By: For-Chan
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I merely enjoy playing in other people's sandboxes.
Warnings: Mentions of mpreg.
Notes: This was just a stray bunny that I typed out on a whim. It's divided into three parts, told three ways, from three different points of view. I had fun doing it.

Draco Malfoy was stunned as he sat in the middle of the dirt path leading to his godfather's cottage. He shivered as a cold ocean breeze blew over him. He'd been lounging in his silk boxers and a matching robe when Severus had thundered in and dragged him out by his collar, pushing him out of the front door and slamming it. He had no idea what was going on. As the wind made his skin pimple with cold, he stood up and hurried to the door of the cottage, knocking desperately. He didn't even have his wand for a warming charm!

"Uncle Sev! Uncle Sev! Open up!" he called. After a few minutes of desperate knocking, the door finally opened and Severus Snape stood in the door way staring down his nose at him. Draco swallowed. It had been a long time since his Godfather had turned that glare on him.

Severus handed him his wand and set a chest on the front step. "Here are your things. Now you may leave." He stepped back and began to close the door.

Draco gasped and threw himself at the door. "Wait! Why are you doing this?"

"Why?" Severus asked slowly. "I should have done this long ago! You've been living off my kindness ever since the fall of the Dark Lord. Instead of going out and making something of yourself, you've sat around my cottage doing nothing but being a nuisance, only making yourself useful when I bully you into it. It if far past time for you to get a life Draco. I will not coddle you anymore."

Draco stared at him open mouthed. "But-"

"Do not even begin to argue. There is also the matter of Harry," Severus said.

Draco sneered. "Potter," he spat.

"Harry," Severus said firmly, glaring at his godson. "The mother of my child, who you nearly harmed twice with your childish antics."


"Don't bother to play innocent with me. I've had enough of your act. I'm tired of your games. I finally listened to Harry. I realized that you drove him off and I let you. I was a fool to spoil you as your father had. If only I had disciplined you, perhaps you wouldn't have turned out to be such a failure."

"I'm not a failure!" Draco snarled heatedly.

"What have you done with your life?" Severus demanded. "What have you done? You ran from the Dark Lord in fear and triggered his end, but you did not even participate in the final battle. Instead, you huddled in Hogwarts with the first years while the rest of us risked our lives to bring him down. You came to live with me while you got on your feet again and you never left! You drove away my lover. You sit around and lounge like a pampered pet and you do nothing."

"You kicked Potter out!" Draco said, avoiding everything else, trying to steer the conversation away from him.

"I did. And I was a fool to do so. It cost me dearly. Trusting in you, taking your side, letting your dislike of Harry fester and infect me once again. It stole the first years of my daughter's life from me. I was a fool, but not anymore. I will not allow you to sit around my home any longer. Go out and do something with your life Draco. You can come to see me once you've sorted yourself out, but not before then." Severus crossed his arms and stared down at Draco.

"This is ridiculous! I have nothing!" Draco argued.

Severus sighed. "You have your youth, your brains, your wand, your health. What more do you need Draco? You have everything you need to succeed."

Draco shook his head in denial. "This is all Potter's fault! He wants revenge!"

"No," Severus snapped. "This is a situation of your own making. You made a choice to languish away as you have. I knew it wasn't good for you, but I let it continue. It was a mistake on my part, one that I am now correcting. Harry is not the kind that needs revenge. He has graciously included me in my daughter's life though I knew nothing about her. Which brings me to another matter. What on this green earth possessed you to throw hexes at a pregnant man? You could have killed my child!"

"It was only Potter! I didn't know you knocked him up!" Draco protested.

"It didn't matter who it was or whose child it was Draco! You could have killed an innocent life! Are you trying to follow in your father's footsteps? That's an ugly path Draco, one I hoped you'd never walk. The only thing that lays on that is pain and death."

Draco swallowed hard. "I'm not my father!"

"Are you sure?" Severus reached out and grabbed and handful of Draco's long blond hair. "What is this? You've been growing it for years. Every time I turn to you, I see his image." He let the hair slip through his fingers. "I am afraid for you Draco. This is not healthy."

Draco stared at Severus, at a loss of what to say. He wasn't trying to be his father. He wasn't trying to be anything! And that's when he realized, he wasn't anything. Severus was right. He'd done nothing but hide in Severus' cottage, occasionally helping with potions, but doing little else as he tried not to become his father and apparently failed spectacularly at it.

Severus shifted and pulled a small pouch out of his robes. He took Draco's hand and settled the pouch in his palm, wrapping his fingers around it. "I have done much for you. Perhaps too much. Now it's time for you to do something for yourself. This is not money given freely. This is a loan, an investment in you. I expect it to be doubled and returned to me in one year's time."

"One year?" Draco gasped.

Severus nodded. "I trust that this won't be a problem," he said, raising an eyebrow as he stared down at Draco.

Draco thought of calling him out on it, but when he opened his mouth he said, "Of course not," in his haughtiest tone.

Severus smirked in return. "Excellent. One year Draco. Now get out of here." He stepped back into the cottage and shut the door.

Draco stared at it. It didn't open again. With an annoyed huff, he pulled some proper clothes out of the chest and dressed himself before he stalked away from the cottage.