Kiss the Cook
By: For-Chan
Disclaimer: I donít own them.
Warnings: Bad humor >_>
Notes: Newlywed theme number 8, Cooking. Don't even ask.

Archer stood in the doorway to the kitchen and stared. Kimblee was bent over and peering into the oven. He was wearing a hideous frilly pink apron and a matching oven mitt and nothing else. Archer had an impressive view of his ass before Kimblee closed the oven door. He set his mitt aside and leaned over the counter, idly flipping through a magazine.

"What are you doing?"

Kimblee turned, resting his back against the counter and crossing his arms. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm baking brownies of course."

"Of course," Archer echoed as he walked over, opened the cupboard, and pulled out a glass. "Since when do you bake brownies?" He stepped around Kimblee to fill the glass with water.

"Since this month's issue of Househusband ran a recipe for them." Kimble pointed at the magazine. "Fudge packed chocolate brownies."

Archer rolled his eyes. "I don't know why you ordered that ridiculous magazine to begin with."

"I got six months for free and a set of kitchen knives just for signing up," Kimblee announced proudly.

Archer shook his head lightly as he sipped his water. He glanced at Kimblee and his magazine. "Any particular reason for the lack of clothing beneath your apron?"

"I'm cooking. It gets hot, so I figured I'd be smart and not bother with the clothes."

"Ah, so what happens when you get something on you?" Archer pointed to a smear of chocolate batter on Kimblee's arm.

"Then I get you to lick it off," Kimblee said with a smile.

"Are you tempting me?" Archer set his glass on the counter.

Kimblee tilted his head. "Are you tempted?" He asked as he raised his arm.

Archer grabbed his wrist, tugging it towards him as he slowly licked the chocolate off of Kimblee's arm. Kimblee leaned in, licking at his lips and kissing him. Archer dropped the arm, letting it fall on his shoulder as he grabbed Kimblee's waist and pulled him close.

"I'm tempted to put that cooking oil to good use." Archer slid his hands down Kimblee's ass.

"I'd be disappointed if you didn't," Kimblee replied, nipping at Archer's neck.

Archer nodded, grabbing Kimblee and unexpectedly hoisting him onto the counter. He pushed Kimblee's legs apart, stepping between them as he pulled Kimblee's mouth to his. "Then let's get cooking" He smirked as he grabbed the bottle of oil.

Yeah, it was corny, but you enjoyed it anyway right?

Mommy Dearest