Spear Ritual
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I won't even pretend to own Digimon, I am however borrowing some of my fav characters!
Pairing: Daisuke/Takeru of course!
Warnings: Lemon ahead!
Notes: This is my first *serious* attempt at a Daikeru fic. Hope you like it. C&C is always welcome ^_^

"Who are you?" Daisuke demanded of his captures.

"We are the Clan," one of the many small robed figures announced.

"What do you want with me?"

"We need you to perform the Spear Ritual," another figure informed.

"Why do I have to do it?"

"It must be one from the outside who performs the ritual."

"What is this ritual?" Daisuke questioned.

"In time, you will see." they answered as they threw him into a guarded hut and left.

Daisuke growled. How did stuff always happen to him? He was only minding his own business when this weird tribe of digimon captured him. Okay so maybe it was stupid of him to come to the Digiworld alone but he'd had some thinking to do. Maybe if he'd had Veemon with him he wouldn't have gotten caught. But maybe he would have gotten caught anyway. It wasn't like he was trying to get caught. He'd run. But the digimon were faster and more numerous than he so here he was, sitting in a stupid hut waiting to see what sort of ritual he was supposed to perform.

Takeru stared at the ceiling of his prison wondering how he'd gotten himself into this mess. He's stupidly gone off to the Digiworld alone hoping to have a few minutes to himself with nobody else around. It had been fine at first. He'd visited with Garurumon and even had time for a solitary swim in a stream. That was when he'd run into trouble though. When he was done swimming he was horrified to find that his clothes were missing along with his digivice. He barely had time to wonder what he was going to do when he was attacked. He wasn't hurt though so captured was probably a more appropriate word. A groups of robed digimon had captured him and brought him back to their village where he was locked away in some sort of temple to await some ritual. If only he'd brought Patamon with him or something. The last thing he wanted was to be naked and take part in some strange digimon religious ritual. All he wanted to do was get his clothes back and go home.

Takeru looked at the door as it opened and one of his captors walked in. "It is time to prepare." The digimon said.

"What are we preparing for?" Takeru asked.

"For the great Spear Ritual. It hasn't been performed for a very long time and then two show up who would take part in the ceremony."

"Look I never said I would take part in your little ceremony." Takeru argued.

"You do not choose the ritual, the ritual chooses you." The digimon explained. "Now if you will cooperate you will be prepared."

"What do you mean prepared?" Takeru asked suspiciously.

"First a bath for cleansing."

"Just a bath?"

"In sacred water with the proper oils." The digimon clarified.

"That doesn't sound so bad."

"It is only the beginning. The cleansing will relax and prepare you for what is to come."

"Hey watch it with that brush!" Daisuke complained as he was scrubbed with a harsh bristle brush.

"Forgive, but you must be clean for the Spear Ritual."

"Okay but leave some skin on will ya." Daisuke grumbled.

At least he wasn't stuck in the hut anymore. They'd taken him to be cleaned and dressed and shown the steps of the ritual which he was supposed to perform. They were still doing the cleaning part. Several digimon were scrubbing him with soapy water, not missing a single inch of him.

"Hey!" he shouted indignantly as the digimon began to scrub at private areas.

"All of you must be clean Chosen."

"I don't care. That's off limits to you guys."

"Then clean yourself, we shall prepare your garment."

Watching the digimon scurry off to get his clothes, Daisuke scrubbed himself clean. The digimon reentered carrying a few various things. Daisuke was handed a towel to dry himself. He stepped out of the tub and dried the water off his body. The digimon approached with various jars and began to rub oil into his bare skin.

"Watch the hands!" Daisuke said swatting at hands or paws or claws that wandered too near his private areas.

"Must we tie you down to get this done?" one of the digimon complained.

"I'd prefer not." Daisuke replied.

"Then stay still and let us complete our task."


