Reaching for Rainbows
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and I make no prophit from this work and I mean no insult to the original author, actually it's flattery really, so let's not sue me!
Rated: NC-17 for graphic lemon content.
Warnings: Mpreg, Angst, Sap
Pairing(s): Draco/Ron/Harry
Summary: A magical bond has formed between Ron and Draco as a result of the final battle with Voldemort. Harry then finds himself as the third partner in their strange threesome where tensions strain and feelings grow in strange ways.
Notes: This is my first Harry Potter fic so please be kind.
Dedications: So many, I must thank everyone who encouraged me and yelled at me for more! Talon, Dasia, Paco, Sancy, Crowie, oh my, I showed so many people I've forgotten. But any way thank you much! Also thank my beta reader Veron OL even if she took forever to get it back to me ^_~


"Yes Ron?" Draco looked up from the papers spread across his desk.

"Draco, you made Harry bleed again." Ron frowned as he walked into Draco's small study.

Draco sighed and put down the packet of papers he'd been flipping through. "What do you expect Ron? It's anal sex."

"I know! But he doesn't bleed with me." Ron shook his head at his blonde lover.

"Oh yes, we must be extra gentle with the Boy Who Lived! He's made of glass and he might break if we fuck him too hard!" Draco snapped. He instantly regretted his words as he got a feedback of hurt from the bond that he and Ron shared.

The bond was a side effect of the final battle with Voldemort. They had faced off against the Dark Lord when Harry had been injured by a powerful curse. Together Ron and Draco had managed to throw a killing curse at Voldemort, but not before the dark wizard hurled one last Avada Kedavra at them. Nobody was quite sure what happened next, but they had been enveloped in a green light that had nothing to do with Voldemort's curse. The curse hit the mysterious power that surrounded them and they both went down, but didn't die. When they woke up, the bond had been formed between them, much to their chagrin. They hadn't been lovers or even friends at the time.

Ron and Harry had been lovers, but with the new bond formed between Draco and Ron, the dynamics had changed a lot. Ron and Draco had taken two months to themselves to get used to the strange bond that tied them together. At the end of that time they had emerged as close friends and lovers. However, even with Draco, Ron couldn't give up Harry and so an arrangement was set up. The three of them lived together in a flat in London. At first the two other men had shared Ron, but it had been frustrating on all sides. Eventually, to ease the tensions between them, Harry began to make tentative advances towards Draco. Draco had responded eagerly. The Veela blood in his veins made him a very active lover. He enjoyed sex and the prospect of another partner, even Potter, had only been a bonus for him.

They got along relatively well except for the fact that Draco's attitude towards sex and Harry's were two different things completely. Harry mentioned it on occasion, but for the most part kept to himself, not wanting to make waves. It was only when he failed to hide his pains that Ron caught on and confronted Draco. Otherwise life was pretty good. Draco was going to the local prestigious Wizarding University while Ron had an apprenticeship in the Ministry of Magic with their Aurors. Harry on the other hand seemed content to stay out of the wizarding world for the most part. It seemed that after the last battle with Voldemort even the most basic of spells were inaccessible to Harry. It was as if all his magic had been bled into the final battle and now he had none left. Harry was taking a year off to decide what to do with his life. In the meantime he worked in a small travel agency and did most of the chores around the flat.

"I'm sorry." Draco said quietly as he put his papers down and stood up. Ron nodded silently. Draco came around the desk and wrapped his arms around Ron's waist. "Look, I'll try to be more gentle with Harry. It's just, it'll take getting used to you know. I am your lover and he is your lover, but we're not each other's lover. It's hard to get along for your sake. But for you I'll try, okay?" Draco raised Ron's chin to look into his eyes.

"Yeah," Ron said softly.

"All right." Draco gave him a small smile as he moved in for a gentle kiss. Ron wrapped his arms around Draco and they stood in the middle of the room simply soaking each other in.

Harry walked up to the doorway and opened his mouth to ask a question. He saw the pair and his jaw snapped shut. As quietly as he'd come, he left, deciding that he'd cook fish tonight whether they liked it or not. He walked back through the hallways to the kitchen, picking up a few stray pieces of laundry as he went. Ron and Draco had a tendency to trail their clothes around the house as they stripped each other down and he was always left to pick up stray socks and boxers. Once he'd even had to stand on a chair to get a thong off the light fixture in the living room. Shaking his head, he dropped the clothes in the laundry room before continuing into the kitchen to prepare dinner. He'd been going to ask whether or not they wanted fish or chicken for dinner, not that it mattered since Tesco's chicken tasted like fish anyway.

He took out the package of fish and stared at it for a few minutes, deciding how to cook it. A little while later he was whipping up a batter and chopping potatoes for chips. He heard some moaning from the other room and turned on the radio over the sink mindlessly singing along with some new pop group as he fried their dinner. He put out plates, made sure there was salt, vinegar, tartar sauce and ketchup on the table and finally dragged out a few bottles of butterbeer.

"Dinner's ready!" He called, sitting down and drowning his chips in ketchup. He preferred the sweet tomato sauce to the salt and vinegar that Draco sprinkled on his chips, they were just too bitter that way.

Ron and Draco walked in looking mussed and content. "Oh great! Fish and chips," Ron said enthusiastically as he sat down and began to dig in.

Draco sat down and looked at the table. He glanced up at Harry. "Where's the lemon?"

"Sorry!" Draco always sprinkled lemon juice on his fish and he'd somehow managed to forget the lemon. Harry got up and went to the fridge, pulling out a nice yellow lemon and quickly slicing it into four pieces. He put it on a small plate and set it down beside Draco, who nodded his thanks, but didn't take his eyes away from Ron and the conversation they'd fallen into.

Harry sat back and listened to them discuss the latest goings-on in the wizarding world. He let most of their conversation flow over his head, contented to just watch the two talk. The wizarding world had little to do with him these days. He was too busy keeping house or convincing people where the best vacation spots were to even bother picking up the Daily Prophet and immersing himself in the magical world. If it were important, someone would tell him. He was content with the normalcy of his life now. True, sometimes he missed his magic, but he'd gone the first eleven years of his life without it. In the grand scheme of things it was a minor loss, despite the occasional cruel barbs from Draco, he got along just fine without it.

Harry finished his dinner and put his dishes beside the sink. He'd be back to wash the dishes after anyway. He moved out into the living room and turned on the tele, immersing himself in his nightly soap opera. It was one of his guilty pleasures. Draco often railed on about how their lives were far more exciting than some silly Muggle program, but Harry had made it an art of blocking out most of Draco's comments. He would watch the program, cheering or crying along with the characters and occasionally snuggling into Ron who would sometimes join him on the couch for a bit of cuddling. Ron didn't join him that night. To his surprise, it was Draco who sat at the other end of the couch. He turned away from the television and looked Harry over.

"I'm sorry Harry."

Harry blinked. Draco was apologizing to him? Oh...Ron had seen him wincing earlier and he must have confronted Draco. Draco had gotten him in the shower that morning and hadn't been terribly gentle. In fact he'd been particularly rough, shoving Harry into the tiles of the shower and pounding into him with hardly so much as a "Good morning, Harry wanna fuck?"

Harry waved his hand dismissively and turned his face back towards the television screen. "It was nothing, don't worry about it." Harry was surprised when Draco leaned over and tugged on his arm, dragging him across the couch.

"It wasn't ‘nothing'. Obviously it was something if Ron felt the need to come and talk to me. Look, I don't mean to hurt you or anything, it's just..."

"I understand." Harry nodded. And he did. It wasn't an easy arrangement that they had, but they did the best they could with what they had. Draco loved Ron, not Harry; it was hard trying to show emotions to Harry, whom he'd hated so much when they were in school. Granted he'd hated Ron too, but the bond made things considerably easier between them. Sometimes Harry was jealous of that bond, but what could he do about it? Nothing. All he could do was hope that they didn't tire of him and move off to some exotic place leaving him standing by the doorway with a box full of pitiful belongings.


Harry blinked again, having spaced out. "Yes Draco?" He looked up at Draco and saw the lust in his silvery gray eyes.

"I'm going to have my wicked Slytherin way with you." Draco breathed, pushing Harry back to lie on the couch.

Harry nodded silently. What was he supposed to say? No I don't want to? I'm still sore? Draco would get mad and wouldn't touch him for a week. That would hurt Ron. They'd all walk around the flat pissed off at each other until they had an exhausting round of make-up sex that usually meant Harry wouldn't be able to sit still at work. Of course he wasn't going to say no! Instead he let Draco's skilled hands roam over him, bringing tingles of pleasure as he stripped them both down. From somewhere he produced lube and a condom to make things easier for Harry. He prepared him quickly, with none of the tenderness that Ron showed when making love to him, but not nearly as harsh as he'd been this morning.

Draco's thrusts were quick and efficient, not completely gentle, but not as rough as their morning encounter either. Draco made Harry come first, crying his name in a strangled tone of voice. Harry thought that Draco secretly liked to reduce him to a moaning mess; it brought him some kind of twisted pleasure to sexually torture the Boy Who Lived as he'd once tortured him in school. He never said as much aloud because to accuse Draco would hurt Ron's feelings. Draco came and collapsed on top of him. Off to his side, Harry saw a flash of movement. Ron was standing in the doorway, jerking off as he watched them. He nudged Draco and the blonde looked up. Grinning, he pulled out of Harry and moved over to Ron, immediately going down on him.

Harry sighed, staring sideways at the television. His show was over. He watched bodies dance across the screen in some rerun of some vacation destination "uncovered". He found the remote shoved between the cushions and turned it off. He collected his and Draco's clothes, using his shirt to wipe down his stomach. He picked up the condom beside the couch and carried everything back to the laundry room, disposing of the condom and throwing the laundry in the basket. He pulled on a clean shirt and some boxers as he tossed a load of laundry into the washer and then moved out into the kitchen to clean up the dinner mess.

When he was done with his cleaning he picked up the latest novel he was reading and moved back into the living room to curl back up on the couch. The house was quiet as both Ron and Draco were doing work in their respective offices across the hall from each other, both cluttered high with books and papers. Harry never cleaned those rooms. He had once and had gotten yelled at by both men, as they couldn't find a thing afterward. He was wary to step in the rooms even now. So what if a giant man eating dust bunny swallowed their desks whole? It wasn't his fault. He settled back into the couch and immersed himself in his novel.

The chime of the dryer woke him sometime later. His book was on the floor beside the couch and the clock near the television told him it was later than he thought. The dryer must have given its final and loudest ding, demanding someone take the laundry from its belly. With a yawn, Harry got up from the couch and went to pull the laundry out of the dryer. The clothes were hardly warm, meaning that they'd spent a good half hour or so tumbling on fluff mode. He folded the clothes and laid them in the basket for clean clothes atop the dryer. He set the basket on his hip as he walked through the house turning off lights. Draco had once asked him why he bothered with chores manually. He or Ron could easily use magic even if Harry couldn't and it wasn't as if they couldn't afford a house elf, because between the three of them they could own a whole horde of house elves.

