Admiring the View
By: For-Chan
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warning: A touch of voyeuristic R.
Notes: Newlywed's theme number six, "Nosy Neighbor". This one just hit me and I typed it up really quick. Can ya tell what my other pet FMA pairing is? ^_^;;

Kimblee was standing in front of the apartment window. He'd been there for the last ten minutes, silently staring outside. It seemed unnatural for him to be so still and silent. "What are you staring at out there?" Archer finally asked.

"Oh, just admiring the view," Kimblee replied, distracted.

View? Their apartment faced another block of apartments. Other than a walkway and some fancy shrubbery, there was no view. Archer got up and walked over to the window. "What are you watching?"

Kimblee pointed. Directly across from their apartment was the home of one Colonel Mustang. Pressed against the window was Mustang's pale ass, along with the rest of his naked back.

"Are they...?" Archer asked, finding himself disturbingly entranced by the play of bodies in the window.

"Yep, been going at it for a while," Kimblee commented.

"How long have you been watching?" Archer slid his gaze to Kimblee, annoyed.

Kimblee shrugged. "Since I noticed old Roy Toy's backside pressed against the window."

"Who's holding him against the window?" Archer wondered aloud.

"I think it's the blond one."

"Hawkeye?" Archer's voice rose in surprise. She was a scary woman, but still...

"No, the smoker."

"Ah." Archer nodded. That made more sense. The smoker, Havoc was his name? The smoker had quite a set of muscles on him, it only stood to reason that he was the one with the Colonel pinned to the window like a helpless butterfly for all the world to see. It was quite impressive how he kept Mustang suspended like that. He watched Mustang's dark head fall back against the glass. The blond rested his face on Mustang's shoulder, holding him tighter and thrusting faster. A few more brutal thrusts and their bodies stilled in the window. They stayed there, unmoving, for a few minutes before slowly coming to life again as they exchanged kisses and peeled themselves from the window. As they moved out of view, Archer shook his head. Why had he watched that?

"Well, that was fun," Kimblee commented.

"Fun? You just watched Mustang and his subordinate rut like animals against the window."

"So did you," Kimblee pointed out with a wolfish grin.

"Though I couldn't say why."

"I could," Kimblee purred as he reached out, stroking the bulge in Archer's pants.

Archer moaned in surprise. Annoyed, both at himself and Kimblee, he grabbed the man's hair and tugged him in for a punishing kiss. Kimblee tried to push him back against the window, but Archer pulled away.

"Not here. We wouldn't want any nosy neighbors to see."

"No," Kimblee smirked. "We wouldn't want that."

XD I'd apologize, but I am completely unrepentant! This one was totally self-indulgent. And a hint, this is going somewhere, I promise. Anyway, I hope you were amused for a while. I promise I'll be back with more ^_^

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