Thank You
By: For-Chan
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.
Notes: This is for June's birthday challenge on It's Not Love, But It's a Blast.

For Kimblee's birthday, the man had demanded a wild party. After spending so long in jail, lucky just to survive another year, Kimblee wanted to celebrate his life. While Archer didn't approve of the wild extravagance that Kimblee wanted, he had done everything in his power to make the event a success. Archer had booked the base's reception hall. He had personally ordered the alcohol to stock the bar. He'd tested out all the caterers in town to find the best one and hire them. He then worked with the caterer to come up with a menu. He'd ordered custom invitations and invited most of the base, including that useless Mustang.

Under Archer's careful planning, the party had been a smashing success that was talked about for weeks afterward. His strict management and attention to detail had seen that everything went off as planned. Everyone had a great time, but most importantly, Kimblee had enjoyed himself. He'd overindulged and had to be helped back home to sleep off the alcohol, but at least he made it to bed. A certain Colonel Mustang had been found tied to a tree in nothing but a pair of women's underwear. IT was quite the scandal.

The morning after the party, as Kimblee and Archer laid tangled in the sheets Kimblee rolled over and looked at Archer.

“Your birthday is coming up isn't it? What do you want to do?”

Archer glanced at him. “Nothing.”

“Nothing? Not even go out to dinner?”

“No. Nothing,” Archer replied.

“Why?” He looked at Archer, watching wrinkle of annoyance crease Archer's brow.

“It's just another day,” he said. “My mother gave birth to me. It was her accomplishment, not mine.”

“That's a different way of looking at things,” Kimblee said as he ran a finger down the bridge of Archer's nose, smoothing out the wrinkle. “I'm not saying that you should do anything big, but at least treat yourself to a nice meal.”

Archer closed his eyes, letting Kimblee gently massage his face. “Maybe.”

“Good enough for now.”

But as Archer's birthday approached, he continued to insist that he didn't want to do anything to celebrate. He even went so far as to order Kimblee not to buy him any gifts. It was difficult enough to buy presents for Archer and now Kimblee had to figure out a way to give him something without seeming to give him anything. He spent days stewing over the problem. When Archer's birthday finally arrived, he did nothing.

There was no breakfast in bed on Archer's birthday. It was business as usual in the Archer-Kimblee household. They went to work and went to the same small deli for lunch that they usually went to on Fridays. By dinner, which was simple pan-fried steak with toasted potatoes and a salad, Kimblee noticed that Archer seemed frustrated. He didn't mention it though and their meal passed in a heavy silence. After dinner, Archer got up to do the dishes and looked at Kimblee questioningly.

“Do you need help?” Kimblee asked.

Archer frowned as he collected their dishes. “No. I can handle it by myself.”

“Ok. I'll be in the living room.” Kimblee left Archer to do the dishes, noticing that he seemed to be louder than usual in his handling of their plates.

Archer finished up the dishes and stalked into the living room, but stopped just inside the room, staring at their coffee table. There was a ring of cupcakes surrounding a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“Happy Birthday,” Kimblee called from the couch. He smiled and waved an envelope at Archer.

“I told you not to-”

Kimblee cut him off. “Yeah, I know what you said, but I knew that's not really what you wanted. You've been getting grumpier all day thinking that I forgot your birthday. But I didn't so now you can lighten up and come over here and open some presents.”

Archer sighed. There was no use arguing with Kimblee. After all, he had hit the nail on the head. Archer was used to uneventful birthdays, so he didn't want to get his hopes up over nothing. When Kimblee has appeared to actually follow orders for once and ignore his birthday, he'd gotten angry. Except that Kimblee hadn't forgotten. Archer walked over to the couch and sat down beside Kimblee.

“Here's your card,” Kimblee said, passing the envelope over to Archer.

“Thank you.” Archer took the card and carefully pulled open the envelope. The card inside was simple, but rather than the expected “Happy Birthday,” it said “Thank you.” Archer glanced at Kimblee, confused.

“Read it,” Kimblee prompted.

Archer opened the card to find Kimblee's messy scrawl across the inside. “Thank you for being born. I wouldn't be here without you. Love Kimblee.” Archer stared at the card silently. He had no idea how to respond.

Kimblee pressed a sloppy kiss to Archer's temple, getting a horrified reaction from the man. “Don't get all emotional on me now.” He pushed a small wrapped box into his hands. “Open that, I'll get the champagne.”

Archer nodded as he started to pull off the black wrapping paper and open the box. He pulled out a strange rubber ring and looked at Kimblee suspiciously. “What is this?”

Kimblee grinned back. “A cock ring. I expect you to put that to good use tonight baby.”