Drabbles are 100 words each.

There are some perks to being a State Alchemist. 100 word drabble. (Havoc/Roy)

Even when not spiked, punch can do interesting things to you. 100 word drabble. (Hughes/Roy)

Puppy Dog Eyes
Puppy dog eyes are hard to ignore. 100 word drabble. (Havoc/Roy)

One Shots
All one shots are complete.

An Eye for an Eye
It's always a matter of equal exchange. (Kimblee, Archer)

Kimblee hates the constant heat! (Kimblee/Cadet Archer)

Kimblee's Christmas Cookies
Kimblee bakes cookies for Christmas...at least he tries to. (Archer/Kimblee)

A Line to Heaven
No matter how far away, they will always have a line to heaven. (Hughes/Roy, past Hughes/Gracia)

Lucky Break
An ill timed rainstorm gives Kimblee a lucky break with Archer. (Archer/Kimblee)

Put through the gender blender, here's a look at female Archer and female Kimberly's relationship. Yuri! (Female Archer/ Female Kimblee)

Thank You
There's a contrast in the way Kimblee and Archer celebrate their birthdays. (Archer/Kimblee)

Then I Don't Know What Love Is
Havoc's definition of love is a little skewed. (Havoc/Roy)

To Me There Is
Havoc's been thinking... (Havoc/Roy)


20 Newlywed Themes for Kimblee and Archer
The 20 themes can be found here. Each fic is self-contained but connected. They can be read individually.

1. Bridal Gift - Standard Procedure
"Flowers, sir. It's a standard military courtesy when one gets married."

2. Matching Outfits - Honeymooning
Some outfits just weren't meant to be.

3. Dual Income - Alchemy and Taxes
There are some inevitabilities in life. One is taxes. The other is that Kimblee's gonna annoy the shit out of Archer

4. Taking out the Garbage - Talking Trash
Archer needs to learn to relax. Idiots need to learn to keep their mouths shut.

5. Family - All You Need
When it comes to family, it doesn't take much.

6. Nosy Neighbor - Admiring the View
Sometimes it's fun to just stop and admire the view.

7. Matrimonial Quarrel - Everywhere
Something else of Kimblee's has infiltrated Archer's life.

8. Cooking - Kiss the Cook
Don't forget to kiss the cook...among other things.

9. Mother-in-Law - Mommy Dearest
Lock up the liquor cabinet, the in-laws are in town.

10. Injured Dignity - Injured Dignity
Not all injuries sustained in the military are badges of honor...

11. Cockroach - Shiny and New
After an incident in the kitchen, Archer is left to think over his relationship with Kimblee.

Did I say 20? ....The rest are on their way XD

Inkspots is a collaborative project between the lovely and talented Daeva and myself. It's another 20 themes project where I write Archer and Kimblee fics and she illustrates them. Currently we have eleven of our twenty themes completed. Follow the link to get to our Inkspots website.