Good Grooming for the Betterment of Buggering
Ron/Harry, NC-17, 100 words
There are perils in pubic hair.

Pansy/Hermione, Femmeslash, PG-13, 400 words
Hermione is fascinated by Pansy Parkinson's stockings.

One Shots
All one shots are complete.

Dance Vith Me
Viktor/Ron, PG, 1,390 words
Viktor asks Ron to dance.

The Golden Years: The Caretaker
Snape/Sirius/Remus, AU, PG, 1,352 words
As Severus Snape and his lovers near the two century mark, Harry convinces them to get a live in caretaker, whom Severus does not like.

Reaching for Rainbows
Ron, Draco, and Harry in various combinations, Mpreg, NC-17, 18,183 words
A magical bond has formed between Ron and Draco as a result of the final battle with Voldemort while Harry has lost his magic. Harry ends up as the third partner in a turbulent threesome where tension runs high and feelings grow in unexpected ways.

Pansy Parkinson/Seamus Finnegan, HET, G, 6,600 words
When Pansy Parkinson's parents require her to get a job, she is forced to turn to the Agency of Temporary Jobs for Professional Wizards and Witches. There she finds several wrong jobs and one annoyingly right Gryffindor.

Unfiring Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood/Rolf Scamander, G, 4,319 words
Rolf Scamander made a terrible mistake when he fired Luna Lovegood. But unfiring her is harder than he imagined.

Snape/Harry, Myrtle/Harry, humor, PG, 2,538 words
After a fall, Harry notices Snape acting, well...un-Snapeish.


Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
Severus Snape makes a mistake that costs him quite dearly. Once he realizes what he's done, he does his best to correct it.

Shoot First
Snape/Harry, PG, 1,288 words
After a fight with his lover's godson, Harry finds himself kicked out of Snape's house and his life.

Ask Questions
Former Snape/Harry, George/Harry, Mpreg, PG, 2,715 words
Snape is shocked to meet his biggest fan.

Mentions of Former Snape/Harry and Mpreg, PG, 1,095 words
Draco ends up on his ass in front of his godfather's front step.