Hungry Like the Wolf
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I stole the title from Duran Duran ^_^!!
Warnings: Now this is where I should be able to say beware the PWP….but nooooo, it doesn't want to be a PWP, it wants to have a plot! Imagine that! So instead here is where I tell you beware the lemon. But then lemon is good right?
Notes: Why do my PWPs develop plots and/or plot-like elements? This was simply supposed to be a strange couple thrown together because I said so but life is not so simple. Anyway, I hope you like it even if the writing I crap -_-

Kouga growled as he stalked through the forest. He was hungry. Not for food, no, he'd eaten his fill earlier. It was not food that his body called for but release. It was spring and everything around him was giving out a call. What he was hungry for was a connection. He was on the prowl for a mate. The urge sang within his veins. He'd thwarted it many times before, burying himself in whoever was closest, but every time he quenched it, the urge grew stronger than before on its return. The time was growing close now, the time when he would claim his One. He couldn't last another year, another season, or another second. He needed to find his One.

His tail twitched in agitation as he prowled through the trees scenting the wind. It would have to be someone special, no normal person would do. Someone like Kagome perhaps. It was too bad that the human girl had turned him down. She had a great power about her as well as an attitude that wasn't false and simpering. It was rare to find a human such as her and in the years that had passed since she left, he'd not met another human like her.

Of course he didn't have to be so stubborn in his choice of mates. In the past he'd taken many, male, female, human, demon, but none of them had been the One. When a wolf finally mates, truly binding himself to another, it is for life. Any mate that he chose would have to meet his requirements. He needed someone that would stand up to him and not hide in his shadow. He wanted someone who would speak their mind, no matter how often if brought about fights. He wanted someone pleasing to his eyes with soft skin that he could mark as his own. He wanted a warm personality, someone with courage, someone with strength. All this and more Kouga hunted for in a mate.

He felt in his bones that today would be the day. His blood was singing at the prospect of finding his One. Who would it be? Did he know them? Was it a man or woman? He couldn't be sure, all he knew was that today, the One would be revealed to him. All he had to do was claim them. He just had to find them first. "Where are you my mate? Come to me."

Shippo cursed as he looked down at his swollen ankle. The place where his bones narrowed into furry red ankles throbbed with pain. He hadn't even seen what he tripped on. He was just barely aware that he was falling as his hands met the forest floor, scraping his palms. He slowly collected himself and took stock of his injuries. Two scraped up palms, one large tear in his silk kimono and one sprained ankle. It definitely wasn't his day. His toe claws twitched at the angry throbbing in his ankle.

Sighing, he pulled himself to his feet and hobbled along the path. He needed to find a stream or lake to soak his ankle in. Once the swelling went down, he hoped that he could walk off the injury. If not he'd have to find a secure place to spend the night. He was in the middle of unknown territory and it would be better that he not sit out in the open like a tempting piece of demon bait. He had grown in the years since his travels with Kagome and the others, but he still wasn't too keen on facing down hungry demons by himself while injured.

He was relieved when he stumbled upon a small lake. It looked peaceful enough, there was nothing peculiar lurking in the water, so with great relief Shippo sat down on a rock that jutted out of the water and soaked his foot paws. The cool water was a welcome relief for his throbbing ankle. As an afterthought he decided that he might have been able to float over, but he hadn't even thought the problem through, he'd just got up and kept on going. That was probably due to the impetuous nature that had been planted in him by both Inuyasha and Kagome during the time they spent together. As much as he loved his older friends they both tended to act without thinking and they seemed to have passed the trait onto him. If he'd taken after Miroku or Sango he might have sat down to think things through, but noooo, he had to act on impulse.

"Thanks a lot Inuyasha." Shippo muttered as he swirled his feet through the water. He knew it was unfair to lay the blame on Inuyasha, but it was so much easier to pin it on the half-demon than to blame Kagome. Kagome was like a mother to him and as such, she got special privileges, such as not getting blamed for how Shippo had turned out. Truth be told, he picked up a lot of his attitude from her. He'd always been a snappy child, but Kagome seemed to encourage his attitude. She really went out of her way to annoy Inuyasha. Really, he had to feel sorry for his friend. With someone like Kagome out for you it could be easy to lose your mind.