Harry had just looked at him and smiled a little secretively, almost sadly, saying that he enjoyed his chores as long as he was doing it for somebody he loved. That had seemed to shut Draco up, the bland truth catching him off guard. He was sure that the blonde didn't understand, but he didn't bother Harry about it anymore. Harry walked into the darkened bedroom, setting the laundry basket by the door. By memory alone he moved over to the bedside table and set down his glasses before climbing into the occupied bed. Ron and Draco were already there. Draco slept on the right and Ron slept in the middle while Harry took the left.

Draco had already wrapped himself around Ron, so Harry stretched out on his strip of bed and stared at the nothingness of the dark room. It was sort of first come first serve, whoever was in bed first got to cuddle with Ron. He found himself missing out a lot either because he stayed up a little later than them doing chores or because they both stayed up later than him doing work and snuck in so as not to disturb him. They always disturbed him since he'd always been a light sleeper and the slightest noises would wake him up. It was a product of growing up with the Dursleys, always having to be on alert for his relatives. Even later, in school, he'd watched his back always having someone out for his head.

Sometimes when Ron and Draco came in he'd just lie there and feel them communicating. They would trade things through their bond and though he couldn't hear the conversations between them, he could feel it like a tingle up his spine. It was those times that Harry would turn away from them, jealous and afraid. He was jealous of their connection to each other, envious of how close they were. He was afraid of that closeness, of the exclusion he often felt. Deep in his soul he knew that it was only a matter of time before this bed held only two lovers instead of a pair and their third wheel. He frowned and tried to block out those thoughts. When they got too intense it often led to him spending the rest of the night on the couch. Nobody ever noticed his absence since he got up before the other two to fix breakfast, make lunches and do any other last minute things before he left for work.

"Mmm, Draco." Harry heard Ron murmur before he drifted off to sleep.

"For how long?" Draco demanded, staring across the table at Ron.

"I said that I'll be away for a month. We're doing survival training and field exercise drills. It's only a couple of weeks. I'm sure you two will get on fine without me." Ron smiled at Draco and Harry.

Harry and Draco looked at each other and then back at Ron. Draco was the first to speak. "Of course. We'll get along great, won't we Harry?" Draco drew his name out as he threw an arm around Harry's shoulder.

"Yeah. You just go off and concentrate on your work. I'll take care of Draco here." Harry smiled.

Draco turned to him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly what I said," Harry replied with a shrug. "I'll look after you. Cook you dinner so you don't starve, clean your laundry so you don't smell."

"Warm my bed so I don't die of blue balls?"

Ron chuckled as Harry blushed and let his head fall, ignoring the evil blonde chuckling to his right.

"I'll be back before you miss me. Just make sure everything is still standing when I come home, ‘cause I'm sure I'll want a nice long shower and a good fuck." Ron mused.

"I'm going to hold you to that." Draco smirked.

"I'm looking forward to it already, now I'm going to pack. We leave in the morning."

That night Harry cooked a big meal. The three of them retired to bed early for a long stint of lovemaking and in the morning they saw Ron off as he apparated to training camp with a large duffle bag over his shoulder. Harry went to work, Draco went to classes and that night they sat at the table in silence. Usually it was Ron who provided the conversation, but with Ron away neither of them seemed to have much to say to the other.

" was work today?" Draco finally asked as he pushed a few carrots around his plate.

"Not terribly exciting. I made some good sales. Some guy wanted me to come on his vacation with him. I told him no thank you and it was against our policies. He looked very disappointed." Harry shrugged and continued to eat.

"Wait...someone wanted to take you along on their vacation? Whatever for?" Draco looked up at him in confused annoyance.

"I don't know. People have strange notions. I suppose he fancies me. But why would I go off with someone I don't know when there are two handsome men at home who can whisk me off to far-off places with the wave of a wand?" Harry looked up and offered Draco one of his sweet smiles as a blush stained his cheeks.

Draco stared at him. Two handsome men at that meant that Harry thought he was handsome. Why did that surprise him? They'd been together many times during their unconventional relationship but for some reason it took Draco by surprise that Harry thought he was attractive. Of course it was true, but still. "What kind of far-off places would you want to go to?"

"Well, I did a little traveling while you and Ron were...working things out. I visited Spain, France, Belgium, Russia, Ireland, and Greece but...and don't laugh, I want to go to Disney World." Harry smiled, a sparkle in his eyes.

"Disney World? Like the big one in Florida?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, they say it's the most magical place on earth." Draco snorted at this, but Harry ignored him. "It may not have real magic at all, but it's the fun of the place that makes it that way. I didn't really have a lot of fun as a kid, so I really want to go to Disney World some day."

Draco watched Harry closely; there was something in his eyes as he mentioned fun and childhood. Ron had told him about Harry's real childhood. He'd explained how Harry had lived with Muggles who hated him and locked him in a cupboard. He told him about the abuse and starvation and about how they had to constantly rescue Harry from his relatives over summer vacation. After hearing the story, he'd had a little more respect for Harry. He understood some of his attitudes and behaviors that had been boggling before. He still didn't fully understand the other man, but rays of light had been shed on a previously untouched subject. Slowly, but surely he was getting glimpses of someone he didn't know, but wanted to find out about. Could it be that-?


"What?" Draco stared at Harry.

"You spaced out there. I asked where you would want to go." Harry grinned as he got up and took their empty plates to the sink.

"I don't know. I've been so many places; there was never anywhere I longed to be." Draco shrugged as he slumped back in his chair and watched Harry.

"That's too bad. Guess it just means you'll have to come with me when I finally go to Disney World." Harry grinned over his shoulder as he scrubbed their dishes clean.

"A giant park full of screaming little children and people in costumes? I don't know."

"Come on! It'd be fun. Me and you and Ron squishing onto theme park rides, eating lots of junk food, clubbing till we drop at their club island. Doesn't it sound great?"

"Lovely," Draco said in a dry tone.

"Party pooper." Harry pouted as he turned back to his dishes.

Draco left him to his dishes and went off into his study to get some of his assignments done. That night they slipped into bed, both on their own sides and just kind of stared at each other across the stretch of space where Ron usually slept. The strange awkwardness between them set the tone for the next week and a half. They would sometimes talk, but it usually petered off and Draco left the room. Finally, he got tired of feeling like a stranger with someone who should by all rights be his lover.

"Come to dinner with me tonight."

"What?" Harry looked up from his book.

"Come to dinner with me tonight. Let's go out somewhere together." Draco elaborated.

Harry sat there looking stunned. Draco wanted to go somewhere with him? They never went anywhere together, well at least not without Ron. "I...I'd like that. Where did you have in mind?" Harry asked, trying to keep the sudden nervousness from his voice.

"I was thinking...maybe this little Italian place near the Uni. We could...hit a club or two after that… if you want to that is." Draco hastened to add.

"It sounds nice." Harry smiled and put his book down.

Draco nodded. "Well, let's get dressed then." He stood and walked into their room. Harry followed him in. They each picked through their clothes, Draco occasionally glancing at Harry and Harry sometimes looking back. Draco felt a little nervous and twitchy as he finally chose an outfit, a button up shirt with black jeans and the leather jacket he'd put on once they got outside. He turned to see that Harry had opted for a fitted white turtleneck and blue jeans. They smiled at each other nervously.

"Great, so, let's go." Draco said, gesturing to the door. Harry nodded and went first. They pulled on their coats and shoes at the door and left the house. They walked to the Underground and made the trip in silence, only the occasional look passed between them. When they arrived at the restaurant, Harry was pleased with the homey feel of the place. They left their coats at the door and were seated at a dimly lit booth with a candle on the table.

"So what do you feel like?" Draco finally asked, breaking the silence as they looked over their menus.

"I feel like myself." Harry smiled. "However, I'm thinking of ordering the clams and linguini." He said tapping the menu. "What about you?" Harry looked at him over the tall, red, leather-bound menu.

"I'm going to try the lobster stuffed shells. And what would you say to a bottle of wine?"

"I'd say I overindulged since wine bottles generally don't speak." Harry laughed before answer. "Sounds perfect."

Draco smiled back. They ordered and toasted with glasses of the expensive red wine that Draco ordered. Harry felt a little giddy. He had that first date kind of nervousness about him as the wine loosened his tongue and he and Draco got into a deep discussion about the sexuality of Professor Snape. Draco swore up and down that Snape was gay and had dated his father, Lucius, while they attended Hogwarts. First, Harry wanted to know why Draco's father would date Snape. Secondly, he insisted that Snape had to be asexual, because he didn't seem to show interest in anybody beyond snide insults. Draco laughed and even went so far as to suggest that Snape fancied Remus. Of course Harry denied that immediately, because Remus was his Godfather's mate.

"So? Maybe they're like us? Maybe they're all together too. It could happen." Draco pointed out.

"Yeah but...Snape hates Sirius. He doesn't even like Remus all that well from what I can see."

"You know what they say Harry. There's a fine line between love and hate."

"I know, but I still think you're reaching for a rainbow."

"Excuse me?"

"You know, reaching for something you can't touch?"

Draco nodded. "Yeah, I've just never heard that expression before, it sounds kinda poetic."

Harry blushed. "I just made it up."

"Maybe you can be a writer. Harry Potter's new novel, Reaching for a Rainbow, coming soon." Draco chuckled as he finished off another glass of wine.

"What would I have to write about? Snape used to send back my potions essays bleeding with red ink just because of my grammar! Nobody would want to read anything I have to say." Harry shook his head.

Draco gaped at Harry. "'re Harry Potter, you know, the Boy Who Lived! If you wrote a memoir, everyone would want to buy a copy."

"What for? So I can get a big head like Lockhart? No thanks. Besides, technically, you and Ron are also Boys Who Lived. You two survived the Avada Kedavra. So I'm really not that special after all am I? I don't even have magic anymore. I do my laundry by hand and work in a Muggle travel agency. What a bore." Harry shrugged as he sopped up the juices on his plate with a piece of Italian bread.

Draco sat back and looked Harry over. What had happened to the snotty little Gryffindor he remembered from school? Harry had the self-esteem of a mouse, maybe even something smaller. He deflected compliments almost effortlessly, belittling himself with no help at all. And to think back on all the times that he'd actually contributed to Harry's thinking that he was really nothing special. He was beginning to realize that he'd made some serious mistakes in his handling of the other man.

"You pass things off too easily Harry. You're an interesting person. Would you like dessert?" He asked before Harry could protest.

Harry nodded. "Dessert would be nice."

They ordered spumoni and tiramisu, sharing bites over glasses of dessert wine. Overall, the dinner went very well, much better than Draco had expected it to go. He was feeling good as they walked out of the restaurant together. He noticed how close they were standing and smiled; perhaps having Ron away for a while was good for them.

