Good Grooming for the Betterment of Buggering
By: For-Chan
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.
Notes: This is crack. No one ever writes about the little things like this. For good reason or so I am told.

"Ow!" Harry said, moving away from the cock Ron was attempting to slide into his ass.

"What?" Ron asked, freezing mid-motion. "I thought you were ready."

Harry winced. "I am."

"Well then, what's wrong?" Ron asked, concerned.

"'retwistingmyarsehairs," Harry mumbled.

"Say again?"

"My arse hairs!" Harry said more clearly. "You're pulling on them."

"For fuck's sake!" Ron grumbled, slowly pulling out. "I told you to use that charm."

"It's embarrassing," Harry complained.

"There's nothing embarrassing about good grooming. Especially when it helps you get buggered."

Harry huffed as Ron got his wand and performed a depilatory charm on his ass.