Shippo sighed. He missed them. It wasn't as if they were dead or anything, they just had their own lives. Kagome was back in her own time. She had a job in something called "polyticks". He didn't know what that was, but it sounded like she got to argue a lot in it. It seemed to be the perfect job for Kagome. Inuyasha finally decided that he didn't want to be full demon or full human, he liked himself just the way he was. So he stayed that way and tramped about the country doing whatever he pleased. The last time Shippo had seen him, he'd been living with his brother and helping him to raise Rin. It was actually pretty funny thinking of Inuyasha and his brother doing anything as domestic as raising a child. Come to think of it she wouldn't really be a child anymore but a teenager like himself, so why was Inuyasha sticking around?

Miroku and Sango had gotten married. Kohaku lived with his sister and her new husband. Shippo had visited them not long ago. They had a daughter and another child on the way. With a husband like Miroku, Shippo knew that Sango should be expecting many many more children. Pretty soon they could repopulate Sango's demon slaying village. Shippo could only hope that their children did not turn out as lecherous as their father. Then again with Sango and Kohaku around as good role models, there was probably hope for the monk's children. The world did not need another Miroku because one was quite enough.

Everyone had gotten on with life. Even though he missed them, he was happy for everybody. Finally, he had gotten out on his own. He no longer had people around to boss him around and baby him. The babying wasn't so bad, but sometimes he resented the fact that everyone told him what to do just because they were several feet taller as well as a few years older. He'd grown since then, but he was still pretty small standing at a mere four feet and five inches. He was slender and as was often pointed out to him, he looked like a stiff wind would blow him away. He would never admit it, but sometimes he did get blown around. If someone knew, he'd never live it down!

He stared down at his reflection in the water. He'd let his hair grow out down his back even longer than Inuyasha's and unlike the half-demon he took very good care of his hair. It shone bright coppery red in the sun and there was never a tangle or twig to be found. There were some leaves, but he put them there himself. Leaves were very handy when using his fox tricks and he had found that his hair could hide quite a few things. He still held his hair back in its customary blue bow.

The bow matched his kimono, which was a very light blue with a daisy pattern on it. He was very particular about his clothing, having grown up with Inuyasha and his red fire rat coat. Shippo tried to have a little variety in his wardrobe. He had a bag of tricks that he carried around his wrist and it matched his outfit as well. He had a different silk bag for every outfit. The bag contained some of his old toys that had served him well as well as some new tricks that he'd collected over the years. One could never have too many tricks up their sleeves, in their hair or in their bags and so Shippo had many.

As his ankle cooled off, the heat of the sun began to beat down on his back. He wiped beads of sweat from his forehead where wisps of hair began to stick to his skin. "So hot." He murmured. "Maybe a swim." He looked around. He hadn't sensed any danger and it looked like he was alone. Grinning, he slid out of his kimono and left his bag on the rocks. He removed a set a chopsticks from the bag and twisted his hair up into a tight bun on his head using the sticks to secure it. He slipped into the cool water with a contented sigh. "Better." He waded deeper into the lake happy that his ankle barely protested. Soon he'd be able to continue his journey, hopefully without another mishap.

Kouga sat under a tree gnawing on a bone. He felt impatient. He felt as if he would explode from the pressure building up inside him. There was no release, no matter what he did. There was only one solution to his problem, to find his One. But that person had yet to appear and his patience was wearing thin.

"Where the hell are you?" He snarled, snapping the bone and throwing it at a tree.

He got up and began stalking through the trees. Where was his One? Why hadn't they come? Was he really going to be alone forever? Wolves were pack animals, but the leader was usually somewhat of a loner as was Kouga. He led them, lived with them, and enjoyed their company, but still he felt as if he was on a different level than his pack. He was hoping that in finding his one mate he would find the understanding, the connection that he lacked. That was how he'd always imagined it. Perhaps he was wrong. Maybe he was supposed to be the lone wolf forever.

His ears twitched as a sound reached them. Splashing water from the lake nearby. He lifted his nose and caught the barest hint of a scent. It seemed familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. The scent was haunting as it lingered lightly then faded away. He was instantly intrigued. Maybe this little mystery scent would take his mind off other more frustrating matters. He set off to the lake silently.