"What do you want to do now? A club? There's a good one down the street, big dance floor, good music."

"I'm game," Harry grinned.

Draco nodded and led Harry down the street to the club he had in mind. It was a large place. They entered at street level and climbed the stairs to the actual bar on the second floor. There was a big dance floor with a stage and people were dancing along with the music as fog and lights flowed over them. Draco led Harry to the bar and bought him a drink in a bright green cup. After they shared a few sips, Draco dragged Harry onto the dance floor, despite his protests. Harry insisted that he couldn't dance, but soon enough he was dancing against Draco as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Harry seemed oblivious to the stares he was getting as he lost himself in the music, more than a little tipsy. Draco had to glare at quite a few people to keep their hands off the lithe young man dancing against him.

He put an arm possessively around Harry's waist as they danced together, hips occasionally grinding and hands sliding over each other. Harry smiled at Draco, obviously having a good time. He looked down at Harry. The young man was just a few inches shorter than himself. He understood now why Harry was so thin and shorter than himself. Starvation will do that to a person, Harry would never be tall, he'd probably done all the growing he was going to do, his growth spurt in Hogwarts being his last. Actually, he liked Harry's smaller build. He was fairly tall and Ron was of a stocky build, but Harry, Harry just seemed to have a look of vulnerability about him. He'd noticed it in school and exploited it constantly. Despite Harry's many daring deeds, he was always vulnerable to emotions and self-doubt thanks to his upbringing. He could see now why Ron felt so protective of him as he really did need protecting. Draco gripped him tighter and Harry nuzzled his neck.

After a few more songs Harry pulled back. "Gotta use the loo." He almost spoke loudly near Draco's ear.

Draco nodded and pointed to the bar as he began to push his way through the crowd. He ordered another drink and stood at the bar, sipping the cold alcohol. Ten minutes later Harry still hadn't returned. He knew there couldn't have been that much of a line for the men's room. He left the drink at the bar and went off in search of Harry, winding his way through the crowds to the bathrooms. He entered the dark hallway and immediately spotted Harry at the end of it. A tall man with shaggy brown hair had cornered him against the wall. Harry was pushing at him, but the man was larger and stronger than Harry was. Draco approached them, fuming.

"What's the matter Harry? Aren't I attractive enough for you? I told you I can give you things. I want to take you on that vacation with me. Won't you give me a chance?" The man was saying.

"I told you. I'm involved. Would you bugger off already?" Harry ground out, trying to escape the man's arms.

"Is there a problem here?" Draco asked coldly.

The man turned and Harry quickly stepped around him, attaching himself to Draco's side. Draco's arm immediately wrapped around Harry's waist, pulling him close.

"Nothing wrong mate, just talking to Harry here. No harm in that."

Draco glared. "I would appreciate it if you'd leave my boyfriend alone."

The other man raised an eyebrow. "Now you see, I was under the impression he was going out with a redhead. Obviously he's going around behind someone's back, don't see why he's having such a problem with me."

Harry opened his mouth to protest, but Draco beat him to it. "You may creep around people's backs but Harry does no such thing. And I'll warn you only once, stay away from Harry or you won't like the consequences." Draco's eyes were cold as he made his threat and the other man blanched. He quickly walked away. Draco looked at Harry. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, he didn't do anything, just cornered me. Draco, can we go home now?"

"Yes Harry, let's get going." Draco kept his arm around Harry as they left the club, looking for, but seeing no sign of the man that had accosted Harry. The walk to the nearest underground station was silent. They sat down beside each other in a nearly empty compartment. Harry kept glancing over at Draco then looking away. Draco sighed. "Harry, what is it?"

"I-I'm sorry that happened. It ruined our night. I thought it was going very well too. I'm sorry that man followed me. I didn't mean for that to happen. It's just, he was so persistent and I've already told him no and-!" Harry was stopped as Draco's lips crashed into his. Draco kissed him soundly before drawing back with a smirk.

"Harry. Shut up. It wasn't your fault. I still think things went well. Dinner was enjoyable, and things were heating up quite well at the club." Draco pulled Harry closer.

"So...I didn't ruin your date?"

"Of course not, you are my date." Draco dragged Harry into his lap, making the other man straddle him as he pulled his head down for a deep kiss. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's neck and kissed him back. Draco's hands were sneaking up Harry's shirt when they heard a disgruntled cough from one of the few other passengers on the car. Draco chuckled as Harry blushed. They kept their kisses G-rated until their stop where they jumped off the train and fairly ran home in a silly game of kiss tag like the days of their youth.

At the door of their apartment, Draco had Harry pressed up against the door as he struggled to get his keys in the lock. He dropped them and cussed, finally pulling out his wand and opening the door that way. He kicked the keys into the apartment as Harry pulled him in. They slowly made their way to the bedroom, Draco taking advantage of the walls and couch to press Harry up against and strip him out of pieces of clothing. His shoes had been left by the door. A sock got toed off near the kitchen. His jacket was flung over the couch. He lost his shirt somewhere down the hall. His pants were dragged off in the doorway of the bedroom. Draco was still fully clothed as he pushed Harry to the bed dressed only in his boxers and a single sock.

Their mouths clashed together as Harry struggled to rid Draco of his leather jacket. Draco tore himself back to quickly rid himself of his jacket and shirt. He leaned back in, pale hands burying themselves in Harry's dark silky hair. Harry gasped his name as their tongues tangled together, their hips moving against each other. Of all the times he'd ever touched Harry, this was one of the first times he remembered Harry being so active or getting so hot and hard himself. Draco groaned as Harry managed to slide a hand into his pants.

"Harry, you're killing me." He gasped.

"That's not in my best interests." Harry murmured, trying to pull off Draco's pants.

"Then what is?" Draco nibbled on Harry's ear.

"Getting you naked for a good shag." Harry replied, surprising Draco by rolling them over where he continued to tug down Draco's pants, finally pulling them free with Draco's help.

"Forceful now aren't we?" Draco asked snaking his hand into Harry's boxers.

"Yes," Harry hissed from where he sat on Draco's hips.

"Do you want me Harry? Do you want me to take you?" Draco asked, questions that he'd never before bothered to pose.

"Oh please." Harry moaned, pressing his erection into Draco's hands. Those words from Harry's lips, directed at him, made his cock twitch in anticipation. Never had sex between them been like this, and they'd barely done more then pet and get naked, yet he already felt like he was about to explode. Usually it was a quick shag and then it was over, this was something altogether different though.

Draco grabbed Harry's hips and rolled him back over. He tugged Harry's boxers off, taking the lone sock with it and biting Harry's toe as he did so. Harry stared up at him with wide shining eyes. Draco reached out and gently took a hold of his glasses, folding them and placing them carefully on the side of the bed. Harry stared. That simple action had been so intimate it stole his breath away. Draco had never before bothered to take off his glasses. In the past they'd hardly kissed and so had no reason to remove the glasses that would impede such actions.

"Draco." Harry whispered.

"I'm here," Draco murmured in return, not sure himself what he meant.

They did more than shag that night. Draco went very slow, taking the time to tease Harry, stretching him leisurely. As he entered, Harry moaned his name in a way that made Draco shiver. Their bodies moved together in a bout of slow burning passion that seemed to last for hours before they both cried out in release and collapsed together. Afterwards Draco held Harry. Harry snuggled into the blonde's arms. Draco wasn't leaving, like he always did. It felt good. Harry sighed contentedly as he cuddled with Draco; maybe he wasn't such a third wheel after all.

"What's it like Draco?"

"What's what like?" Draco asked, putting down his textbook on advanced hexes and their counter spells.

"The bond, between you and Ron. What's it like?" Harry wiggled his toes where he'd buried them under Draco's sitting form at the other end of the couch.

"Well, obviously it's a connection between us. But it's not like we can read each other's minds or anything. I mean if Ron's thinking that he needs to pick up milk at the grocery, I don't know that. It's more of an emotional thing. I can feel what he's feeling and vice versa. The stronger the feeling, the stronger I feel it. It dims a little bit over distance, but there's never been a time that I couldn't feel him. We can try to shield each other from strong anger and such, but really it's a constant share of emotions. It's different, nothing that I've ever felt before. Ron's emotions feel different because they're not mine. In a way...they taste like Ron."

"Taste like Ron?" Harry blinked and thought about it.

"Yes, they have a distinct feeling of Ron to them. As I'm sure my own emotions scream Draco. Actually, it's quite strange really. All my life I've been trained not to show my emotions. Then I look at Ron and he looks exactly how he feels, he is intensely emotional. I am no less so it's just internalized. Ron says that if he couldn't feel me, he'd never be able to interpret my moods. I'm not into the whole sharing thing." Draco shrugged and looked over at Harry.

"I noticed. It was probably half our problem in school. That and you were pretty nasty." Harry nudged him with his toes and winked.

"You weren't the nicest child ever." Draco shot back.

"I tried to be." Harry sniffed and glared.

"I know. At the time, I thought you were just a do goody prig, but now I see you were really trying. Sorry I was such a shit back then."

"You still are, but I don't think I'd have it any other way. You just wouldn't be Draco if you weren't."

"Why thank you. And you wouldn't be Harry if you weren't so goody goody either. But I suppose that I'm glad you are, or else we'd probably have killed each other the moment Ron left."

Harry nodded. "I wonder how he's doing. I hope his training is going well. He hasn't owled at all."

"He feels fine, excited...perhaps he'll be home soon." No sooner did the words come out of Draco's mouth than Ron was standing behind the couch, looking tired and happy.

"I'm home!" He announced as soon as he apparated into the living room.

Draco and Harry jumped up from the couch and rushed over. "Ron!" Harry cried practically throwing himself at Ron. Ron caught him and lifted him off the ground in a tight hug.

"Did you miss me?" Ron asked teasingly as Draco's arms slid around Ron's own waist.

"Of course we did." Harry replied, pressing light kisses to Ron's face.

"I'm glad to see you're both alive." Ron grinned, kissing Harry back as he set him on his feet. "And that you got along so well too." Ron turned to Draco knowingly, having felt the gentle waves of his emotions over the last month. He had to fight down quite a few urges to go jerk off in the shower as he often got strong waves of lust at the most inconvenient times.

"Yes, I'd say we got along quite well, wouldn't you Harry?" Draco pulled the dark haired young man into their hug.

"Yes, quite well. Ron, are you hungry? Should I fix an early dinner? Maybe you'd like a shower. How did your training go?"

Ron laughed at Harry's slew of questions. "Training went well. I'll tell you all about it over an early dinner after I take a shower. How's that?"

"Sounds good. I'll go get started then." Harry kissed Ron once more and went into the kitchen.

"I'll join you in the shower," Draco purred, nuzzling Ron's neck.

"That would be lovely." Ron sighed as he pulled Draco to their bedroom.

