They were a greenish yellow color and they were long and thick like the cucumbers he used to cut for salads. They looked pretty edible except for one that Matt had squashed in his fall.

“Sora!” Matt called excitedly. “I think I found something.” He heard the crunching of sticks and branches and looked up as Sora came crashing through the trees. Matt bent down and plucked one of the green vegetables and held it up for Sora’s inspection.

She nodded her head. “That looks like it will be edible. Let’s pick a whole bunch and bring them back to camp.” Matt nodded to her back as she turned around and began to gather up more of the vegetables. Matt sighed as he too began to pick the cucumber things. Soon, they had a large pile of the vegetables lying on the ground. “We’re not going to be able to carry all of those,” Sora noted. Matt looked at the almost knee-high pile and nodded in agreement. “Take your shirt off, Matt.” Sora instructed.

“What?!” Matt asked surprised.

“We’ll use it to carry these in,” Sora said.

“No way! Why don’t you carry them in your helmet?” Matt replied.

“Because they won’t all fit, besides it might get dirty that way,” Sora replied loftily.

“Well, I don’t want my shirt getting dirty, it’s the only one I’ve got!” Matt argued.

“Look, do you want to have enough for everybody or not,” Sora asked.

Matt gave a suffering sigh as he pulled his shirt over his head. He spread it out on the ground and they began piling the vegetables in it. As if that wasn’t enough, Sora made him carry the whole bundle by himself while she strolled back to camp empty handed.

Dinner was an uncomfortable affair for Matt, he felt strange sitting there topless, since his shirt was serving its time as a grocery bag. T.K. had offered him his own shirt but Matt had told him that he needed it more. He sat off to the side trying not to get himself noticed, but Tai kept glancing in his direction every now and then. Matt tried to look anywhere but Tai. He glanced over at Sora who was seated next to Tai but that was even worse. She was stroking one of the cucumbers very suggestively and sending heated glances Tai’s way. Tai, of course, was oblivious to all this, but Matt knew what Sora was thinking and his mood darkened.

Finally, Sora appeared to get tired of teasing Matt. She shoved the cucumber in her pocket and got up. She walked over to Matt and whispered in his ear, “You know what cucumbers are good for?”

“No, what?” Matt asked reluctantly.

“Releasing sexual frustration,” she said shoving her hand between his legs and stroking him roughly. She laughed harshly and ran off into the woods calling out that she would be going for a walk.

Matt was horrified. She had just grabbed him! He felt so dirty. He glanced off into the woods wondering about her last comment. Then he remembered how she had put the cucumber into her pocket and his stomach turned at the thought. He stood up in a rush and retrieved his shirt upsetting the vegetables piled on it. He put it on told T.K. he was going to bathe at the lake and went off in the opposite direction of Sora.

Tai wondered what that exchange between Sora and Matt was about. So Sora wanted to go for a walk, that didn’t mean that Matt had to walk off in a huff. He seemed pretty disgusted though. He wondered if Matt knew something that he didn’t. Tai decided to follow Sora to see what she was up to. She had a pretty good head start on him, but he wasn’t worried. He was bound to run into the girl sooner or later.

He strolled through the trees thinking about Matt and Sora and his relationship with each of them. He knew that Sora liked him, she made it very clear. Matt was sort of a puzzle to him. He liked them both, despite how he treated Matt. The boy was just so infuriating sometimes, he didn’t mean to go off on him like that. Tai figured it was just some sort of defense mechanism. But lately things had been strange between the three of them. Matt and Sora hardly ever spoke to each other unless necessary and Tai knew something was going on between them, he just didn’t know what. Sora had been getting more aggressive lately and Matt seemed to be withdrawing more and more. Tai was beginning to worry about him.

Tai heard some muffled sounds from up ahead and quickened his steps. As he neared the source of the noises an uneasy feeling settled over him. He slowed down a little and began to approach more cautiously. He was nearing a small clearing. He hid himself behind a tree at the very edge of clearing and peered around its trunk. What he saw there shocked him. In the orange glow if the setting sun Sora lay on the ground naked. She had her hands between her legs and seemed to be moving something in and out of her body. He stared with horrid fascination as he realized that the thing was one of the cucumbers that Matt had found.