He hid himself behind a tree at the edge of the forest and used his sharp vision to observe. Someone was emerging from the lake and heading to shore. Pale white skin was the first thing Kouga noted as it drew the eye. Shining red hair was held up in chopsticks and an equally red tail was floating lazily on the surface of the water as the person walked towards a rock where a pile of clothing lay. Kouga sniffed again. It was a fox demon as evidenced by the tail, and despite the slender pale figure, it was a male. It wasn't a very old demon, but he still had that maddening familiarity in his scent.

The fox sat on a boulder and rung out his tail, brushing the fur back into bushiness. The hair was released and smoothed out. The fox spread himself on the rock to dry and Kouga licked his lips. It certainly was a delicious looking treat that he had found. He could certainly do with a distraction that was for sure. He was sure the pretty fox could provide him with just such a diversion. Grinning, he stepped out of the trees and began to approach, not bothering to be quiet about his advance.

The fox was alert in a second, sitting up and drawing a leaf out of his hair. "Who's there? Don't come any closer I'm warning you." He pulled his tail into his lap and glared menacingly at the person approaching.

"Little fox, don't you know it's dangerous to be out alone in these woods? Wolves roam this territory quite often." Kouga smirked.

"Stay back." Shippo glared at the figure approaching. The person was dressed in dark clothes, but the shimmering sun obscured his vision.

"Are you going to hurt me?"

"If I have to." The fox threw his leaf and a snarling white dog appeared on the ground. The young fox hastily drew on his kimono and leapt off the rock.

Kouga was surprised to see him crumple almost as soon as he hit the ground. With a swipe of his hand he banished the fox's snarling illusion and walked over to the heap of blue silk and red hair. "Really now, it seems that the only one that you've hurt is yourself."

"Stay away! Fox fire!" A roiling ball of ghostly blue flames slammed into Kouga. The wolf demon raised his arms and blocked the brunt of the fire with a grunt. It was surprisingly strong for a simple fox spirit. The attack fizzled away and Kouga brushed off his arms.

"You've managed to singe me but that puny attack wasn't even a match for Kouga of the Wolf Clan." Kouga snorted.

The fox froze. "Kouga?"

"Yes Kouga, I just said my name didn't I?"

"It's only you. I thought it was someone dangerous." The fox fixed his kimono, which was sliding down his shoulders and giving Kouga a very nice up close look of the creamy skin.

"What do you mean?! I am dangerous!" Kouga yelled, his veins bulging angrily at the insult.

"But you wouldn't hurt me right? Kagome would be angry if she found out." The fox replied matter of factly as he looked up at the other demon. Kouga still looked the same as he remembered, though a little taller and older. His black hair was bound in a ponytail and restrained by a headband. His armor and manner were still the same though.

"Kagome…? How do you know Kagome? Who are you?" Kouga demanded.

"Don't you remember me? I'm Shippo!"

"Shippo? You're the fox runt?" Kouga was surprised.

"Don't call me a runt!" Shippo yelled.

"Yep, you're him. What are you doing out here fox boy?"

"I was passing through. Is there a problem with that of great leader of the Wolf Clan?" Shippo grumbled sullenly.

"I suppose not. Why are you still on the ground?" Kouga looked at the fox pointedly.

"Ah, I sprained my ankle earlier, so I stopped to soak it in the water. But when I jumped off the rock, I hurt it again, I don't think I can get up." He admitted looking at his once again throbbing ankle.

"Well, that's real graceful."

"Shut up. It was an accident. If you hadn't surprised me like that I'd be fine right now."

"You're lucky it was me and not some hungry demon, so quite complaining." Kouga looked down at the fox demon and shrugged. "I guess there's nothing for it, I'll have to bring you home with me, I'd never live it down if you got eaten and Kagome or Inuyasha got a hold of me."

"But I can't walk."

"Then I'll just have to carry you. Come here." Kouga collected the startled fox demon into his arms. Shippo blushed and hurriedly fixed his kimono where indecent amounts of skin were showing.

"W-wouldn't it be easier if you carried me on your back?" Shippo squirmed, feeling quite vulnerable in the wolf demon's arms.

"Why? You don't weigh anything. I could probably carry you with one hand." Kouga shrugged as he began walking back towards his caves.

"Yeah but…"

"But nothing, be quiet. Noisy little fox."

"Thank you." Shippo nibbled on the roasted fish that Kouga gave him.