The two took their time in the shower and Harry was just setting out plates as they arrived wrapped in robes with mussed wet hair. Harry laughed at them and set out food, which Ron dug into like he'd been starved for a month. Harry and Draco ate more slowly as Ron moved to his second helping and began to slowly talk about his month of training.

"Then, wham, out of nowhere out pops this banshee and the guy next to me fainted and I had to take care of it all myself and drag his wet ass all the way back to camp." Ron said. Harry laughed at Ron's humorous stories while Draco seemed to listen intently to the actual details of the training.

"So," Ron finally said, pushing his empty plate back, "how was your month? Anything exciting happen?"

"It was pretty quiet without you." Harry said, standing to collect the dishes.

"Well, not completely." Draco said with a leer that set Harry's face on fire.

Ron chuckled. Harry ignored them both, putting the dishes in the sink. He looked at the freezer where he knew there was a carton of luxury chocolate ice cream. "Would you like dessert?" Harry asked.

Strong arms wrapped around his waist and somebody nibbled on his ear. "Yes, I'd like that very much." Ron purred, turning Harry in his arms and kissing him deeply.

"Ron!" Harry gasped as Ron released him from the kiss.

"What?" Ron grinned. "I haven't seen you for a month, I want you now. Let's take this to the bedroom, unless you want me to take you on the kitchen table."

Draco's eyes flashed as he looked over at the two. "The table...I like how that sounds."

"Do you now?"

"Yes. We can spread out our little dessert, don't you think it would be lovely?"

Ron licked his lips. "Now that you mention it." He purred again, pulling Harry towards the table.

Draco quickly cleared the table with his wand, sending everything over to the sink where the dishes began washing themselves. Meanwhile, Ron picked Harry up and settled him on the edge of the table. He quickly worked Harry's shirt off and threw it to the ground. Harry stared up at Ron as his red-haired lover practically tore his clothes from him, leaving him naked and perched on the edge of the table. Draco approached and Harry could see that he was carrying the ice cream from the freezer.

"You're not!" Harry choked as Ron nibbled on him.

"I am." Draco grinned as he opened the ice cream and dipped his hand in, pulling out a scoop that he set right in Harry's belly button.

Harry squeaked and shivered as the cold ice cream froze his skin. Ron grinned and leaned in to lick the ice cream away. "Tasty." He commented with a smirk.

"How about a second helping?" Draco offered, smearing another handful across Harry's chest. Harry's nipples hardened immediately and Ron licked away the creamy chocolate treat. Draco licked his fingers wickedly as he looked at Harry and Ron. "So good," he murmured, and he wasn't referring to the ice cream. Draco, his hand still sticky with chocolate ice cream, cupped Harry's cheek and tilted his face towards him. He claimed Harry's mouth fiercely, swallowing the moans Ron was bringing forth as he licked and nipped at Harry's squirming body.

Ron reached up for some ice cream and Harry gasped, crying out as it was dropped onto his lap. Ron smiled evilly as he moved in to lick the treat from Harry's erection. He mewled softly as he was engulfed in Ron's hot mouth, a contrast to the cold of seconds before. Draco began to lick the sticky smears off of Harry's cheek and Harry felt a little overwhelmed. He hardly noticed Ron spreading his legs further and using Draco's wand for a lubricating spell. Ron's sudden thrust into his body left him gasping.

"Are you okay?" Ron asked, leaning up to kiss him softly.

Harry nodded. "Yeah."

Ron bent over him more and Harry heard another lubricant spell before he felt Draco pushing into Ron. Harry groaned, lying back on his elbows to stare up. Draco's arms wrapped around Ron's tanned chest and his head rested on a freckled shoulder. Ron's arms rested on either side of Harry, one moving to curl on Harry's hip before Draco and Ron began thrusting together. The force of their combined thrusting was pushing Harry across the table. He reached up and grabbed Ron's arm, trying to hold himself in place as the firm thrusts pushed into him. His legs dangled uselessly over the edge of the table, shivering at the slide of Ron's hips over the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.

"Look at Harry," Draco whispered in Ron's ear. "Doesn't he make the perfect dessert? There's a smudge of chocolate on his lip, maybe you should take care of that." Draco nibbled on Ron's ear.

The redhead nodded numbly and leaned down to lick Harry's lips. Harry opened his mouth and pulled him into a kiss. A jolt went through them both as Draco took advantage of Ron's spread position for a deeper thrust, pushing him into Harry. They panted together and Harry wrapped his arms around Ron's shoulders, keeping their mouths pressed close together. Draco took a firm hold of Ron's hips and began to thrust a little faster, pulling various moans of pleasure from his partners. Ron came first; a deep thrust from Draco, coupled with a spasm that wracked through Harry took him over the edge. Harry and Draco weren't far behind and soon they were all mashed together on the table in various states of lethargy.

Draco muttered a cleaning spell and slid out of Ron, pulling the redhead along. Harry wasn't too sure what had hit him and lay boneless and contented on the table. Ron was leaning against Draco, his eyes already beginning to close in sleep. "C'mon," Draco murmured, taking Harry's hand and pulling him up. "Let's get to bed before Ron falls asleep standing up." Harry nodded wordlessly and walked down the hall with his lovers, mind still fogged with pleasure and happiness. That night they both got to snuggle Ron.

"Harry Potter!"

"Harry Potter, what have you been up to?"

"What?" Harry looked at all the people crowding around the door of his flat and stared blankly. Cameras flashed in his face and people had little tape recorders and magic quills out.

"It's been six month since the demise of Voldemort, what have you done in that time?"

"Has your magic returned yet?"

"Is there a Mrs. Potter?"

Harry stared. Suddenly his elbow was grabbed and Harry turned. Draco was standing beside him looking as cool as ever. "He has no comments." Draco said as he pulled Harry towards the door.

"Draco Malfoy!"

"Draco! Answer some questions for us."

"Harry! Draco!"

Draco dragged Harry into the apartment and slammed the door, warding it against anyone who might try to get inside.

"What was that all about?" Harry asked breathlessly.

"We finally defeated Voldemort six months ago. It appears they're looking to catch up with their heroes." Draco shrugged in annoyance.

"I don't want to talk to them." Harry said, staring at the door. "I have nothing to tell."

"Harry, Harry, Harry, still underestimating yourself?" Ron asked, walking in from the kitchen munching on a candy bar.

"Did you go through them already?" Harry asked as he began to walk towards the living room.

"Nope, I apparated. Draco was the one that waded through them first." Ron plopped on the couch next to Harry. Draco sat at the other end.

"What did you tell them?"

"I haven't told them anything yet. I wanted to discuss it before we all give interviews or whatever they want." That was Draco for you, always planning ahead like that, so politically minded.

"I figure, we tell them about our jobs, how we're mates and such." Ron shrugged nibbling on his chocolate.

"They asked Harry if there was a Mrs. Potter." Draco chuckled. "What do you think we answer relationship-wise?"

Harry and Ron were both silent. Harry's head was spinning. He really didn't want to answer any questions. He just wanted everything to be quiet and normal, or as normal as things could be in their lives.

"The wizarding world is open minded and stuff, but I don't think they'd understand." Ron finally said.

"I agree, perhaps it's best if we just keep quiet about that part."

"And if they press?" Harry asked.

"Tell them you're dating or involved, but don't say who. It's best that way I think." Draco shrugged, stealing a large bite out of Ron's chocolate.

Harry switched his attention to the candy bar in Ron's hand. "Hey! That's my Crunchie!" He protested.

"We were out of chocolate frogs." Ron shrugged.

"Ron!" Harry whined as Ron took the last bite.

Ron turned to Harry and pulled him in. He pressed the last bite of the candy into Harry's mouth. Harry sucked on the candy and Ron's tongue with a soft moan. Draco grinned as he watched them. Ron's hand ran up into Harry's shirt but a knock on the door interrupted. Ron groaned.

"They're not going to quit until we talk to them, are they?"

"Probably not." Draco said, flopping back.

"I guess I'm ready then." Ron shrugged, sitting back and caressing Harry's arm.

"I suppose I'll talk to them now as well." Draco frowned, getting off the couch.

"I don't want to talk to them." Harry said, sitting up.

"Harry, they won't leave us alone if you don't." Ron protested.

"I don't care! I don't want to talk to them." Harry hopped up and moved down the hall to the small single bedroom that they didn't use. It had a few Quidditch posters on the wall and shelves of Harry's novels but wasn't really used for anything more than that. Harry's old wand was in a little case on one of the bookshelves. He locked himself in the room and threw himself on the little bed clutching the pillow tightly. Things had just settled into normal, he didn't want to go back to being a curiosity to poke and prod and stare at. All he wanted was to be happy with Ron and Draco, was that so much to ask?

Ron looked after him and frowned. Draco wrapped an arm around Ron's shoulder. "Leave him for now. We'll talk to them and deal with Harry after. He'll do what he needs to do."

Ron nodded as they went out to talk to the various reporters and pose for pictures. It was almost an hour later when they'd managed to escape, but still the reporters were demanding Harry. Ron let himself into the small bedroom down the hall and found Harry curled up asleep on the bed. He sighed and climbed into the bed, curling around Harry. He pulled up a blanket deciding that answering questions could wait. Harry wasn't used to publicity and had never cared for it in the least. He knew that Harry didn't want to do interviews and get dragged back into the spotlight, but in order to get rid of the reporters he'd have to eventually.

A week later Harry was still avoiding the reporters and Draco had developed a twitch in his eye. His first round of exams was coming up and revising for them was nearly impossible with people knocking on their door at all hours of day and night. They were all loosing sleep and tensions were very high in the apartment. Finally Draco snapped. He and Harry were alone at home. Harry was watching television with the volume turned almost all the way up to drown out the people at their door, while Draco was staring at one of his texts, not reading a single word. He stood up, pushing his chair over as he marched into the living room.

"HARRY! If you don't talk to those damned reporters, I'm locking you out of the house with them! I need to study and I can't do it in my own house! Get rid of them or you can sleep on the doorstep with them!" With that said, he summoned some of his books and apparated out of the house, fuming.

Harry stared at the place where Draco had been. He sighed heavily and turned off the television. It was time to make a call. An hour later Colin Creevey was pushing his way through the other reporters to get to Harry's front door.

"Sorry chaps." The young man grinned. "I've got an exclusive with Harry. You'll just have to wait to read it in the Prophet." He grinned as the others groaned in disappointment.

Soon the other reporters had cleared out and Harry had invited Colin into the apartment. "Great to see you again Harry! How are you?" Colin asked as he looked around.

Harry sighed. "I've been better. Those people have been camped out on my doorstep for at least a week, they stalk me to work, and they hide around corners and jump out to scare me. It's awful!"

"Well, they should leave you alone now. Do you wanna start the interview? Or we can take a few pictures first. You rule here Harry, just tell me what you want."