He heard his name and his head jerked up thinking that he was caught. He looked but Sora had here eyes shut tightly as she rocked with the thrusts of the vegetable. A disgusting juicy sound could be heard over Sora’s noisy moans and groans. Tai paled as Sora called his name once more. He wanted nothing to do with this sick display. Her cries and movement seemed to be speeding up and suddenly she screamed out his name loudly. He held his hands over his ears as the scream went on and on before dying off. Sticky liquid was leaking from between her thighs and she ran her fingers through it painting her developing breasts with the substance. She had a smug grin pasted over her face as she smeared the stuff over her body. The whole scene was washed in the color of blood as the sun began to lower itself behind the distant mountains.

She removed the vegetable from between her legs and it came out with a sucking noise. Slowly she brought the cucumber to her lips and began to lick at the sticky substance. Tai’s stomach began to turn. Sora opened her mouth and took a large bite out of the sticky cucumber. That was the last straw. Tai turned in horror and began to run. He didn’t get far before his stomach protested violently and he had to stop and throw up. He would never eat cucumbers again. He then began to run blindly through the forest trying to erase the horrible picture from his memory. Not only had it turned him off cucumbers, but it also made him decide that he was very very gay. He wouldn’t sleep with a girl if she paid him too.

Tai didn’t begin to slow until the moon was shining overhead. He walked slowly beneath the silver light. A cool breeze blew through the trees caressing his sweaty forehead. On the breeze he thought he heard his name called. Not in Sora’s high voice but in a soft husky whisper. The breeze died down but the call came once again. He followed the soft sound like a siren’s call. This time he felt a strange pull towards the melodious voice.

Slowly he approached the edge of the trees. He looked out onto a small lake. Washed in moonlight a familiar figure lay stretched across the sand. Tai recognized Matt immediately. He lay just at the water’s edge with the silver lined liquid lapping at his toes. He was nude and had probably been bathing. The moonlight made his skin glow with heavenly light. He had one hand gently stroking an impressive erection and the other hand was lost between his thighs. He made soft musical noises as his fingers danced over his member. Once again Tai heard his name murmured softly. It rolled off of those perfect lips like it was meant to be said by them alone.

Tai could feel heat swelling between his legs as he watched the elegant display before him. Matt moved his long graceful legs up and planted them on the sand. The hand between those pale thighs began to move faster and his strokes began to speed up as well. Matt was giving off soft breathy sighs punctuated by gentle calls of his name. As his movements reached an almost frantic pitch he froze, he gave a sweet call as milky white fluid arched into the air catching the moonlight. The whole picture seemed to freeze into an ethereal tableau that etched itself into Tai’s mind replacing the horrid scene of red from earlier. Tai watched as the fey creature of moonlight melted into the sand.

"I love you Tai." The soft voice floated up to his hiding place into the trees. The words went straight to his heart. He was amazed. Matt loved him! And he thought that the distant boy didn't even care about him let alone love him.

Tai glanced down at the languid figure on the beach. Matt ran his finger through the fluid that coated his thighs. He raised it up and inspected it before curling his fist and beating the sand. "I am so sick!" Matt yelled at the sky. "Sick, sick, sick, sick," He yelled punctuating each word with a pound of his fist. Tai noticed a glitter on Matt's cheek and was shocked to realize that Matt was crying. Why was Matt crying? Didn't that give him pleasure or did he really think he was a bad person for it?

Tai decided that he had to put a stop to such thoughts. He pulled himself out from behind the tree and slowly made his way to the waters edge. As he approached Matt's head jerked around at the sound of sand crunching beneath sneakers. His eyes widened in horror. Matt sank back and tried to wipe the tears from his cheeks. He pulled his knees up to his chest trying to hide the evidence of his activities.

"T-Tai," he said hesitantly.

"Matt, I saw you," Tai said deciding to get straight to the point. Shame flashed in those blue depths. He knelt down in front of the other boy. "Don't be ashamed," Tai said gently. "I-I am honored that you feel that way about me a-and I want you to know th-that I feel the same way about you."

"Y-you what?" Matt asked wide-eyed.