"Don't mention it. Gotta be polite for my guest don't I?" Kouga tore into a hunk of meat and spoke with his mouth full of food. Shippo looked at him and sweatdropped

"Yeah." He went back to eating trying to ignore the interesting noises coming from Kouga's direction. The wolf had even less manners than Inuyasha when he ate, and that was saying something.

"Hey. You're not as talkative as I remember." Kouga commented as he took a big swig from a jug of sake.

"Well, I don't know what to talk about." Shippo shrugged.

"Anything. Where you've been, what you've done, who you're doing." Kouga leered as he leaned towards the fox.

"What? Who I'm doing?"

"Yeah, you know, who you're sleeping with."

"Sleeping with? I sleep alone, my bed isn't very big you know."

Kouga smacked his forehead. "You did not just say that! You traveled with that pervert monk for how long? Who is your mate?" Kouga said getting to the point.

Shippo blushed bright red and sputtered. "I didn't know that's what you were asking you pervert wolf! I'm not sleeping with anyone! Why would you ask such a question?!"

Kouga seemed to loom closer and Shippo shrunk away. "Maybe because I'm interested."

"Wha?! Ah! Stay away from me you lecher!" Shippo pulled back as Kouga advanced on his hands and knees.

"C'mon, a pretty fox like you and no mate? Why don't you let me show you how it is?"

"Stay back! I'm warning you Kouga."

"Or what? You'll set leaf illusions on me again?" He reached out to touch Shippo's tail.

Shippo's small foot lashed out, kicking Kouga in the face. He threw a pebble that grew into a giant boulder as it landed on Kouga's back. The smack of paper hitting stone echoed through the cave and Kouga wheezed.

"What the hell?" He looked up. On his back a giant boulder bore down on him. A paper fuda was stuck to the side of the rock and had him efficiently pinned to the ground.

"I told you." Shipp said smugly as he sat up straight and dusted himself off. "I trapped you under a stone. You can't come out until I remove the fuda, which I won't be doing any time soon."

"Where did you learn that?"

"I'm a fox, we always have lots of tricks up our sleeves." Shippo drew a stack of paper from his sleeve and fanned them out showing Kouga the various fuda that he kept in his sleeves.

"You sneaky little…" Kouga grumbled.

"I know. Now if you don't mind. I'll get back to my dinner and maybe then I can sleep without you jumping me." Shippo moved back to the fire and finished off his fish.

"This isn't very comfortable you know." Kouga complained.

"Deal with it. You're a strong guy." Shippo took a small sip of sake and sighed. "That was good. Now I think I'll lay down for a while. Your bed looks pretty comfortable." Shippo crawled into the corner in a large pile of blankets and furs. "Is this pallet stuffed with goose feathers?" He curled up, pulling his tail around and snuggling into the comfortable bed. It smelled wild like the forest, just like Kouga smelled. It actually wasn't a bad smell at all. It reminded him a little of Inuyasha, so he found it comforting and was just sliding into a light doze when Kouga began speaking.

"If you're going to leave me here, the least you can do it talk to me or something brat."

"Why should I? You should sit and think about what you've done."

"I only wanted some company." Kouga grumbled.

"I'm already company."

"Not that kind of company."

"If you want that kind of company, you can't just drag people off into your bed you know. How can you make any sort of connection if you just jump people, screw them and leave?"

"What?" Kouga blinked.

"I said, how can you make a connection? That's what it's about right? Understanding your partner, caring for them. You can't have any of that, well not the way you tried it." Shippo said idly running his fingers through the silky fur on his tail.

"What would you know? You're still a child."

"Maybe I am, but at least I know how to be social, unlike some rude wolf around here. Taking a mate is not about domination or pleasure. Taking a mate is about feelings. Will you protect them and give your life for them? Do you want them by your side forever? If you don't think of those questions and just take people to your bed, you will never find a true mate. You say I'm a child, but you're the one being immature."

Kouga just stared at the young fox that was telling him off. Could it be that all these years he'd had it all wrong? Did he really not find a mate because he was unwilling to make the connection? He snorted at himself. All these years and it was his own fault that he never found his One. He didn't give anybody a chance. He just expected them to appear by magic. He'd liked Kagome when she appeared but she hadn't been the One. Nobody had, but then, he hadn't been their One either. He kept himself too distant, too apart. All these years and it was his own fault. The pressure on his back lessened and he looked up. Shippo had removed the fuda from the boulder, which turned back into a pebble.