Harry opened his mouth to reply when his cell phone started ringing. "Hold on." He went into the kitchen where his phone sat on the table. He picked it up and opened the small silver flip phone, a gift from Draco. "Hello?" He frowned. "How'd you get this number? Didn't I tell you to leave me alone? No! Stop following me. Don't call me here again. I'm warning you." He quickly closed the small phone and practically threw it back on the table. How dare that creep call him!

He turned to leave and the phone rang again. Harry snatched the phone and pulled it to his ear. "Didn't I just tell you to leave me alone?!"


"Oh...Ron. I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else."

"Well, that's kind of what I called about. Draco and I are going to be staying at the Burrow until you get rid of those reporters. So just ring us when you get it over with."

"But Ron."

"Please Harry, just do this. Talk to you later. Bye."

Harry stared at the phone. He quietly closed it and stared down at the table.

"Everything all right in there Harry?" Colin called.

"Yes, yes, everything's fine." Harry lied, turning the phone off as he set it on the table. Harry walked back out and Colin frowned.

"We can do some pictures first if you prefer. Then we can talk afterwards."

"That's fine. But I don't want wizarding photos Colin."

"Oh good. I brought some black and white with me. I wanted to try it out. You don't mind if I experiment on you Harry do you? Just like old times eh?" Colin grinned as he held up his camera.

Harry offered him a small smile. "Yeah, just like old times."

"Ahh," Draco sighed as he stretched out on the couch. "This is how it should be, no noisy reporters, just nice peace and quiet." He picked up the book for his next exam. He loved Ron and all, but the Burrow wasn't much better than home. He'd returned hoping that Harry had taken care of the problem and he had. He sat back and wondered when Harry was going to get home. It was late, and Harry usually came home around five and fixed dinner. But then, with no one waiting at home, Harry had nothing to hurry back for. The thought made Draco a little guilty but he brushed it aside.

He had just started going through his Honors level Potions notes when a ruckus outside the door roused him from his thoughts. He groaned and looked up over the back of the couch. The door slammed open and three women he didn't know stumbled in with Harry between them. Draco's face grew red with anger.


Harry's head snapped up and he looked a little green.

"What is the meaning of this? I came back to study and not only do you come in making enough noise to raise Voldemort, but you bring in all these women. All that fame got to your head again?" Draco sneered.

Harry paled.

"You don't understand." One of the girls started.

"Nor do I want to. Leave." Draco stated flatly.


"Kelly, please, let's just leave." Harry said softly.

"But Harry!" The girl turned to Harry.

"No, let's go." Harry turned, the other girls supporting him, anxious expressions on their faces.

Kelly shot a glare at Draco as they quickly cleared out of the apartment, the door slamming behind him.

"Dammit all!" Draco growled, throwing his book on the ground. If he failed these exams, Harry was going to get an earful. What did he think he was doing? Fuming, Draco picked up his books again and apparated, intent on staying up all night in the university's library.

"Draco's really sorry Harry." Ron said softly, watching Harry's back move through the kitchen.

"I know." Harry said softly.

"He didn't mean what he said."

"I know."

"He feels awful."

"I know."

"Aren't you going to say anything other than that?" Ron demanded.

"Dinner's ready."

Ron groaned. He stuck his head into the living room and called for Draco. Draco, looking quite ashamed of himself, slunk into the kitchen and sat quietly at the table with his shoulders hunched. Ron sat beside him, patting the blonde's shoulder reassuringly. Harry quietly set out plates and then began to load the table with food. Ron stared at all the dishes that were set out on the table. Where had all that food come from? If he didn't know better he'd say that Harry had used magic.

"What's all this?" Ron finally asked, nearly drooling at the setup.

"It's a celebration." Harry said quietly, setting down the last dish.

"For what?"

"You and Draco have gotten through your first round of training and exams." Harry offered them a little smile as he began to dish out the food.

"I don't deserve this." Draco sighed, looking at the food and then at Harry who had yet to meet his eye since the incident two days ago. Come to find out it was only Harry's friends from work helping him home from a club when he'd gotten sick, but Draco had been annoyed and flew off the handle. He hadn't meant to snap and say terrible things it was a habit. He could tell that he'd really hurt Harry's feelings and he felt like a slime ball because of it.

"Of course you do. You made excellent marks." Harry offered up another smile as he passed a plate of vegetables over.

"Thank you." Draco said quietly, taking the offered plate.

"No bother. After this I have a surprise." Harry grinned to himself.

"Really? What kind?" Ron perked up.

"You'll just have to wait and see."

"Aww! Harry, give us a clue." Ron whined.

"Just wait, eat your vegetables." Harry pushed a dish towards Ron.

"Yes mum." Ron mumbled, taking some veggies from the dish.

Dinner was nice. Harry had cooked a lot of food and they enjoyed themselves immensely as he pulled out a bottle of wine and served them. Harry smiled a little more and Draco felt better as things around the table got less tense. As dinner ended, Ron offered to do the dishes, magically of course, and Draco put away the many leftovers. Harry disappeared into the bedroom to prepare his surprise.

"So what do you think his surprise is?" Ron asked Draco as they finished up their cleaning.

"I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see." Draco shrugged as he followed Ron down the hallway and into the bedroom.

The lights in the bedroom were off, but a few candles were lit around giving off enough light to show Harry on the bed naked.

"What's this all about?" Ron asked, moving towards the bed.

"I want you." Harry said quietly.

"Well, that's nothing new really. What's the surprise?"

"I want you both at the same time. I want you both in me together."

Ron stared, his jaw hanging loose in shock. He could feel himself harden already at the thought.

"But that's so much Harry. You're not ready for that." Draco said, looking at the pale skinned beauty on the bed.

"I-I've been practicing." Harry admitted with a blush. "I want you both. It's a...a gift, for putting up with me this past week."

"We should be thanking you for putting up with us." Draco sat down on the bed, reaching out to touch Harry's thigh.

Harry shook his head. "I want to do this. Do you want to?"

Ron nodded. "Hell yes! Draco?"

"If that's what Harry wants." Draco said, caressing Harry's skin, glowing in the candlelight.

"I do."

Ron and Draco quickly got rid of their clothes and climbed onto the bed with Harry. They all kissed and touched slowly, building up to what was to come. They found the large plug that Harry had nestled between his cheeks, holding him open. Harry sat between the two, moaning as lips roamed over his skin and fingers teased him and each other.

"Ah, no more." Harry sighed. "I want you now."

"Are you sure about this?" Draco asked, kissing Harry's shoulder.


"How should we go about this?" Ron wondered aloud.

Soon Ron and Draco were sitting opposite from each other, their legs tangled together and their cocks touching as Harry lubricated them liberally. He reached back and removed the plug that had been inside him and let it drop to the floor on the side of the bed. He moved to straddle their laps facing Ron and slowly began to glide down. Draco held Harry's ass, parting his cheeks wide to accommodate while Ron held their slippery cocks together, waiting for Harry to move onto them. Ron and Draco's cocks weren't the same length; Draco's being a bit longer while Ron's was a bit wider. Ron wondered what it would feel like for Harry, having them both buried inside of him.

Harry felt the head of Draco's cock nudging him and he let out a relaxing breath. This was going to hurt, but he wanted it so much. He wanted them both and this way he could have them. He easily took in the head of Draco's cock but then he encountered Ron's. Taking another breath and moving slowly, he began to slide over that one too. It did hurt and he slowed down, trying to hold himself above his lovers. Draco was helping to support him, but gravity was pulling him down. Keeping his pace slow he began to lower himself again, groaning softly as he felt himself stretching painfully, but there was also a shiver of pleasure as one of them brushed his prostate.

"Just take it slow Harry, we have all night." Draco murmured in his ear. Harry nodded silently as he concentrated on taking them both in.

"God Harry! You're so good." Ron moaned as he tried not to move, not wanting to hurt his lover. He knew how hard it must be to take both he and Draco. He wasn't going to move until Harry said it was all right.

After what seemed an eternity, Harry was sitting in their laps, his head leaning forward on Ron's shoulder, as he felt fit to burst. Draco was deep inside him while the added width of Ron's cock made him shiver. He felt so full, so whole.

"Does it hurt Harry?" Ron asked, fingers sliding through Harry's hair.

"No," Harry whispered. Ron brushed soft kisses over Harry's cheeks. Draco stroked Harry's legs and after a while Harry let out a sigh. "I want to move."

"We'll help you." Draco murmured, wrapping his hands around Harry's thighs. Ron's hands went to Harry's hips and slowly they lifted Harry up.

"Ah!" Harry's head feel back.

"Did we hurt you?" Ron asked anxiously, his hands tightening on Harry's hips.

"No...just feel you. So full." Harry moaned, his muscles clenching around both men.

Draco panted. "If you keep that up, we won't last long."

Harry tried not to clench around them again. He wanted it to last forever, enough for a lifetime and then some. "Oh, more." He sighed and moaned as they let him slide back down. "Yes."

Ron scrunched his eyes shut, the feeling of Harry so tight around him, and Draco's cock pressed closely to his was insanely pleasurable. He was afraid he'd pass out before he came. Draco was thinking much the same thing as they were both enveloped in Harry. He wanted nothing more than to pump Harry's lithe body on his cock, bringing himself off, but the slow torture was good too. Not to mention that he didn't want to hurt Harry more than they already had. He was still upset over his comments, but he hoped that he was forgiven. He leaned in and licked Harry's shoulder.

"Are you ready for more?" Draco asked, nipping at the pale skin.

"Yes." Harry hissed.

"Relax." Ron said. "We don't want to hurt you."

"Just go." Harry panted, trying to force himself down.

"We're going." They let Harry slide down before forcing him up and slowly they established a rhythm. Nothing too fast so as to injure Harry, but a good pace that drove them all mad with desire.

"I...can't take this!" Ron panted, his hips jerking up on their own accord. Harry moaned deep in his throat as he came without even being touched. The clenching of Harry's muscles was too much for the men inside him, almost immediately they both came hard, their seed flooding Harry with warmth. Harry melted back against Draco, his eyes closed.

"I think he blacked out." Draco murmured, arms wrapping around Harry's waist.

"I don't blame him, that was intense." Ron replied as he helped Draco lift Harry off of them. Draco laid Harry out on his stomach and moved down to check him for injuries or blood. Seed oozed from the stretched hole and Draco licked it up eagerly, enjoying the taste of Ron and himself combined with the strong flavor of Harry. He leaned up and kissed Ron, trading the taste with him before they both lay down and snuggled on either side of Harry.

"If this happens every time I take exams, I might never want to graduate." Draco murmured sleepily as he buried his nose in Harry's hair. He wrapped a leg around Harry's, his toes tickling Ron's leg.

"I wouldn't protest to that either, but right now I'm wiped." Ron yawned.

"Go to sleep Ron." Draco ran a hand over Ron's cheek.

"Yes, good night Draco."

"Good night Ron. Night Harry." Draco murmured as he fell asleep in the comfortable snuggle happy and looking forward to tomorrow.