"Matt, I love you," Tai admitted softly as he leaned in and touched his lips delicately to Matt's. Matt was startled but slowly pressed back. As Tai felt Matt's hesitation melt away he slowly deepened the kiss. Matt hesitantly opened his lips at a stroke of Tai's tongue and met the invader with his own tongue. Tai brought his hands up and cradled Matt's face as he explored the sweet depths of his mouth. When he finally pulled back from the kiss, Matt's pupils had dilated and he seemed to be in shock.

"Matt," Tai called out quietly. Matt's eyes snapped back into focus and he stared at Tai in wonder. Tai smiled as he moved back in for another kiss. This time Matt met him eagerly, his arms coming to rest on Tai's shoulders. Tai gently pushed Matt into the soft sand and stretched himself out over the delicate blonde. Matt's hair caught the moonlight making it look like an angelic halo around his head. Tai continued to worship the angel beneath him letting his hands roam over expanses of moon drenched flesh. Matt reacted to his touch with soft noises. They were sweet and smooth to the ears unlike the ungodly shrieks that Sora had given.

Tai pulled his head back and let his mouth roam over sweet pale flesh. Matt reacted passionately. Tai could feel the swelling between his legs turn into a fiery ache. He knew that Matt could feel his cloth covered erection. He looked up into those deep blue depths and Matt smiled. He moved his hands up into Tai's wild hair, removing his ever-present goggles. His shirt was the next casualty of Matt's roaming hands. Finally his pale fingers danced across the zipper of Tai's shorts and soon Tai was as naked as the beauty beneath him. Matt stared at his body appreciatively.

"Tai," he said.

"Yes, Matt?"

"Would you . . . make love to me?" Matt asked almost shyly.

Matt smiled, trying to remove the hesitance from Matt's eyes. "It would be a pleasure and a privilege," Tai responded. "But not here." Matt's eyes flashed with uncertainty again. "Let's do it in the water. It will make it easier on you. I don't want to hurt you," Tai said gently kissing him.

Matt nodded his head as Tai stood up and offered him a hand. Matt accepted and Tai led him into the cool water of the lake. When they were waist deep in water Tai turned and captured Matt's lips in another kiss. There was no more hesitance in Matt's reaction. They stood in the glowing water devouring each other. Slowly Tai's hands made their way down Matt's back and between his legs. He ran his finger around the small entrance. Matt pushed back against the finger plunging it inside of himself. Tai moved his questing finger carefully inside of Matt's body, but Matt showed no signs of discomfort. Tai moved in another finger to join the first gently exploring and stretching. When Tai could finally manage a third finger, he decided that Matt was ready.

As he sucked on Matt's neck he noticed a large smooth boulder rising out of the water slightly behind Matt. He slowly backed Matt up until his back was resting against the smooth stone. Tai pulled back and looked into Matt's eyes.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, willing to let him go if there were any doubts clouding those blue eyes.

Matt nodded. "I'm as sure of this as I've ever been about anything," he replied.

Tai saw that he meant it. He moved his hands to Matt's waist and lifted him slightly out of the water. He pressed forward and slowly positioned the other boy over his aching erection. Matt moved his hands down and held Tai's hardened member to his entrance as he was lowered onto it. As Tai slid into Matt's heated body everything ceased to exist but the other boy. The cool swish of the water around them was nothing compared to the heat of the other boy's body.

Matt threw his arms around Tai's shoulders as the other boy pushed into him, causing his back to slide up the smooth rock behind him. Tai repositioned his hands grasping Matt's thighs beneath the waster. He lifted the other boy again and let gravity slowly pull him back onto his aching member. Matt was softly panting in his ear and making low encouraging noises in the back of his throat. Tai lifted him once more and this time he thrust forward as he lowered Matt. Matt gave a passionate moan and pushed down around him even tighter than before. He hooked his ankles behind Tai's back and pulled until there was no space left between them.

Tai took Matt's mouth in a passionate kiss as they moved together, both blissfully ignorant of all that went on around them. They moved quicker disturbing the water around them causing it to ripple outward. The water lapped at them hungrily but they had eyes only for each other. Tai could feel Matt's renewed erection trapped tightly between their two bodies. As they moved it rubbed against their stomachs causing Matt to moan softly. Soon they were rocking in frenzied movements. The water broke into glittering shards around them as they rushed towards fulfillment.