"Can't leave you there all night I suppose. I'm too nice for my own good." Shippo quickly retreated to the bed and curled up once more. "Just asking for trouble," he murmured as he pulled his tail up to his face and stared at Kouga over it.

"I won't touch you."


"Yes, you can sleep in peace."

"Thank you. Good night."

"Good night."

Kouga dragged his kill back to the cave. He was hoping that the nice fat buck would please Shippo. The fox's ankle was still recovering and over the last few days they had gotten to know each other pretty well. The fox was friendly and open and Kouga could really see the blend of personalities that came from being raised by Inuyasha and Kagome. It was an interesting contrast that just make the fox that much more unique.

"I'm back." Kouga announced as he dragged the deer to the mouth of his cave.

"It's about time! I was bored to death! Wow! That's a big deer!" Shippo walked to the mouth of the cave.

"You could have come if your ankle were healed." Kouga said as he set the animal down.

"I don't do hunting, that's why I usually eat fish. They're easy to catch."

"Well tonight we're going to eat well."

"What about your pack?"

"They brought down other prey. It's okay for me to take a little more every now and then. My pack does not go hungry, not while I'm around."

"I think I'll pick some vegetables to go with it." Shippo said.

"Are you sure you can do that? How is your ankle?" Kouga looked at the slender ankle bound tightly in bandages.

"It feels a lot better. I won't go far. I'll just find a squash and come right back okay?"

"Don't be long then, the deer's already been cleaned, I'm starting the fire now."

"All right. I'll see what I can find. I won't be long." Shippo slowly left the cave and entered the woods. Despite having been bored while Kouga was gone, he was enjoying the wolf's company. Kouga reminded him of Inuyasha in more ways than one. He was a good person once you got past his gruff exterior. Of course both of the mentioned demons would probably throttle him if they heard his thoughts on the subject. He laughed at his thoughts. He was actually pretty happy about his unexpected visit with Kouga; they got along well.

His ankle was healing it was true, but it was still quite sore. While he was happy to get out of the cave, he didn't want to stay out long, so he scanned the area for any edible vegetation. He was excited about the kill that Kouga had made, but he had developed a certain fondness for vegetables during his time with Kagome. There was always something growing in a forest, he just had to look. He walked into a small sunny patch and scoured the ground. His search paid off as he saw some small squash growing off the side. He walked over and began to pick the small bright yellow gourds. Just a few would do, they would taste good roasted with the meat that Kouga had brought.

"What have we here?"

Shippo turned. A large ugly green demon was standing a few feet in back of him. He dropped the squash that he's been picking and stood up, pulling a leaf from his hair. "What do you want?" Shippo demanded.

"I was just passing through. Who thought I'd find a pretty little thing like you wandering around." The demon licked his lips and stepped forward.

"Don't come near me," Shippo growled.

"Feisty. I like that. It's better when you fight." The demon put his large clawed hand out and Shippo decided that a simple illusion wouldn't do.

"FOX FIRE!" He yelled hurling a compact ball of flames at the demon.

The attack hit the demon and knocked him back a few steps but otherwise hardly seemed to faze him. "Nice attack, too bad it was so puny." The demon chuckled as he advanced.

Shippo panted, he'd put a lot of energy into the attack and it had been useless. Why was his attack so weak? He didn't have time to contemplate he just turned and ran.

"That's it! We'll make it more interesting. You run and I'll catch you."

Shippo heard the demon crashing through the forest behind him and tried to put on speed. His ankle protested but he was in no position to heed its complaint, he just ran. He wasn't even sure that he was going in the right direction, he could only hope that he reached Kouga's cave in time. He was so preoccupied with getting there, that he missed the root that tripped him. He crashed to the ground in a heap. Gasping for breath he grabbed the first thing that came to hand in his bag of tricks and threw it behind him. He pulled a fuda out of his sleeve and turned to see what had become of the demon. The demon was staring at the overly large chopstick protruding from his chest.

"You're going to pay for this fox." The demon snarled.

"I believe that's my line." Another voice growled from behind the demon.

"Who's there?" The demon turned around.

"Kouga!" Shippo called.