Draco woke up to find Ron wrapped tightly around him, but Harry was nowhere in sight. He yawned and stretched figuring that Harry must have left for work. He unwound himself from Ron and showered quickly. Pulling on a shirt and boxers, he padded through the house. He smiled at the box of cereal and two bowls on the table. He poured a large bowl of Quidditch Crunch and got the milk, pouring it over his cereal. He and Ron had nothing to do that day. Maybe they could go and see Harry, possibly steal him from work early and catch a movie or something. They hadn't gotten to spend a lot of quality time with the reporters around.

Ron shuffled in scratching his messy wet hair. He muttered softly stealing the cereal and milk to pour himself a bowl.

"Morning." Draco greeted.

"Afternoon really. No Harry?"

"Nope, work." Draco shrugged. "I was thinking maybe we could swing by and pick him up early and do something."

"Sounds good. He works too much sometimes."

"Can't see him lying around at home all day. He might take up knitting or something."

"Oh yes, I can see it now. Harry Potter, the Househusband of Doom!" Ron shuddered at the very idea while Draco chuckled. They finished breakfast, setting their bowls by the sink and went to dress. Soon they were both walking down the street to the small travel agency where Harry worked. As they walked in the bell over the shop jingled and a girl hurried over.

"Hello. Did you have a destination in mind or did you just come for brochures?" She asked.

"Actually, we're here to see Harry." Ron replied.

The girl frowned. "I'm sorry."

"You're sorry what?" Another girl pushed forward and Draco recognized her as one from a few nights ago.

"Harry quit." She announced.

"He what?" Ron stared.

"Harry quit. I don't blame him, what with that creep stalking him and even going so far as to drug his drink, it's a wonder he stayed as long as he did."

"Wait. What? Stalking? Drugging? What happened! Where's Harry?" Ron demanded looking extremely worried.

"So he didn't tell you then? Can't say I blame him for choosing not to confide in you." She glared at Draco. "Come, sit down and I'll tell you. Just look like you're buying a package or my boss will be all over me."

She led them to a seat and took out a few brochures, spreading them out in front of the couple. "A few weeks back some guy came in looking for a vacation package, tried to pick up Harry to go with it, but of course Harry refused. Ever since then he's been following Harry around, right creep that one is. When we went to the club the other night, somehow he managed to slip something into Harry's drink. Poor thing, he was so lost, didn't know what was happening. You can guess what he wanted to use that drug for. We made him throw it up, stuck a finger down his throat and held him over the loo. Brought him home but then that one got in a right snit. He spent the night on my couch. Quit the next day, couldn't take that guy following him anymore. Haven't seen him since, poor Harry. Tell ‘im we miss him."

Ron stared at the girl in shock, nodding dumbly. "Thanks," he managed to croak, standing up and leaving the shop with Draco right behind him.

Draco felt like the biggest ass ever. He'd had no idea that someone had used a date rape drug on Harry. And he'd yelled at him! Said horrible things, meant to hurt him, knowing exactly how to and going for the kill. Merlin he felt like dirt.

"We have to go home." Ron said. "We've gotta find Harry." He grabbed Draco's hand and fairly dragged him back home. They couldn't get into the apartment fast enough.

"Harry? Harry?" Ron prowled through the house looking for Harry. "He's not here." Ron said, looking back at Draco, who looked like he was going to be sick. The emotions running off Draco were all sharp and bitter. Ron sighed. "Draco, don't blame yourself, you didn't know."

"But I should have dammit! I shouldn't have flown off the handle. Those girls were practically dragging him like a corpse and I had to make a stupid comment. You should have seen his eyes. God, I'm such a fucking prick." Draco covered his face with his hands.

"Draco." Ron started, but was cut off as Draco moved into the bedroom.

Draco sat down and looked around. He stopped. "Something isn't right." He stood up and looked around the room. He moved to the closet and opened it. "Ron..."

"What Draco?" Ron walked over.

"Ron! Harry's clothes! They're gone!"

"What do you mean they're gone?"

"They're not fucking here! All of them!" Draco began tearing open drawers. "Socks! Underwear! Shoes! It's all gone!"

"Oh no... oh no, no, no." Ron said, shaking his head. "That can't be right!" Ron ran from the room, feet pounding as he ran down the hall and into the extra bedroom. A small box lay on the bed, empty. "No!" He whispered hoarsely, moving forward and picking up the box. "No he can't be gone." Harry had stored his wand in a small case after the final battle. It was no longer in the box. "No, this isn't right. This is wrong." Ron babbled.

"Ron." Draco said, moving into the room.

"It's gone Draco. He took it. That means..." Ron stared down at the empty box in his hands. He felt like that box. "Merlin..."

Draco wrapped his arms around Ron's waist, feeling the redhead sag into him. "Harry wasn't forgiving me, he was saying goodbye!" Draco said his voice cracking.

"No, that's wrong. It's wrong. No." Ron moaned, burying his head in Draco's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Ron. I'm so sorry Ron. I didn't mean to do that. This is all my fault. I'm so sorry, Ron...Harry." Draco clenched Ron tightly, running a hand through his hair.

Ron dropped the box and sank to his knees, his face pressing to the cool floor. "No...Harry!"

Daily Prophet
Tea with Harry Potter
By Colin Creevey

Six months after the defeat of Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter has gotten on with his life. In the final battle he was injured and has lost his magical power. These days the former Boy Who Lived, now a man, lives in a London flat with roommates Ronald Weasley and Draco Malfoy, also veterans of the final battle. The three of them are the only ones known to have survived the deadly Avada Kedavra. Life these days is much more tranquil in the household with Draco attending London's upstanding Wizarding University and Ronald currently going through Auror training. Harry on the other hand has a normal job in the Muggle world working quietly in a travel agency helping people plan their holidays in the sun.

"I like working in travel," Harry explains. "I get to learn about far off places and help people take those dream vacations. It's a great job, and keeps me busy." When asked what his dream vacation would be he replied with a chuckle. "I want to go to Disney World. It's the most magical place on earth you know." He explained with a wink and more laughter.

Harry prepared tea with homemade biscuits as he explained a typical day in the life. "I generally wake up around six and fix breakfast for Ron and Draco, they'd never eat if I didn't, not morning people you know. I used to make breakfast at my relatives' house all the time and the habit never left I suppose. I walk to work and I'm there from seven to three barring lunch. I'll do errands after that, stopping at the grocery and then come home and do chores. Laundry mostly, three guys in a flat, I think Draco changes at least three times a day. I'll Hoover and dust, do whatever needs to be done and then start dinner. After dinner with Draco and Ron I'll clean up and they put things away. That's when I sit down and read. I read a lot of novels, historical, fantasy, fiction, but I think my favorite is Science Fiction. I know all about the magical world, so I like reading about something exciting and new."

His life these days is quiet, much at odds with his school lifestyle of near constant adventure and brushes with the Dark Lord. "I'm glad things have settled down. For the first eleven years of my life I was used to being quiet and overlooked, things were never exciting with the Dursleys. Hogwarts was a treat, but you can see how so much adventure would get old fast. I just needed time to rest, and now here it is. Nobody expects me to dash off and save the world and it suits me just fine."

As for other excitements in his life, Harry is quite content to go out with friends and catch a movie or go to a club to fit the bill. He gets along fine without his magic, still used to doing things by hand and getting his satisfaction from his work. "I do miss my magic," he says, "but then I look around at what I've still got and it's not so bad." When asked about someone special in his life he smiled wistfully. "There's someone special, but where it goes, that lies in the future. Never was a big fan of divinations anyway."

Plans for Harry's future are still just that, the future. He says that he's going to use his quiet time to figure out what he wants to do. Unsure if his powers will ever return Harry says he'll take it one day at a time. "Not so exciting anymore, but it'll do in a pinch." Harry says as he clears away the dishes washing them the Muggle way, elbow deep in sudsy water with a far off look in his eyes.

Draco read the article with a heavy heart. Just days before he'd told Harry to talk to the reporters or else. Harry had called in the Creevey boy that had been so enamored with him at Hogwarts and voluntarily given him an interview and pictures. It was the pictures that hurt the most. They were Muggle photos in black and white. One showed Harry sitting on the couch with his knees to his chest and his arms wrapped around them, staring sadly at the television screen. It was a good picture and despite its stillness, Draco could just imagine Harry rocking back and forth softly as if to comfort himself. The second picture showed the unused bedroom, Harry was gesturing to the box that held his unused wand and the shelves of his books that lined the walls. The last picture showed Harry at the sink washing dishes with a rag as he looked off into space. They were so wistful, they just screamed Harry and Draco had to admire Creevey's talent, even without motion the pictures were so candid that it hurt. Draco could just imagine when the pictures were taken, right after he left, right after Ron called. The expressions on Harry's face showed it clearly. God how he wished he could take it all back.

Ron sat quietly on the couch, staring intently at the television. Harry's show was on. He'd watched it almost religiously every night for the past few months. Draco sat beside him, idly thumbing threw a battered book. It was also one of Harry's. It seemed that now, with Harry gone, their missing lover consumed their lives. They'd not heard from him since that night six months ago. Just thinking about how perfect it was brought Ron to tears. Both he and Draco were much more subdued these days; even Draco's Veela libido seemed to be staved off by his depression over the loss of Harry. Over the months since Harry disappeared, their bond had faded. These days it was a mere trickle to the overwhelming waves it had been in the beginning. Ron had the strangest feeling that it might have something to do with Harry and his missing magic. All he could do was hope that Harry was well and fight off the dread that threatened to consume him.

They had searched desperately for Harry at first, but it appeared that he just didn't want to be found. He never wrote or called… nothing. He was just gone. At first, Draco and Ron's relationship had become strained as Draco blamed himself and Ron was sure that some of the fault lay on Draco's shoulders. Eventually Ron realized that Draco was all that he had left, and they clung to each other after that. But they still felt like a tricycle that had lost a wheel. The stability and ease of motion was gone. That and the apartment looked like two bachelors lived there. Even with their magic, the house stayed messy. Every once in a while a freshening charm was cast or a small cleaning spell, but without Harry, things failed to get done. The house just seemed to fall apart as did the men in it.

The phone rang and Ron turned to look at it. The first few months every time it rung either he or Draco leapt on it. It was never Harry. It was usually a friend checking in, someone else saying they hadn't seen Harry. They stopped pouncing a month ago. Slowly, Ron reached out and picked up the phone, his eyes glued to the screen of the television.

"Hullo?" he asked, a little sullenly. "Oh, hi Mum. How's home? You're not home? Where are you? Scotland? Aberdeen. Whatever for? School friend, I see." Ron nodded. Draco turned his attention back to the book in his lap. Ron zoned back out, staring at the television. He jerked a little and looked surprised. "What's that? I didn't hear what you said. You... WHAT?!" Ron yelled into the phone.

Draco looked up. "What? What is it Ron?" Draco's head spun at the crash of emotions that washed over him, the bond suddenly straining to convey Ron's emotions. Excitement, confusion, hurt, pain, love. What was going on?