"Ah! Get off of me!" Takeru cried out as various digimon held him down. He'd bathed in their sacred water and now they were oiling him down. That would have been awkward but okay if they hadn't been oiling him inside as well. He was frightened and humiliated as he was held down and invaded by oiled fingers. He whimpered aloud as he was stretched and prepared. For what he could only dread.

"Stop! Leave me alone." Takeru cried out.

"Calm. We will not hurt you." One digimon spoke up.

"But you're touching me. Please stop." Takeru begged.

"You will need it later as you take place in the ceremony. It will help you."

"But I don't want to take place in the ceremony. I don't want you to touch me. I just want to go home." Takeru said through his tears.

"You do not choose the ritual, the ritual chooses you."


"Shh, time is close. If you do not struggle, we will let you go."


"Here, drink this. It will relax you."

A cup was held out and Takeru was practically forced to drink the overly sweet drink. In a matter of minutes he was feeling extremely relaxed. Too relaxed. He couldn't have fought back even if he wanted to. He wasn't sure he had the strength to want to! So instead he lay still and let the digimon oil his body. He didn't protest when he was painted with cold paint. He barely even sneezed as he was dusted with diamond dust. He obeyed the commands to follow and walked up through the temple and outside to where a wooden dais had been erected. He willingly fell into the nest of silk cushions that was provided and drifted off into a lazy haze.

Daisuke stared at the large spear in his hands. The ritual didn't sound very hard. He had to go out and do a few dance steps in time to some drums. After the dance the High Priest would give him some instructions and he was home free. It wouldn't be too hard except for the fact that all he was wearing was a fine sheen of oil, a few swirls of paint and a leather band around his arm and one around his leg and ankle. Daisuke had been extremely embarrassed as the digimon had oiled up his penis and it began to become erect. They made no remark but he was still blushing.

Daisuke heard the drums that signaled his entrance and he walked out into a clearing around a large bonfire. Hundreds of robed digimon surrounded him on all sides. On the other side of the fire there was a large dais where a priest stood to one side and in the middle there was a small curtained off area. He barely had time to look though as he began the spear dance. With the spear held over his head he began to execute the hopping dance steps that he had been taught. The digimon began to chant. The dance sped up and Daisuke danced around the fire faster.

Everything grew louder and faster in proportion. The volume of the drums was like thunder. The chants of the digimon was like the howl of the wind. And Daisuke's own movements were like a hurricane, fast and swirling. He was caught up in the moment, beyond embarrassment. He was part of the ceremony. The Spear Ritual. Suddenly the all sound ceased and Daisuke buried the end of the spear in the dirt to signify the end. He looked up at the dais panting and out of breath. The old priest stepped forward and beckoned Daisuke forward. Trying to control his breathing Daisuke climbed up the platform and knelt before the priest.

"This one has performed the Dance of the Spear. Chosen by the spirits he will now complete the ritual. Chosen, rise for now you must embrace the Spear Ritual. Now you will sacrifice the virgin one." The priest called out in a clear voice.

Daisuke gasped. He had to sacrifice a virgin? He couldn't kill anybody! Before he could protest the old priest took his hand and drew him up to the curtained partition.

"Chosen, the spirits call for you to take the virgin one. You must both spill your essence for the Spear Ritual to be completed. Complete this task and the spirits will smile. They will protect you in your union and bring prosperity in everything you do. The village will flourish and all will be well. Fail and you will both be sacrificed to appease the unrest of the spirits. Do you understand what you must do?"

Daisuke gulped. "I must take the virgin one."

"Yes, as you fulfill the ritual you will both find paradise, you will know what to do. Now, look upon the virgin one and let the Spear Ritual commence!"

The heavy curtains were pulled off to reveal translucent drapes beneath. Daisuke saw a figure within. The gossamer curtains were drawn back and Daisuke gasped in shock. Takeru adorned in glitter and paint was sprawled wantonly across a spread of silk pillows. His skin glimmered with starlight and his eyes blinked sleepily. Daisuke was pushed forward and he stumbled into the pillows. The transparent material was closed behind him obscuring the outside. Takeru sighed softly and met Daisuke's eyes. It took a few moments but eventually recognition glimmered in Takeru's blue eyes.