Suddenly Matt's body tightened around Tai. His mouth opened in a silent cry of ecstasy and Tai felt a rush of warmth between them as Matt came. Tai pushed forward into the devouring heat and poured his heated essence into Matt as he called his name breathlessly. He slumped forward pinning Matt to the rock. They stood in the water just breathing heavily taking in the feel of each other and the bliss that surrounded them. Finally a delicate shiver ran through Matt and Tai let him slide off the rock. They both sighed as Tai slipped from Matt's body. Tai moved forward and embraced his love tightly.

"I love you," he whispered.

"And I love you," Matt whispered back.

"Come on, you're cold," Tai said as he pulled back from the embrace. He led his lover out of the cool water and up to the bank. He sat Matt on another convenient rock and slowly dried him off with his shirt. Then he helped the boy slip into his pants before he put his own shorts on. He stretched Matt's shirt on the ground and they both lay back on it looking at the stars. Matt rested his head on Tai's shoulder and Tai ran his fingers through the soft golden strands. Slowly their activities caught up with them and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The morning light slowly penetrated Tai's sleepy haze. He shifted in his sleep tightening his arms around his companion. When the light continued to invade, Tai slowly cracked an eye open. The morning sunlight was glittering on the water turning it into a giant disk of gold. He turned to Matt who was also just waking up and they shared a gentle kiss.

"Good morning," Tai said.

"Good morning," Matt replied.

They both sat up and watched the sun complete its trip over the horizon and into the sky. It was beautiful to watch but soon the boys' stomachs reminded them that they needed food.

"I wonder if they still have some of those cucumbers," Matt said.

Tai groaned. "I am never going to eat another cucumber as long as I live!" he declared.

"Why not?" Matt asked.

"Because I found Sora yesterday," Tai said deliberately not explaining for fear of making himself sick again.

"Was she relieving her sexual frustration?" Matt asked remembering yesterday's run in with the girl.

"You could say that," Tai replied with a disgusted look on his face. "It made up my mind about sleeping with girls. I will never sleep with a girl for as long as I live!"

"Well, I should hope not!" Matt said with a smile. "I want you to sleep with me!"

Tai grinned back and moved in for another kiss. Their stomachs growled loudly and they separated laughing. They collected the rest of their clothes and headed back to the camp keeping a look out for food on the way. On the way back they discovered a grape plant that they usually ate for breakfast. Tai offered to use his shirt for a grocery bag this time and they held hands as they brought breakfast back to the camp.

As they walked back into camp T.K., Kari, Gabumon, and Agumon mobbed them. Once they were assured that they were in one piece they all sat down to enjoy the grapes. Tai and Matt sat extremely close to each other as they fed each other grapes. T.K. and Kari looked on in fascination. Finally his childish curiosity got the best of T.K.

"Whatcha doin?" he asked.

"Feeding each other," Tai replied distractedly.

"Why?" Kari asked.

"Because we love each other," Matt told them.

"Oh, does that mean you don't love me anymore?" T.K. asked.

"No! I will always love you T.K.! What gave you that idea?" Matt exclaimed.

"You never feed me grapes," T.K. said. Matt's mouth twitched and his eyes sparkled and soon he was laughing his head off. Tai joined him and soon all four of them were laughing hysterically.

When everything finally calmed down, Matt glanced around the camp. "Where is everybody else?" he asked.

"Joe and Izzy went off to watch the stars last night and haven't come back yet. Mimi is laying under the tree. She's doing a cucumber facial," he said as he pointed over to Mimi whose face was covered in a green mask with cucumber slices over each eye.

"She did it to me and T.K. last night. She said our faces would feel smooth as a baby's bottom," she said patting T.K's cheek.

"Where's Sora?" Tai asked almost reluctantly.

"Oh, she's sick." T.K. said. "She came back last night walking funny and this morning when she got up she ran in the bushes and threw up. She's been doing that ever since. I think it was the cucumbers," T.K. said knowingly. Tai and Matt gave each other another look and began to laugh again.

"What?" T.K. and Kari demanded.

The End