Ron turned to Draco, the phone held limply in his hand. "She's found Harry."

"What? She did! Where? Is he all right? Ron? Ron!" Draco shook Ron's shoulders almost violently. He snatched the phone away from Ron when his lover didn't respond. "Hello? Mrs. Weasley! You found him? How is he? Please tell me!" Draco begged. He paused listening, his heart pounding in his chest. Harry had been found! Seconds later his heart was plummeting to his toes. "A coma? Complications... complications of what? Childbirth? Twins? A blonde and a redhead... boys. We're... we're fathers. Merlin! Ron! Did you hear that? Ron? Ron!" Draco looked down at his lover. Ron had fainted on the couch.

Ron and Draco stared at Harry's pale form on the bed. Mrs. Weasley sat next to a large bassinet with two small babies inside, one with red hair and one with blonde but both with startling green eyes. Ron and Draco turned as Mrs. O'Connell, Molly Weasley's Mediwitch friend from Hogwarts, carried in two folding chairs for them to sit on. They quietly thanked her and sat down next to the bed. Ron looked over to his mother and the babies she watched tenderly and asked the question that was weighing on both his and Draco's minds.

"What happened?"

The Mediwitch answered. "Harry came in to me about two months ago, by then he was four months pregnant and very ill You see, a normal male cannot bear children obviously, but magical males, that is another story completely. With enough magical energy a wizard can bear his lover's children, in this case that would be you two wouldn't it?"

Ron nodded in shock but Draco shook his head. "But, Harry lost his magic in the final battle. How can he have enough to bear children?"

"Well now, from what Molly tells me, the final battle had strange effects on the two of you, isn't that correct?"

They nodded. "Yes, we formed some kind of bond." Ron replied.

"Yes well, as I remember Harry Potter is the only known survivor of the Avada Kedavra curse, and suddenly you two also survive. Some green magic surrounded you and then you survive, but Harry here looses his magic."

Draco nodded slowly and looked up. "You mean the green light was Harry's magic?"

"That's my guess. It was Harry's magic that surrounded you in the final battle, the meeting of the magics somehow merged creating your bond. Harry never lost his magic; it just got tangled up elsewhere. But since he became pregnant, he needed his magic back, so the bond between you has faded, hasn't it?"

They nodded again, eyes widened and looking at Harry.

"It is only that magic that allowed the twins to be born healthy; his body was fighting the pregnancy, the reason for his coma. Even now his magic pulses through them, keeping them healthy, but he doesn't allow any for himself, so he's not waking up. And he won't take magic from Molly or me. I was hoping you boys would lend a hand. Seeing as you were...are...involved with him, he'd accept some of your magic and start healing properly."

"What if he doesn't accept our magic?" Ron asked, looking to Mrs. O'Connell.

"Then I'm afraid we might lose him."

"I'll do it. He can have my magic, all of it if he needs." Draco said passionately.

Mrs. O'Connell smiled. "Not all of it dear, just a little from each of you, enough to make him get better. Once he wakes he should be able to control his own magic again."

"We'll help." Ron said. "Just tell us how to help. We just want Harry back."

"You just have to sit there dears. Don't fight me when you feel your magic being pulled, that'll just be me. It's a bit like giving blood, you might feel lightheaded and we'll feed you some tea and biscuits, so don't try moving about till I tell you."

"Yes ma'am."

"All right now. Just relax and we'll give it a go."

Harry let out a soft sigh. He shifted and slowly his eyes fluttered open. He couldn't see much without his glasses, but he did see some various blurs of red, tan and silvery white. He closed his eyes again and just drifted for a little while, letting the noises in the room drift over him. There was a gentle humming that sounded fairly familiar, along with suckling noises. Someone walked in with a tray and set it down right near the bed he was resting on. He let his eyes open again. Another blur of red was over him. Hands descended and the world came into focus as his glasses were settled gently on his face.

"Better, Harry love?" Mrs. Weasley asked with a smile.

"Yes thank you." Harry sighed, wondering why his voice was so gravely.

Two people moved around Mrs. Weasley and Harry's eyes widened. Draco and Ron stood on either side of Mrs. Weasley both with small babies in their arms. Draco held a tiny redhead while Ron cradled a small blonde. Both men were smiling happily.

"It's about time you woke up Harry." Ron said, lifting the baby in his arms onto his shoulder to be burped.

Harry simply stared at everybody in shock. Questions whizzed through his head as fast as any golden snitch. Mrs. Weasley reached out and patted his cheek. "I know you have questions, but I think you should eat first before we start answering." She picked up her tray and waited for him to sit up before she placed it over his lap. Harry stared down at the tray over his lap, completely frozen. Eat? How could he eat? He could barely move!

A pale hand picked up a piece of toast and brought it up to Harry's lips. "Eat Harry, we'll talk after." Draco said quietly.

"Don't worry," Ron added, sitting at Harry's feet. "We're not mad at you."

"We could never be mad at you." Draco finished as Harry's mouth slowly opened and Draco fed him the toast.

Harry choked down the toast as tears gathered in his eyes. "I-I'm sorry!" He sobbed.

"Oh no, no, no!" Mrs. Weasley said as she whipped away the tray.

Draco sat down beside Harry and gave him a one armed hug. "Don't apologize Harry. It was my fault I was a bastard. I shouldn't have said the things I said. Please don't cry. We'll make it better, you'll see."

"Mum, can you take the twins? We need to speak to Harry." Ron said softly, offering Mrs. Weasley the baby he carried. She nodded and collected them both, scooting out of the room and closing the door behind her. "Harry..." Ron crawled up the bed, taking Harry in his arms. "Don't cry, there there." He pressed Harry's face in his shoulder, petting his hair as Harry sobbed.

Draco, feeling awful, wrapped his arms around his lovers, whispering apologies and holding back emotions that were screaming for release. "I'm sorry Harry. I'm sorry for everything. Please don't punish Ron and the twins for my behavior." Draco swallowed hard. He'd been thinking on the subject and come to a decision. "They-" His voice cracked. He coughed and tried again. "They need a father. If you want...I can leave, you and Ron can raise them up right."

Ron stared at Draco and Harry stiffened in their arms.

"Draco?" Ron's mouth was dry.

"I thought about it Ron! I thought so hard! I was the one that made Harry go away! If I'm the problem, I can leave. You two can be happy and raise the babies, no more big bad Malfoy in your lives." Draco said pulling back.

"You idiot." Harry croaked.

"What?" Draco blinked.

"Stupid git." Harry cried, looking up at Draco. "You're just going to leave us?"

"I don't want to!" Draco protested.

"But you are."

"It's for the best." Draco sighed.

"My ass!" Ron cried, glaring at the blonde. "Harry got upset in the first place because he thought you didn't want him! What does leaving prove? Think about it you nitwit!"

Draco stared at them, Ron cradling Harry tightly. He turned it over in his mind and slowly paled. "Oh no! Harry's that's not it! It's not that I don't want you. I do!" He saw the hurt expression in those sparkling green eyes, just like when he insulted Harry all those months ago. "Oh Merlin, I'm screwing this up!"

"You can say that again, Draco." Ron frowned, stroking Harry's hair.

"It's not that I don't care Harry! It's because I do that I think I should do this." Harry looked at him skeptically. "'s because...because I love you. I don't want to hurt you again, ever." He reached out and wiped some tears from Harry's cheek. More silvery tears began to pour from Harry's eyes. Draco cursed himself. "I'm sorry!" He quickly turned away, moving to get off the bed.

"Draco!" Harry's body impacted with his, arms wrapping tightly around his shoulders. "Draco don't leave me." Harry's voice was small and desperate.

"Draco, you git." Ron sighed, his voice sounding annoyed and hurt. "You can't leave us now. Don't be a prick."

"I..." Draco started, at a loss for words.

"Stay." Harry's voice whispered in his ear. "Please. Stay with us please."

Draco's heart lurched; he didn't mean to make them beg. "Merlin!" He twisted, scooping Harry into his arms. "I'm sorry." Another arm wrapped around Ron's waist dragging both lovers in close. "I'm sorry, I'm a prat! I'm an idiot. I'm sorry."

Sniffling, Ron cuffed Draco lightly on the head. "Stop apologizing already. It's getting annoying and it doesn't become you. What happened to that hard-assed, proud, snobby Slytherin?"

"He's on vacation. All you get is me, some stupid blubbering confused git."

"I'll take what I can get." Harry said softly looking up at Draco. "Just don't leave me."

"Never. I promise, I'll never be so stupid again." He leaned in and kissed Harry gently.

"You'd better not, or I'll set my brothers on you." Ron warned. Draco imagined a curse breaker, a dragon tamer, a ministry official, and two notorious pranksters who also happened to be former Quidditch beaters bearing down on him in a haze of red fury.

Harry laughed softly at the expression on Draco's face and they all started laughing hysterically. Their laughter dissolved into another round of tears that were soon kissed away by eager lips. Afterwards, Draco and Ron doted over Harry, insisting on stuffing as much food into him as they could.

"No more." Harry waved them away. "I'm tired." He yawned, but snapped his mouth shut, refusing to take another spoonful of soup.

"Harry, you need to eat, you've been sick."

"I know, but if I eat any more I'll explode, then where will I be?"

"All over the ceiling." Draco replied with a little smile, drawing one from Harry as well.

"All right." Ron set the nearly empty bowl back on the tray and snuggled next to Harry while Draco sat on the other side, sandwiching Harry between them.

"How long have you been here?" Harry asked, running his hands through Ron's red hair.

"Two days." Ron replied letting his fingers slide over Harry's stomach which was still a little on the plump side from the twins.

"So you've seen the twins?"

"Yeah, Mum's been making us change their nappies and teaching us all about babies and feeding and burping."

"Handy knowledge for a Weasley." Draco said with a smirk twitching at his lips.

"Shove off." Ron snorted, glaring at Draco.

Harry giggled. "Do you have ideas for names? I didn't have a chance." He said quietly.

"Actually, we did think on that. We think we've come up with a few." Draco admitted.

"Tell me then," Harry urged.

"We were thinking about Rory and Duncan."

"Rory and Duncan," Harry repeated, rolling the names over on his tongue. He looked thoughtful. After a while he nodded. "I like them. Which one will be which though?"

"Rory for the redhead." Draco grinned.

"And Duncan for the blonde." Ron smiled. "You know Harry, they both have your eyes, so green."

"They ought to have some of me, I carried them around for all those months and all you do is give them their names." Ron and Draco looked sheepish. "I didn't get so much as a single good rub for my ankles. You lot will have some making up to do."


"We'll wait on you hand and foot if we need to."

"And take care of the twins."

"And cater to your whims."

"And shut up and let me nap?" Harry looked at them.

"Even that love." Ron grinned, kissing Harry's forehead.

