Flesh of His Flesh
Chapter Fifteen: Fools

Inuyasha twitched as something tickled his foot. He curled his toes, trying to escape the annoying sensation. It only continued, but rather than tickle, it began to hurt as the pressure increased. He moaned as he tugged at his foot, but it wasn't moving. The thing pressing on his foot pressed harder until it broke the skin and dug into the tender flesh. Inuyasha's eyes flew open as he yelped in pain.

"Good morning Inuyasha."

A shadow at the foot of the bed shifted and moved into the weak lantern light. The object in Inuyasha's foot retreated. He squinted into the gloom, just able to make out the serpentine appendage climb up towards the head of the shadow. It shifted and he was able to see Naraku's face grinning down at him as he licked a drop of blood from one of his tentacles.

"Naraku!" Inuyasha spat, attempting to lunge for the demon. It was only then that he realized that he'd been chained down to the floor.

"Inuyasha. Your blood is so sweet. I wonder if that is the human blood in you." Naraku's tentacle stretched out towards his wounded foot. Inuyasha tried to move away, but was kept immobile by the chains on his arms and legs. He winced as the tentacle scraped up the sole of his foot and dipped back into the wound it had inflicted. It lifted away again, delivering more of his blood to Naraku's tongue. "Delicious."

Inuyasha didn't have time to be disgusted by the display as he turned his head frantically. "Where is Kuniku?" He strained against he chains, growling as they refused to give.

"Relax." Naraku's tentacle pushed him down. "I left him in your brother's care. As lovely as your child is, I've lost interest in him. At first, I thought that stealing your son would be enough. He has a powerful aura about him. I have since changed my mind. I do not want the child of another. I want my own. These children I have built are not enough. They are never right. They are failures. I want a better one. I want to create one naturally, one that is strong and full of life. I can think of no one more appropriate to give me that than you. You, the thorn in my side, will give me the perfect child," Naraku purred.

"The hell I will!" Inuyasha growled, pulling against the chains.

"You act as if you have a choice," Naraku said, leaning closer.

"I'll kill you if you touch me," Inuyasha snapped.

Naraku chuckled. "You are amusing as always Inuyasha. That is what I like about you." A tentacle caressed Inuyasha's face.

Inuyasha snapped at the tentacle and began to struggle again. There was no way in hell he was going to lay around and let Naraku knock him up or whatever the hell his plans were.

"Be good. If you cooperate I will make you feel good, better than your brother ever will."

"Go to hell," Inuyasha hissed.

"No. I don't think I will, but I'll gladly take you there," Naraku purred as his tentacles began to invade Inuyasha's robes.

Sesshomaru stormed into the meeting room with a child in each arm and Jaken close on his heels. The demons in the room looked up at the swift entrance. The ones nearest to him began to edge back as they felt the killing intent rolling off of him.

"Who was it?" Sesshomaru snarled, glaring at the assembled demons.

Many of the demons looked about confused, some were a little frightened, and all were trying to avoid catching Sesshomaru's sharp gaze.

"Who was what my lord?" an old forest troll asked.

"Who brought Naraku's minions into my home?"

"My lord, we would ne-"

"Do not lie," Sesshomaru snapped. "Somebody has! My mate is gone. He is in Naraku's clutches because one of you has betrayed me! I want to know who it is that I shall kill."

The gathered demons were silent as they looked from the furious demon lord to each other. Sesshomaru continued to look around the room. Finally, he turned and set Rin on the floor. He gently handed her Kuniku.

"Rin, go with Jaken to the family wing and wait for me there."

"Ok!" She nuzzled Kuniku as she turned to Jaken. "Let's go."

They left the room and Jaken slid the screen shut behind him. When Sesshomaru turned again, his eyes were red with the glint of murder. Before anybody could move, a chuckle from the corner of the room wound the tension further.

"So it's true. You have become soft. Keeping pet humans and mating with half humans. What's next? Turning on your fellow demons to let humans take over their territory? Are you sure that it is Naraku that we need to be worrying about and not you?"

Sesshomaru stared at the demon in the corner. He was the latest leader of the rock spider clan. A gray human-like torso sat upon what appeared to be a boulder with eight sharp legs supporting it. The rock spiders were a turbulent clan and leaders were overthrown quickly and often. Unfortunately, that meant the leaders were young cocky morons who were all about strength and violence and had little in the way of actual brains. Not only did they not think things through, but they were easily swayed by the sweet lies of people like Naraku.

"There is no benefit for anyone in siding with Naraku," Sesshomaru replied, glaring at the young demon.

"Of course you'd say that. But what about everyone else?" The spider looked around at the other demons. "What do you think?" He searched for some hint of agreement, but quickly tired of waiting. "Well? Speak up!"

An old demoness beside him sighed as she ruffled her ancient black feathers feathers. "Foolish," she croaked.

"What?" He spun towards her angrily.

"You are foolish," she repeated. "To believe the words of one like Naraku."

"He told me-"

"Lies!" The demoness hissed. "Lies he told. You are young and stupid. Maybe you don't know. Naraku was not always demon. He started out human and became like that through wicked ways. Most rotten and foul, he is full of lies and you fell for them because you are foolish."

A murmur of agreement went through the room.

"Our dislike of humans is not enough to make us turn against one that has been by our side for so long. Dogs have a fondness for humans. It may be their downfall in the end, but we all have our vices. Young Lord Sesshomaru's soft spot does not hurt us. But Naraku is a threat. You have betrayed us all with your stupidity."

The murmur grew louder and the young spider shifted his eight legs nervously.

"However, it is not up to us to punish you...We shall leave that to the one you've injured the most." The demoness shuffled aside.

The other demons cleared away from the young rock spider.

"I didn't betray anyone! He's just a half human!" The spider said insistently.

"And you are just trash," Sesshomaru said as he lunged forward, digging his poisonous claws into the spider's chest. Before the spasming body had even hit the floor, Sesshomaru had turned to the rest of the assembled demons. "Friends, allies, today I ask for your help. I am going to destroy Naraku once and for all. You do not have to be with me, but those who are against me will meet the same fate as this foolish one."

The old demoness shuffled up to him. "It's about time this gets taken care of. I will give you aid in your quest. We are counting on you son of Inu no Taishou."

"Your faith in me is not misplaced Lady Kurowashi. I will rescue my mate and kill Naraku with or without help."

She chuckled. "Who is foolish now? Take our aid and go."

Sesshomaru nodded. He didn't even wait to see who, if anyone, followed him. Once off the grounds, he took his true demon form and sped off towards Naraku's castle to retrieve his mate.