"Daisuke." Takeru whispered softly sending chills up Daisuke's spine.

"Takeru, what are you doing here?" Daisuke asked.

"They tell me I am to be the sacrifice." Takeru said as if it didn't affect him in the slightest.

"That doesn't bother you?" Daisuke asked alarmed at Takeru's seeming nonchalance.

"They gave me something. Nothing matters. Nothing at all..." Takeru trailed off as he lay back and looked up at the open sky.

Daisuke watched him. He noticed a glimmer in the corner of Takeru's eye that had nothing to do with the glitter that powdered his naked body. The small tear rolled down Takeru's cheek leaving a clean trail on his face.

"Takeru, are you okay?" Daisuke asked as he crawled closer to the other boy.

"I'm scared Daisuke. I don't know what's happening. I want to go home." Takeru said looking over at the other boy.

"It is a ritual, the Spear Ritual. I am the Chosen. I had to do a dance and now I am to take the virgin one." Daisuke explained.

"I am the virgin one." Takeru said closing his eyes.

"Yes, you are the virgin one. Does...does that bother you?" Daisuke asked.

Takeru opened his eyes and looked up at Daisuke. Silence stretched between them and Daisuke wondered if he even wanted an answer. A hand touched Daisuke's thigh and Takeru spoke. "No. It doesn't bother me. I'm glad it is you."

"But...aren't you with Hikari? Doesn't it bother you that I'm a guy?"

"Hikari decided that I wasn't what she needed. I eventually came to the same conclusion about her." Takeru said quietly.

"What do you need?" Daisuke asked softly.

"You," Takeru whispered looking up into Daisuke's eyes.

Daisuke caught his breath as the answer penetrated his mind. "Me? You want me?"

"Is that okay?" Takeru asked him shyly.

"Yes. Yes! That is fine." Daisuke smiled reassuringly.

"Well Mr. Chosen. The natives are getting restless." Takeru said.

Daisuke focused on the world beyond the sheer curtains and he could see the crowd rippling with anticipation. The murmur of their voices growing slightly impatient. The thought of having to take Takeru with all those digimon behind a single sheer curtain was overwhelming.

"You aren't getting stage fright are you?" Takeru asked rubbing his cheek on Daisuke's thigh.

"Actually, yes. Why are you so calm?" Daisuke asked.

"They drugged me. Even though I'm scared I feel too tired to react."

"It's okay Takeru. I won't hurt you." Daisuke reassured.

"I know," Takeru nodded.

"I'm glad you know," Daisuke murmured as he leaned down over Takeru. Their lips brushed, transferring glitter from Takeru to Daisuke. They kissed again, and again, heat growing with each kiss until Takeru opened his mouth hesitantly. His tongue went out shyly only to be met with the tip of Daisuke's own questing tongue. Daisuke's hand cupped Takeru's cheek pulling his face closer. Daringly he slid his tongue into Takeru's mouth. Takeru hummed at this new sensation.

Slowly Daisuke worked his hands down Takeru's body feeling every inch of soft skin that he could. Takeru's skin was so silky, everywhere he touched was smooth. Pulling back slightly, Daisuke watched Takeru's reactions as his hands slid down between his thighs, teasingly ignoring the other boy's erection. Takeru jumped as one of Daisuke's finger made it's way into his body. Daisuke noted that Takeru had already been oiled and stretched.


Takeru looked up with wide blue eyes. "Yes?"

"Can I do this? Is it okay?" Daisuke asked as his fingers stroked Takeru's insides.

"Yes! Yes, please!" Takeru insisted.

"Are you sure?" Daisuke insisted drawing back.

"Yes, I'm sure!"

"Okay, I just don't want you to hate me when this is all over." Daisuke admitted.

Takeru's gaze softened. "I could never hate you Daisuke."