"Good," Harry arranged himself under the covers. Ron and Draco snuggled up to his sides and they settled down for a well-deserved rest.

"Un," Draco groaned as he rolled over. The twins were crying and it was his night to be on watch. Harry stirred. "My turn Harry, stay with Ron." Draco whispered caressing Harry's cheek. Harry nodded sleepily and curled back into Ron as Draco got out of bed and padded to the nursery, formerly the unused room of their flat. He flipped on the lights and approached the crib. Rory was wriggling around and crying. Duncan's cries were softer but he was just as displeased as his brother. "Hush now, Papa's here." Draco murmured taking them up, one in each arm. They had decided early on who would be known by what title. Draco was Papa, Ron was Daddy and Harry was Mommy. It was an unavoidable term considering that Harry carried and gave birth to the twins as well as being a notorious househusband. Harry didn't seem to mind, aside from the occasional teasing from himself and Ron, Harry was quite pleased with himself and the twins.

Draco sat down in the large rocking chair they had beside the crib. He summoned two warmed bottles and used a little magic to hold them aloft while the twins fed. He hummed softly, having read in one of their books that they liked the sound. He finished feeding and then did a diaper check. He changed Rory's diaper and put both twins down. The magical mobile with Quidditch brooms, bludgers, quaffles and snitches whizzing around started chiming softly as he tapped the small glittering snitch. Duncan waved at them curiously for a while before drifting to sleep. Rory watched Draco closely. Draco smiled and rubbed his son's stomach until his eyes drifted shut, then he snuck out of the room.

He walked back into the bedroom where Ron and Harry were still curled comfortably together. He slid into bed sighing as Harry's arms snaked around his waist. No sooner had he closed his eyes than he heard the beginnings of a good long cry. With a groan he got back up and made his way to the nursery. Both boys were crying as he carefully collected them into his arms. It looked to be a long night. He sat down in the rocker and began to rock, singing softly and hoping that they'd calm down soon.

He didn't even know that he'd fallen asleep until he was awoken by a soft clicking noise. He opened his eyes to see Ron standing in front of him with their camera clicking away.

"What are you doing?" He whispered.

"Taking your picture of course. Papa and his sons are so cute." Ron grinned and snapped a few more photos before relieving Draco of Duncan.

Draco winced; both of his arms had fallen asleep while he cradled the twins all night, his instincts not letting them fall. His neck protested to the position he'd slept in and his stomach was grumbling at him. Draco stood and moved to place Rory in the crib. Ron put his brother beside him and moved behind Draco, putting strong hands on his neck and beginning to knead gently. Draco groaned quietly as some of the tension faded away.

"Harry made breakfast." Ron said leaning in to nip at Draco's ear.

"Why am I not surprised?" Draco asked, leaning back into Ron's hands.

"Because Harry always makes breakfast."

Draco grinned. It was true Harry did always make breakfast. Even though he set his lovers to do many of the other household chores the muggle way, Harry still insisted on sending them off with a good meal. Even with Harry's magic now restored he insisted on doing simple things the muggle way as in his absence, even with magic not many things had gotten done. "What did he make?"

"Eggs, toast, beans, and tomatoes. Good stuff. Come on, you need your strength."

"Yes, these two are a handful. So are you two for that matter." Draco grinned as they left the nursery.

"Like fathers like sons." Ron grinned.

"Good morning." Harry said looking up from his book as they walked into the kitchen.

"Morning Harry." Draco moved over to him, kissing his bent head before sitting at the table where a full plate was waiting for him.

"Slept in the chair again?" Harry asked, looking up.

"Yeah," Draco nodded as he set about inhaling his breakfast, all of his years of manners deserting him in the face of his hunger.

"Next time I'll send Ron for you." Harry smiled.

"Thanks." Draco smiled as Ron muttered. "Any plans for the day?"

"Mum is coming over." Harry said, referring to Mrs. Weasley who insisted that since they were all part of the family that they call her Mum. "And you?"

"I have a few errands to run, I'll be back around five."

"Okay, don't eat, I think Mum wants to make dinner." Ron said.

"Yes, she mentioned that she wanted to cook." Harry nodded.

"All right, I'll abstain from greasy chips and burgers." Draco agreed as he stood up, bringing his dishes to the sink and washing them out, a new habit instilled in him by Harry. He hugged Harry from behind, kissing his cheek then moved on to Ron. "I'll be back in time for Mum's cooking." Draco assured them as went back to the bedroom and dressed. He'd barely left the apartment before Mrs. Weasley popped into the living room.

"Hello dears!" She called swooping down into the kitchen and enveloping Harry and Ron in hug.

"Hello Mum." They chimed together smiling at the spunky woman.

"Now were are my grandbabies?" She demanded.

"They're down for now, but they should be waking up hungry soon, you can help us feed them." Ron smiled.

"Well of course!"

They sat around and chatted about the goings-on at the Burrow and Ron's brothers and sister. They took out the twins to lay on the floor of the living room as they talked and fed them later when they got hungry. Mrs. Weasley was in her element with the children and the beginnings of a grand dinner. Harry walked in with Duncan to see what she was making for dinner. She looked up and frowned.

"Harry dear, do you have any ginger?"

"We should, a small piece in the cupboard next to the spice bottles."

"I've already looked and I can't find it, but I need it for this cake." She pointed to a bowl of batter.

Harry walked over to the cabinet and searched around. He frowned also, he never misplaced anything in his kitchen, where could the ginger have gone?

"Could you and Ron nip over to the grocery and pick up a bit, the cake can't be finished without it, whole and fresh if you please."

Harry nodded. "I can do that by myself."

"Please take Ron with you; he's hovering again just waiting to get his fingers in my batter." Mrs. Weasley pointed her spoon to the doorway where Ron was indeed hovering, leaning against the doorjamb with his arms crossed and eyeing the bowl of batter.

Harry chuckled. "Yes, I'll bring him along. I'll leave the twins with you so it'll be quick."

"You do that; I'll keep an eye on my darlings." Mrs. Weasley beamed. She loved doting over her grandchildren.

"C'mon Ron." Harry said grabbing Ron's arm as he passed through into the living room, setting Duncan down next to Rory who was dozing quietly on his blanket. Petting his son's blonde hair he stood up and dragged Ron to the door where they pulled on shoes and jackets.

"Where're we off to again?" Ron asked as they left the apartment.

"The store. It seems that my ginger has gone missing and Mum is making one of her ginger cakes."

"Gotta love Mum's ginger cake." Ron grinned as they strolled down to the corner market.

Harry nodded as they wandered through the produce section. Harry stopped and picked out a few nice looking pieces of ginger, refreshing his missing stock. He looked around only to find Ron gone. With a sigh he walked through the aisles. There were two possible aisles to find Ron on, either the biscuit aisle or looking at the crisps. Sure enough, Ron was looking at the crisps and holding a pink bag in his hand.

"Ron." Harry said, causing the redhead to jump and look at him guiltily.

"What? I just wanted to pick up some crisps, prawn yeah?" Ron held up the bag.

Harry shook his head. "Those are awful, they make your breath smell of fish." He wrinkled his nose.

"Like your cheese and onion?" Ron held up an orange bag and Harry caved. "All right all right, we'll get them, but you brush your teeth before you kiss me with that mouth."

"Yes Harry," Ron grinned taking both bags of crisps up to the register along with the ginger. Harry snagged a can of Tango and Ron looked at him as he put it on the counter.

"We don't want out breath smelling of crisps or Mum will be all over us."

"True." They paid and walked out of the store, each pulling open their crisps and eating them. They passed the drink back and forth before getting rid of the evidence in a trash bin nearby. Ron took up Harry's hand as they walked back to the flat. They walked in and Harry was surprised to find Sirius, Remus and Snape in his living room.

"Hi Harry!" Sirius waved.

"Hi, what are you doing here?" Harry gave the ginger to Ron and moved out into the living room to greet his guests.

"Just visiting," Sirius said with a grin, standing up to hug Harry. Harry's eyes were drawn to the bulge in Sirius' stomach.

"Sirius!" Harry hugged his godfather, hands going to the round stomach. "You're…!"

"Yes Potter, state the obvious." Snape commented from where he sat on the couch next to Remus amazingly cradling Rory in his arms. Remus clucked and shook his head at Snape as he cooed over Rory.

"Yes Harry, I'm pregnant." Sirius said drawing his attention away from the trio on the couch. "Five months along. Expecting triplets if you can believe that."

"What… what?" Harry stuttered.

"Oh surely you know how it happens, having two of your own." Snape said again, passing the redheaded infant to Remus.

"Now, now Severus, none of that." Remus chided, putting a hand on Snape's thigh.

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten those crisps," Harry muttered, "I'm hallucinating now."

"I'm home." Draco announced, walking in the door with a Disney Store bag in his hands. "Ah good, you're here."

Harry looked up. "You knew they were coming?"

"Of course, I invited them."

"What for? Why didn't you tell me?"

"It was a surprise, they're coming over for practice." Draco shed his jacket and walked into the living room, bag in hand.

"Practice for what?"

"For caring for babies. They're expecting soon, I'm going to give them lessons with the twins." Mrs. Weasley came out carrying Duncan, Ron right behind her.

"They're expecting... all three of them?" Harry turned to his godfather, his godfather's mate and Snape.

"No, Sirius is the only one carrying, but they are ours." Remus beamed proudly.

"Ours? Yours and Snape's?" Harry said feeling confused.

"Ten points to Gryffindor." Snape said dryly.

Harry's eyes flew to Draco. "Merlin's beard! Draco you were right!" Harry exclaimed.

"Of course I was." Draco said smugly.

Harry rounded on Sirius. "And just when were you planning on telling me?"

"When the timing was right... um... surprise?"

Remus laughed at Harry's bewildered expression and an almost smile twitched at Snape's lips. Ron was stifling laughter while Mrs. Weasley grinned at them all.

"Well now Draco, why don't you show us what you got?" She said, turning to the blonde.

Draco grinned. "Of course."

Harry looked wary. Draco's smile just spelled no good. "What are you up to?"

"Me? Up to something? I think you're paranoid." Draco smiled, approaching with his bag.

Ron's arms slid around Harry's waist from behind. Harry looked around the room, why was everyone grinning at him? Even Snape looked like a cat that had gotten into the cream. "What's going on here?"

"I got you a present Harry." Draco said pulling a bunch of paper out of his bag. "Here, take it." Draco placed the bundle in Harry's hands. One of Ron's hands moved to help Harry unwrap the paper revealing a small snow globe with Cinderella's castle inside.

Harry looked up at Draco, eyes wide. "Draco?"

Draco grinned. He took Ron and Harry's hands. "Happy Anniversary," he said pressing their hands against the snow globe and they disappeared.

The End!

Wow, that was long. I got teased so badly for the length of my one-shot, but finally it is completed! Yay! Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed the fic and would love to hear from you. Feedback is magic don't ya know ^_^