Flesh of His Flesh
Chapter Nine: Belonging

Inuyasha sat in the small courtyard fountain with Kuniku in his lap while Sesshomaru carefully scrubbed the blood from his brother's white hair. The elder demon wanted to rid his brother of all traces of Naraku's stench. He wanted to erase the evidence of the precious life-blood the other demon had stolen from his mate. He wished to eradicate the other demon all together, but for now he contented himself with eliminating Naraku's scent from his brother's long hair.

Inuyasha had similar thoughts as he cleaned their son. He gently ran a soapy cloth over Kuniku's body, cleaning away all traces of their ordeal. Kuniku had thankfully been unhurt in Naraku's attack, but he did carry the scent of the other demon. Inuyasha carefully scrubbed the demon's evil away from his child. Kuniku giggled and splashed his feet as Inuyasha tickled his tummy. Inuyasha smiled, grateful that the baby seemed unaffected by the terrible incident.

Momentarily distracted by his thoughts, Inuyasha stopped cleaning the baby. Kuniku burbled at him and grabbed Inuyasha's finger, trapping it tightly in his small fist. Inuyasha smiled at his son and wiggled his finger. Kuniku gurgled happily and tugged at the finger, bringing it to his mouth. He sucked on the digit, occasionally scraping his tiny needle sharp fangs across it. Inuyasha gently petted his hair and closed his eyes, thankful that they had managed to get his son back.

"Tilt your head back," Sesshomaru instructed. As Inuyasha looked up, Sesshomaru shielded his brother's face from the water he poured over his head. Pink suds were washed out of Inuyasha's hair. Sesshomaru ran his fingers through his brother's hair, making sure all traces of blood were rinsed away. Once he was satisfied, he let his hand slide down Inuyasha's back. Inuyasha glanced back at him. "I'm finished." Sesshomaru explained.

The half-demon nodded as he stood up and handed his son over to his brother. "Thank you."

Sesshomaru took the baby and wrapped him carefully in a towel as Inuyasha pulled on a clean robe. Sesshomaru wound an arm around his brother's waist, pulling him close. He was feeling very protective of his mate and child after the attack. He hadn't left their side since the previous night and he didn't plan to do so any time soon. It was uncertain whether or not Naraku would try to attack again so soon, but Sesshomaru was taking no chances. Before, he had counted on his reputation to keep intruders away, but now he set up guards. Sango, Miroku and Kagome had volunteered to patrol the area to make sure that nothing suspicious was happening. Jaken, Shippo and Rin were keeping an eye on Kohaku. That was the theory at least. Somehow, Rin had roped her new friends into a highly elaborate tea ceremony that she'd made up. That left Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to sit with their son for some quiet family time.

Sesshomaru led Inuyasha to a quiet shaded section of the garden. They sat on the grass beneath a large cherry tree. Kuniku was settled in Inuyasha's lap once more while Sesshomaru sat behind Inuyasha and produced a comb from his sleeve. Gathering Inuyasha's wet hair, he began to comb it out. Occasionally, a bird sang out from somewhere in the garden and Kuniku would trill out in response. Inuyasha smiled and petted his son's tail, running his fingers through the damp fur until it was fluffy once more. Kuniku snuggled down into his father's lap and drifted to sleep.

Sesshomaru's hand slowed in Inuyasha's hair. He set aside the comb and shifted his position. He moved up, settling Inuyasha securely between his legs. He collected his brother's damp hair and set it over Inuyasha's shoulder. Slowly, his lips descended onto the patch of pale skin he'd uncovered. Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around Inuyasha's waist and settled one hand on his son's back, feeling the gentle rise and fall of his breaths. Inuyasha began to lean back into his brother's embrace, snuggling into the strong frame. Sesshomaru kissed his neck again, suckling lightly at the damp skin. After a moment, he gently bit down, pressing his teeth into the skin just enough to leave an impression without breaking through the soft tissue.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Inuyasha demanded, turning his head to glare at his brother.

"Reminding you that you're mine." Sesshomaru whispered, his tongue lapping at the small indentions he'd made in Inuyasha's flesh.

"Does that make you mine then?" Inuyasha challenged. His golden eyes flicked over his brother's face, then down to the hand resting on his flat stomach.

"We are mates now. Neither requires another. You can say, where you are mine, I am also yours." Sesshomaru said, studying his brother's face.

Inuyasha pulled Sesshomaru's hand from his stomach. Looking up at his brother, he laced their fingers together. "Good." He squeezed his hand tightly as he leaned back into his brother's embrace.

Sesshomaru smiled lightly as he rested his head on his mate's shoulder, nuzzling him. Inuyasha sighed contentedly as they silently watched the rest of the day go by.

Note: Sorry for the short chapter length. I was just giving everybody a breather after the previous drama.