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Everything here is written by me (though older stuff will say "Missfortune" and newer stuff will say "For-Chan" I assure you it's all me. :D). Some of it is, unfortunately, past its freshness date. We're talking really old fics here, like 10+ years old! It's embarrassing, but some people still like to read them. I will be leaving them up, but I'll be leaving a little ◊ in the descriptions to indicate that they are past their freshness date. All fics are Male/Male unless otherwise marked.

All newer works will now link to Archive of our Own because it's just easier to leave feedback there. And please leave feedback! ♥ So have a look around and enjoy!

Almost Famous

Interview With A Rock Star
Russel/William, G, 1523 words
William's interview with Russell.

Big O

Dastun/Smith, G, 1016 words
On a cold night, Dastun seeks out Smith.

Candidate for Goddess

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Captain America

Big Heart, Small Package
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, NC-17, 2,453 words
Written for this CapKink prompt:
pre-serum Steve/Bucky
Steve has a micropenis that Bucky loves to suck on and play with.

Devil X Devil

Candy Candy Baby!
Suzaku/Hotei, Non-Con, Psuedo-Shota, NC-17, 2355 words
The fallen Angel Suzaku decides to take advantage of his demon lover's weakness for human food.


The Many Uses of Cucumbers
Tai/Matt, Underaged sex, creative use of cucumbers, NC-17, 3821 words
◊ Tai has a very eye opening experience in the digital world. ◊

Spear Ritual
Daisuke/Takeru, NC-17, 3045 words
◊ Daisuke and Takeru are drafted for a ritual! ◊


Love Me, Love Mr. Pinkerton
John Grimm/Sam Grimm, Incest, HET, Pegging, NC-17, 3,584 words
Sam decides that her trusty old dildo, Mr. Pinkerton, is lonely and enlists John's help (and ass) to fix the problem.

John Grimm/Sam Grimm, Light incest themes, HET, PG, 688 words
After the incident on Mars, Sam has nightmares and reaches for John.

Within Her Reach
John Grimm/Sam Grimm, Light incest themes, HET, PG, 706 words
When Sam has nightmares, John is there to hold her.


Vegeta/Bulma, Vegeta/Goku, PG-13, 400 words
Vegeta prefers Orange to Blue.

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His Penis, A Blade
Heiwajima Shizuo/Orihara Izaya, NC-17, 1,015 words
Shizuo shows Izaya his "love".

The Fast and the Furious

Five Fucks and a Cuddle
Dom/Brian, NC-17, 2,665 words
Prompt: Five times someone walked in on Dom and Brian having sex and one time someone walked in on them cuddling.
With a side of What if Brian was exactly who he said?

Fruits Basket

Kagura-centric, G, 856 words
Kagura finds out what's behind door number three.
Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the last two episodes of Fruits Basket, you probably won't want to read this ficlet.

Tohru's Twin
Gen silliness, G, 758 words
A mysterious stranger shows up claiming to be Tohru's twin sister. But wait a minute, why is she blonde? She doesn't even look like Tohru! Kyo thinks something fishy is going on.

Fullmetal Alchemist

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Falls Soft
Yuki/Shuichi, G, 2119 words
At a party, a new idol singer tells Shuichi that the love song is dead, so Shuichi and Ryuichi cook up a song to prove her wrong.

Shuichi Was
Yuki/Shuichi, Death, G, 100 words
Shuichi was his life.

Sk8er Boi
Hiro/Shuichi, 1862 words
Ayaka turns down Hiro, the skater boy. What a big mistake that was!


I Did it for You
Kikuchi/Noboru, G, 1147 words
After Noboru's bear all confession, Kikuchi goes to talk to him on the roof.

Gundam Wing

Heero/Duo, G
Heero receives an email forward that makes him think.

Heero/Duo, G, 100 words
Sometimes, one must prioritize.


Soliloquy of the Faithful
Horatio/Hamlet, G, 339 words
◊ After Hamlet, Horatio gets his own soliloquy. ◊

Harry Potter

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Jurassic Park III

Astronomers and Astronauts
Alan Grant/Billy Brennan, G, 1321 words
Billy's thoughts as he sits in the hospital.

Kado: The Right Answer

Flower of Happiness
Shindou Koujirou/Yaha-kui zaShunina, G, 3,134 words
zaShunina got the answer wrong, but Yukika makes sure he has a second chance.

Meals and Feels
Hanamori Shun/Shindou Koujirou, G, 4,718 words
Sequel to Sing-Alongs and Meatball Songs. Hanamori makes bentos for his favorite student and her hot dad. He's pleasantly surprised by their reactions and they all lived happily ever after (except the mom squad who wanted hot dad for themselves).

Sing-Alongs and Meatball Songs
Gen/Pre-Slash, G, 4,031 words
Hanamori is a simple nursery school teacher with a bit of a crush on his favorite student’s hot single dad.

Kuroko no Basuke / Kuroko's Basketball

Lactation Situation
Aomine Daiki/Kuroko Tetsuya, NC-17, 3,054 words
Aomine has an almost unhealthy obsession with Kuroko’s nipples and that leads to some unforeseen consequences. How was he supposed to know that male lactation was a thing that could happen? And that it was so hot?


The Origin of Minis
Blue/Red, Crack Alert, PG, 199 words
Red finds out where Minis come from.


Sasuke/Naruto, Includes bad art, R, 100 words
Sasuke reads the lube label.

A Heart for Caring / A Heart for Sharing
Gen, G, 200 words
Two small 100 word Valentine drabbles in which Iruka gives Naruto a Valentine and Naruto shares with a friend.

Real Stand Up Guy
Yamato | Tenzou/Umino Iruka, G, 2,917 words
Iruka lets himself get talked into a blind date with the perpetually tardy Kakashi and things don't go well. Or maybe they go really well, it depends on your perspective.

Gen, PG-13, 444 words
Naruto is determined to make Sasuke stay, whatever it takes.

One Punch Man

Going to Extremes
Gen, G, 2,528 words
Saitama’s obsession with sales gets a little out of hand when he learns about extreme couponing.

Outlaw Star

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Petshop of Horrors

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Conversation Hearts
Gary/Ash, fluff, G, 1342 words
◊ Gary and Ash patch up their relationships with the aid of those little candy hearts. ◊

Intimidation Factor
OFC/Ash, Gary/Ash, rape, waff, NC-17, 3345 words
◊ How dedicated to Gary are his cheerleaders? How far will they go to insure his victory? ◊

Nightmares, Dreams, and In Between
Giovanni/Ash, Gary/Ash, rape, abuse, torture, NC-17, 7456 words
◊ Ash goes to live with his father and his life turns into a nightmare. ◊

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Reign: The Conqueror

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The Rundown

More Important Things
Beck/Travis, G, 457 words
Beck reminds Travis of the important things in life.

Wolf's Rain

Lost and Found
Tsume/Toboe, G, 1246 words
During a hunt, Toboe looses his precious bracelets.


Hands Off the Hitsuzen!
Doumeki/Yuko?, Doumeki/Watanuki, PG-13, 998 words
Watanuki has a disturbing dream. Is it just a nightmare or a sign of things to come?

Zombie Powder

His Eyes Upon Me
C.T.Smith/Elwood, Underaged Sex, NC-17, 2304 words
Elwood notices that Smith keeps watching him and decides to do something about it.