I Did it for You
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own GTO, the series or the car *frowns* and I'd really like either or!
Warnings: Shonen Ai, Spoilers
Notes: *does a victory dance* yes! I finished! From the first time I voraciously devoured my GTO manga I decided that Kikuchi and Noboru would make an ultra-shibby couple and so I just had to write a story! It follows the manga more than the series, which are very close but not identical, so Noboru does not bear it all to the entire school and Kikuchi smokes.

Noboru sat on the roof, watching the clouds go by. His pants legs were clutched tightly in his white fists as he stared off, not even noticing Kikuchi's presence beside him. The smaller boy's shoulders were gently trembling. Soundlessly, Kikuchi sat beside his classmate and Noboru jumped when he finally noticed the presence at his side.

"K-Kikuchi." He stuttered, looking off nervously.

"How are you doing Noboru?" Kikuchi asked, staring at the other boy's profile.

"I'm good. Onizuka is still a teacher. Everything will be fine."

"Is everything really fine?"

Noboru turned to look at Kikuchi. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. What you did, are you all right with that?"

"It saved Onizuka." Noboru said softly.

"It may have saved him for now, but what about the price? You had to pay a price for something like that as brave as it was." Kikuchi pulled a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket. Noboru watched silently as he shook one out and stuck it in his mouth, producing a lighter and lighting up.

"It was nothing really. It's you I should be thanking, for that tape. You didn't even ask for money, you did it for Onizuka." Noboru watched the curl of smoke that Kikuchi blew out float away on the breeze.

"No I didn't."

"Huh?" Noboru was startled out of his contemplation of the smoke that escaped Kikuchi's lips.

"I didn't do it for Onizuka. That fool doesn't need my help, he has more dumb luck than anyone I've ever seen." Kikuchi took a long drag and exhaled slowly, shaking his head at the thought of their teacher.

"I-if you didn't do it for Onizuka...then what did you do it for?"

Kikuchi sighed and looked over at the boy beside him. It was really amazing how much he'd come into himself and it was all because of Onizuka. Noboru had always been the quiet one, the one that nobody noticed. Only a few weeks of knowing the teacher and already he was speaking out more, laughing and smiling more than Kikuchi could ever recall despite the fact that they'd been in the same class for as long as he could remember. That smile, it was so, endearing. Just a small quirk of his lips made you want to see the smile grow, that flash of brilliance just wasn't enough. Shaking his head Kikuchi answered the boy's question. "For you. I did it for you."

"Wha? Why me? I wasn't even in trouble!" Noboru looked shocked.

"Yes, you were. Onizuka was really getting you out of your shell and then those girls tried to take away the confidence you'd gained. They pushed you over the edge. So I took their confidence away. It was only fair, I gave them what they gave you. You needed support, you needed to make that woman believe what a monster her daughter really is and I helped with that."

"Why? Why did you do that?"

"That's what friends are for."

Noboru looked at a trail of ants crawling under his feet. "I...I've never had friends before."

Kikuchi blinked, surprised. "Never? But surely..."

"Onizuka was my first real friend." Noboru replied softly as he scuffed his shoe across the trail of tiny black insects.

"What about that girl...Minoko was her name? Wasn't she your friend?" Kikuchi had a vague memory of a girl who used to sit next to Noboru at lunch.

"She only sat with me to steal my food."

Kikuchi was shocked. It couldn't be true, Noboru had to have had at least one friend before. He had always prided himself on knowing what was going on around him and yet he was completely unaware of Noboru's friendless state. It looked like the boy really was the one that fell through the cracks and Onizuka was the first to see what lay inside. It took Onizuka's attention just to make the others aware of the quiet boy's existence. "I'm sorry." Kikuchi ground out his cigarette butt on the cement, watching the shreds of tobacco smear across the roof.

"Why are you sorry? You didn't know."

"That's exactly why I'm sorry, because I didn't know. We've been in class together how long? And I never really noticed how lonely you were until Onizuka came. I'm sorry I didn't see it before."

"There was nothing you could have done. It's my fault that I don't get along with people." Noboru shook his head with a sad ironic smile.

"That's not true. You get along with Onizuka great. And me, we get along fine, you make a very good friend."

Noboru looked up. "I...you really think I make a good friend?"

"Of course you do. You're kind and you would do anything to protect your friends, including stripping down and baring it all for the sake of the truth. You're the best kind of friend to have." Noboru's eyes clouded up and Kikuchi looked worried. "What's wrong?"

"Nobody has ever said anything like that to me." Kikuchi jumped as he found himself with a lap full of Noboru as the other boy flung himself at Kikuchi in an awkward hug.

He didn't have time to react before Noboru lurched back and turned away. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

Kikuchi frowned, realizing that Noboru had probably never been hugged by a friend let alone hugged one. His startled reaction had probably been taken for rejection. "No, no, it's okay. You just surprised me. Come here Noboru." Kikuchi reached out and turned the other boy to face him. Grinning reassuringly, he pulled the smaller boy into a friendly embrace. Noboru stiffened, but quickly relaxed, allowing his arms to wrap around Kikuchi's waist.

"Thank you Kikuchi," Noboru murmured into his shoulder.

"No, thank you. Thank you for being my friend Noboru." Kikuchi tightened his arms around the smaller boy.

Noboru looked up and gave him one of those smiles. Kikuchi felt as if the sun had just come out from behind the clouds on a rainy day cliché as it sounded, but it was so warm. Noboru's smile might be rare, but when it did come out, it just made it that much more special. On instinct Kikuchi leaned down and kissed Noboru gently. Noboru's lips were soft, and they opened with surprise beneath his own. Pulling back, Kikuchi grinned. Noboru looked up stunned.

"Kikuchi." His name was more like an exhalation on the other boy's lips than an actual spoken word. The light breeze that ruffled their hair seemed to take the whispered words from him.

Kikuchi let a hand stroke Noboru's cheek. "Keep smiling. It looks good on you." Then he stepped away, leaving Noboru frozen in place. "See you around Noboru." He grinned and waved before slipping off the roof leaving Noboru to contemplate the taste of smoke lingering on his lips.

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