By: For-Chan
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Notes: This is a really quick, somewhat silly submission for the It's not love, but it's a blast club's July theme, Heat. It's pretty A/U, with Archer as a hapless cadet stuck running errands for officers and alchemists during the Ishbal conflict.

Kimblee was sick and tired of the heat of the dessert. There was no relief. It was always fucking hot. Even in the shade of the tents, his skin was constantly slick with sweat. The sand would stick to the sweat, leaving him feeling gritty and uncomfortable. He got more water rationed to him as an alchemist, but even if it washed the sand and sweat away, it never left him feeling refreshed because the water was always hot.

Kimblee stuck his head out of his tent. He spotted one of the cadets that had been dragged along to run errands for the officers and alchemists. “Hey, kid! C'mere!”

The boy in question turned around and Kimblee found himself confronted by a startlingly cold pair of blue eyes. The sight of them sent an actual chill down his spine and he nearly moaned aloud at the sudden feeling.

“Sir?” The boy asked as he walked over.

Kimblee looked him over. The boy couldn't be more than eighteen. He had a smooth face with sharp features. Elegant eyebrows curved over his icy blues eyes. He read the name tag on his chest. Cadet Archer. His khaki uniform looked flawless, each button straight, each crease perfect, and most impressively, it was clean. Or maybe that was just the color hiding the sand. He wished his uniform was a nice light neutral cotton. Instead, his dark blue pants and jacket drew the heat in, raising his temperature uncomfortably. That was why he often ditched the coat and ran around in an undershirt. His skin was starting to take on a dark color from all his time in the sun because of it.

“Sir?” The boy asked again, appearing annoyed by being held up. “Did you need something?”

“Yeah..Yeah. I need water. I'm going to wash up,” he said.

Archer nodded. “I'll bring some. How much will you need?”

“Four gallons if they've got it,” Kimblee said, ignoring the cadet's frown.

“Yes sir. I'll go get it now.” Archer turned and walked off towards the water distribution center.

Kimblee took a few moment to admire his ass before he retreated back into the shade of his tent. It was only a few degrees cooler, but they made all the difference when it was the only relief he got. Since he had water on the way, he decided to get ready for it. He stripped off his sweat soaked undershirt and happily kicked off his pants. He stood in the middle of the tent in his boxers, fanning himself with a folding paper fan. “Fuck,” he muttered as he flopped down into a creaky folding chair with his legs flung apart.

“Sir? I brought your water.” The cadet called from outside of the tent.

“Bring it in,” Kimblee called, looking at the flaps. He watched as Archer walked in carrying two 2-gallon jugs.

“Where should I put these sir?”

Kimblee snapped his fan closed and pointed it at his feet. “Over here is fine.”

The cadet nodded and walked over. He set the jugs down in front of Kimblee. Kimblee noticed that he wasn't even sweating. Despite the horrid heat, Archer's skin was still smooth and flawless with not even a suggestion of perspiration.

“That's unnatural.”

Archer looked up, confused. “Sir?”

Kimblee stood and reached out to touch the cadet's face. Archer flinched away, but Kimblee had already made contact. He stared at him, intrigued. “You're cool,” he said.


“It's so fucking hot out here, why do you feel cool?” Kimblee demanded.

“Sir. I think you've overheated,” Archer said.

“Damn right I've overheated! Why don't you cool me off?” He grabbed Archer's arm and dragged him close.

“Sir! Let me go!” Archer struggled to escape from his grip.

“No. I need you to cool me down,” Kimblee said, wrapping his arms around the cadet, soaking in his cooler temperature.

“This...this is inappropriate!”

Kimblee chuckled. “It's not...though I can change that if you want to.” He reached down to grope the furious cadet.

Archer kneed him in the stomach. Kimblee grunted, but he didn't release the cadet, rather he began pushing him back until they both tipped over onto his cot. Winded, Archer could only stare up as the man pressing him down into the cot. Kimblee grinned. He leaned in and Archer flinched.

“Don't worry, I won't do anything to you. It would only make me hot again. I just want you to stay here and keep me cool,” Kimblee said.

“This is-”

“I know, I know, inappropriate. Ask me if I care. This is the first time I've felt cool since I got to this damned place so you just lay there and stay quiet.”

Archer closed his mouth, but he continued to glare up at Kimblee with his icy blue eyes.

Kimblee purred blissfully under his cold glare. He knew it was mostly in his head, but those eyes left him feeling so refreshed. He was definitely going to keep this kid around. He closed his eyes and laid his head on Archer's chest. He shifted a little to get more comfortable and noticed that the cadet was hard. Kimblee glanced up at him. “I guess you like me more than you let on,” he said, grinning.

“I do not!” Archer insisted.

“Don't worry, you'll warm up to me,” Kimblee promised as he settled down for a nice cool nap.

The End

There we are. It's a bit silly, but it was just meant to be something quick and easy. Hope you enjoyed!