Kouga walked forward into view. "I am Kouga of the Wolf Clan and you are now dead."

"I'm not…!" The demon never finished his sentence as Kouga swept forward and broke his neck like a stick of chalk.

Letting the body drop Kouga hurried over to Shippo. "Are you hurt?" He knelt beside the fox.

"I…I'm fine. I just tripped again. He didn't touch me. I'm fine." Shippo panted.

"C'mon, we'll go back." Shippo blinked as he found himself swept up into Kouga's arms once more.

"I can walk." He insisted weakly.

"We'll get there faster this way. The meat should almost be done."

"My vegetables!"

"I'll get you some. But for now let's get back."


Shippo watched Kouga over the dancing flames of the fire. They were quietly eating the food that Kouga had collected. Good to his word Kouga had gone out and collected some vegetables for their meal. In addition to the squash that Shippo had found he'd also collected some apples that were roasting on sticks next to the fire. Kouga had used a special kind of stick that smelled good. He promised that the apples would make Shippo feel much better after his run-in with the unpleasant demon.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Kouga asked for what seemed like the millionth time during the evening.

"I am. I was just thinking." Shippo insisted.

"What about?"

"Oh? Just how nice it's been staying here actually. Who knew you were such a good host? I mean the first time we met your hospitality was a little lacking." Shippo grinned.

"You were my prisoner then." Kouga shrugged.

"Am I still your prisoner?" Shippo teased.

"What? No! You're my guest this time. I have no reason to trap you here."

Shippo smiled. "I know. It's too bad that I'll have to go soon."

"Go?" Kouga looked up startled, as if the fact had never occurred to him that Shippo might leave. "Why?"

"Well, you're bound to get sick of me sooner or later right? I can't just depend on you and sit around doing nothing, you'll just kick me out." Shippo shrugged as he took one of the roasted apples and bit into it.

"I wouldn't kick you out. I…I like you here, you make good company."

Shippo wiped at the apple juices running down his chin. "You're just saying that. I'm just one big bundle of trouble, tripping over roots and getting chased by ugly demons." He shuddered at the thought of the now dead demon.

"What will you do when you go? You're not safe out there. There are so many strong demons out there that could hurt you!" Kouga moved closer to Shippo. "I can't let you go out there on your own like that!"

"But I…" Shippo looked down at his apple.

"But nothing, I want you to stay."

Shippo looked up, surprised. "You want me to stay?"

"Yes." Kouga nodded.


"Because I enjoy your company."

"I enjoy your company too." Shippo admitted with a smile as he bit into his apple again.

Kouga grinned. "You have apple juice on your face." Slowly, he leaned in and licked a sweet drop of juice from Shippo's chin. Somehow the sensual lick turned into a deep kiss with Kouga's tongue invading Shippo's sweet mouth. The fox gasped in surprise as he dropped his apple and buried his hands in the fur that covered Kouga's shoulders. Kouga slowly pushed Shippo to the ground as he continued his leisurely exploration of the fox's mouth.

When they broke away Shippo panted. He looked up at Kouga with wide eyes. The wolf carefully ran his hand through Shippo's fountain of coppery red hair. "I would make you my mate," he said softly.

Shippo's jaw dropped at the comment. "What?"

"I would gladly make you my mate Shippo. I feel the connection. I want to protect you. I want you to stay here forever. That is what you said to look for in a mate. I have found all those things in you. Would you like to be my mate?" Kouga stared into his eyes, his hands running lightly over Shippo's body, questing, but not pressuring.

It felt good. The fox demon felt secure in Kouga's arms. He felt protected and appreciated and he enjoyed it. Shippo swallowed hard. "I…I think I would." He whispered. "I would like to be your mate."

Kouga grinned as he leaned in for another kiss with the smaller demon. Shippo responded eagerly, his tongue pressing back against Kouga's in a light sparring match. He was barely aware of the fact that they had moved. All he knew was that he was suddenly lying in Kouga's bed of furs, surrounded by the wolf's strong scent. Clothes seemed to fade away until they were left with just their skin touching. Kouga stretched out over the smaller demon claiming his mouth, his hands roaming over soft silky skin. Shippo's tail twitched and brushed over Kouga's thigh sending a shiver down the wolf's spine. They'd hardly done more than kiss and already he was dizzy with desire stronger than any he'd known before.

