By: For-Chan
Disclaimer: I donít own them
Notes: Here I bring you a fic based on the second of the twenty newlywed themes, "Matching Outfits".

"Frank! Open the god damned door now!" Kimblee growled.

"Fuck you!" Archer snapped back.

"I would, but you locked me out. Now let me in or I'm blowing the damn door off!"

"You're paying for it."

"Fine!" Kimblee grabbed the door knob. With a small sizzle and pop, the lock fell apart and he pushed into the hotel bathroom. "What the fuck is your problem?" He demanded.

"You! You're my problem!" Archer yelled. "You stole my damn clothes! What happened to the bag I packed?"

"I unpacked it. We're on vacation. You needed more appropriate clothing for the trip."

"This is your idea of more appropriate clothing?" Archer, wrapped only in a white hotel towel, held up a brightly colored pink floral cotton shirt. It matched the one that the alchemist was currently sporting, as did the swim trunks that Archer had tossed on the floor.

"Yes. It's traditional beach clothing."

"It's hideously tacky! How can you expect me to wear this monstrosity?" Archer raged.

"You don't have to. We could always stay in and fuck like bunnies the whole week, but I would like to get down to the beach and drink fruity alcoholic concoctions with umbrellas in them at least once. We can fuck like bunnies any time at home."

Archer flung the shirt at Kimblee's head. "You think you get sex now?"

He pulled the offending material off of his head. "Isn't that why you married me?"

"I didn't marry you! You tricked me into that!" Archer yelled, his temples throbbing.

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Kimblee frowned.

"It is a bad thing! You're insane!"

Kimblee shrugged. "You knew that before you got me out, it's a little too late to regret it now isn't it?"

"I hate you," Archer hissed.

"I love you too baby," Kimblee purred as he wrapped his arms around Archer. The Colonel struggled, pushing angrily against him. Kimblee leaned in and bit his neck, sucking hard. "Stop struggling. You should get used to the fact that you belong to me."

Archer's nails dug sharply into Kimblee's arms, one last little resistance despite his sudden stillness against Kimblee's ardent attack. "I'm not a toy that you can dress up and manipulate."

Kimblee drew back, looking at Archer's tightly pinched face. "I know. You wouldn't be any fun that way. If I wanted a simpering doll, I'd find myself a delicate lady. But what I was looking for was a partner, an equal, someone who can stand up to me. And you do that quite well." Kimblee grinned, slowly pulling Archer's hands from his arms. Five bloody crescents graced each arm as Kimblee lifted Archer's right hand to lick his blood from the man's fingernails.

"One of these days, I'm going to kill you." Archer pulled his hand away.

"Maybe, but at least not while the sex is good." Kimblee grinned as he pulled Archer's towel off and groped him.

"Fuck you," Archer snapped, pulling away.

"Excellent idea!" Kimblee announced as he grabbed Archer's arm and dragged him back into the honeymoon suite.

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