"Good, cause I don't know what I'd do if you hated me."

Smiling Takeru cupped Daisuke's face in his hands, drawing him forward into a gentle kiss. Daisuke used the distraction to press his erection to Takeru's entrance. As their tongues slowly lapped at each other, Daisuke thrust forward. Takeru gasped and cried out in surprise. Outside a murmur ran through the crowd. Neither boy noticed the outside noises as they adjusted to the new sensations rushing through them. Daisuke held completely still, letting Takeru get used to him and also getting used to the tight feeling of his now lover.

"Daisuke," Takeru whispered.

"Are you alright?" Daisuke asked softly, stroking back some stray wisps of hair from Takeru's face.

"Yes," Takeru sighed.

"Good," Daisuke replied, kissing Takeru gently.

Eventually the lull passed and they gave in to the needs of their bodies. Daisuke began to thrust slowly and Takeru pushed his hips up to meet Daisuke. Kisses and touches were exchanged, smearing the oil, glitter and paint that covered their bodies. Soft moans and sighs filled the interior of their haven. Daisuke's hands sought out Takeru's and their fingers entwined. Daisuke pushed Takeru's arms up over his head and sped his thrusts slightly.

"Daisuke!" Takeru moaned as his body was wracked with pleasure.

Daisuke buried his face in Takeru's neck taking a patch of silky sweet skin in his mouth. There was a light fruit taste from whatever oil had been rubbed into his skin. Daisuke sucked at it eagerly as he allowed his hormones to rage and control their pace. The raised pallet on which they lay began to squeak softly as their movements increased in speed and power. Daisuke was practically driving Takeru into the cushions but neither one cared. They both craved more.

A wind suddenly whipped up from out of the clear night sky. The sheer curtains that sheltered them snapped in the wind but the pair was oblivious of anything but each other. Sparkles of light began to dance in the air that surrounded the lovers. Their bodies gleamed with oil, sweat and glitter, reflecting the light till they dazzled like rare gems.

Daisuke closed his eyes as a sudden chill ran up his spine. Takeru stiffened beneath him crying out in a desperate voice as he came. Daisuke looked down into Takeru's face as he fell headlong into ecstasy. Their eyes met and locked. Their hands clenched as their bodies melted into one another.

"I love you," Daisuke whispered.

"I love you too," Takeru whispered back.

With those words they were surrounded by light. They hugged each other close as the bright light swirled around them. The light spiraled higher and higher up into the sky where it burst like a firework raining a shower of multi colored sparks back down to the earth. Around them the robed digimon began cheering wildly as they were showered with sparks. Takeru and Daisuke remained upon the cushioned dais wondering what was happening.

"The Spear Ritual has been completed!" the head priest announced causing the digimon to sheer louder. "The virgin has been successfully sacrificed and fortune smiles down upon us. All hail the Sacred Ones, Bringers of Life and Fortune. Gods bless the new love between them may it forever grow stronger and never be broken. Glory Be!"

A chorus of "Glory Be's" echoed in the air. Daisuke and Takeru merely stayed on their pallet blushing and sheltering each other. The curtains were parted and silken robes were offered to the boys. Shyly they wrapped themselves in robes and stepped out of their little shelter. The digimon all bowed to them.

"Praises to you Sacred Ones. The Gods have smiled. You have been blessed eternal. Live long in the love that you have created, forged by the gods themselves." The priest declared.

Daisuke and Takeru looked at each other in wonder. If there were any doubts before they were instantly put aside at the words of the digimon priest. The priest handed them each a small metal object. They looked down into the palms of their hands where twin silver rings winked up at them. They resembled small spears that had been bent into circles.

"Place them on each other's fingers as proof of your Spear Ritual encounter." The priest instructed.

Nodding they both placed the ring on the other's fingers. The rings flashed with an inner light and both boys instantly felt connected to each other. They looked over at the old digimon priest who simply winked at them.

"Now what is it you humans say? Oh yes, you may now kiss the bride."

The End