Hungry like the Wolf
Kouga/Shippo, NC-17, 6418 words
Kouga is on the prowl for a mate and stumbles across a teenage Shippo. Will Kouga put the moves on our favorite fox demon?

Maybe It Was the Moon
Sesshomaru/Inuyasha, NC-17, 3105 words
Prequel to Flesh of his Flesh. Sesshomaru has been training Inuyasha late at night, but the full moon changes things.

Kohaku/Sota, PG-13, 8632 words
Kagome let's Sota visit the Warring States Era with her. What's supposed to be a simple visit turns into a disaster when Sota is kidnapped by Kohaku.

Flesh of His Flesh
Sesshomaru/Inuyasha, Mpreg, Incest, R
Inuyasha gives birth to a son. Who is the father and what will happen when he finds out? It might be happily ever after or it could be disaster if Naraku has anything to say about it.

I. Brought into the World
Inuyasha's son is born.

II. Sheltered
Sesshomaru finds out about Kuniku and the gang goes to his castle.

III. Settling In
Things are settling down, the girls take off leaving the boys with lots of bonding time.

IV. Contemplation
Sesshomaru takes a little time to reflect on things.

V. Warmth
It's Inuyasha's turn to think deep thoughts and the girls show up with some surprises.

VI. New Moon
Kagome has a revelation and Inuyasha and Sesshomaru get a little closer in the hot springs but with the new moon comes new trouble.

VII. Turning
With everything in shambles, how can things possibly be turned around?

VIII. Recovery
The chase is on and everyone is in on it.

IX. Belonging
Sesshomaru lets Inuyasha know just where he belongs.

X. Family
Inuyasha takes a look at his little family.

XI. Working Through
There are still a few things to be worked through.

XII. Tresspassing
Someone's approaching the castle, but is it friend of foe?

XIII. Confessions
Inuyasha chats with Kouga and a few confessions make their way out.

XIV. Departures
Inuyasha's friends depart the castle and a meeting of demons at the castle gives Naraku an opportunity.

XV. Fools
Inuyasha has been kidnapped by Naraku and Sesshomaru is not happy.

XVI. A Fitting End
Inuyasha deals with Naraku the best that he can as Sesshomaru races to the rescue.