"Shippo. I want to claim you." He panted, his mouth moving down to suckle on Shippo's slender neck.

"Claim me. I want to be your mate." Shippo replied, arching up into the wolf's hot mouth.

"Yes." Kouga hissed as he left hot trails of kisses over Shippo's body, delighting in the silky texture of skin. Shippo's skin was pale as the moon and as smooth as a calm lake. He couldn't get enough of it, he felt as if he wanted to eat the fox whole. So he did. His mouth closed around Shippo's erection and he elicited a startled gasp from the fox.

"What? Ah!" Shippo's hands clenched in the furs beneath them Kouga bobbed his head up and down slowly, his tongue swiping over the tip and bringing sweet noises from Shippo's lips. "Kouga! Nnn. Mm. Good. Ah!"

Kouga reached up his hand, pressing his fingers against Shippo's lips. Shippo opened his mouth and admitted the digits entrance. He sucked on them, swirling his small tongue around the clawed fingertips as he squirmed under Kouga's ministrations. Once his fingers were thoroughly moist, he pulled them back, moving them down to press against Shippo's entrance. Kouga had never slept with a fox before, but if they were anything like wolves, he could trigger a reaction within the fox to bring forth his natural lubrication. His fingers slowly circled the small pucker, pressing against it gently but not moving in.

"Ah! Kouga! Feels…ah…feels good." Shippo panted.

Kouga grinned. He pulled back from Shippo's erection and leaned up to kiss the fox. "I'll make it feel better." He promised as he drew away. He turned Shippo over and pulled his bottom into the air. Moving the silky tail aside, he leaned in and pressed his tongue to Shippo's opening. The fox gasped in surprise as Kouga's tongue circled then dipped in, pressing against the clench of muscles. Shippo moaned, his tail twitching as Kouga's tongue slowly insinuated its way into his body. Kouga kept lapping at the hole, occasionally pushing a finger in to touch at spots that caused fireworks behind Shippo's eyelids. It was when Kouga had two fingers deep within his soon to be mate that he felt the flow of warmth that he was searching for.

"There, you're ready." Kouga said as he leaned up and nipped at one of Shippo's pointed ears. "Do you want me to take you now?"

"Yes. Please!" Shippo whispered, rocking back against Kouga's body.

Kouga took Shippo's soft tail and wrapped it over his waist, his own tail twining with it. He rubbed his erection against Shippo, spreading some of his natural lubricant against the tip. Taking a firm hold of Shippo's waist he began to press slowly inside. Shippo gasped and panted, burying his head in his arms. Kouga held onto the fox's lithe waist and continued to enter slowly, groaning at the warm tight heat of Shippo's body.

"So good." He groaned as his hips began a shallow thrusting.

"Yes, feels good." Shippo mumbled from beneath the curtain of hair that had tumbled into his face.

Kouga licked his lips as he pumped his hips into Shippo. Though he'd had sex many times before, with many different people, this was the first time that it had felt like this. It was like moving into a place that was only for him and possessing it at the same time he was being possessed. He owned the fox but the fox owned him, neither one stronger than the other. It was hard to explain, but he suddenly felt like he had found something that he'd never known was missing, but had searched for aimlessly all his life.

"Shippo!" He moaned as he tightened his grip on the slender fox.

"Kou-oh-ga-ah! More…nnn. Please more!" Shippo rocked back against him, their sweat slick skin rubbing together.

Kuoga's hand moved to grip Shippo's erection. He fisted the hard flesh sliding his clenched hand up and down, trying to pull the fox towards the same release that was tearing at him. Shippo was gasping and panting, his hands clenching, clawed toes tearing into the bed. It was something he'd never experienced before and it was almost too much for him to handle. With a desperate cry he jerked forward into Kouga's hand as the erection inside him touched a sensitive spot. Kouga continued to move as Shippo found release, biting his lip as Shippo's body tightened further, milking him, pushing him over the edge of release. With a few final jerks of his hips he shouted, giving a harsh bark that resembled Shippo's name as he shot his seed deep into his mate.

He collapsed, crumpling into the bed and turning to his side so as not to crush his mate. They lay there panting softly as they came down off the height from where they'd been thrown. Kouga's fingers were drawing lazy patterns over Shippo's seed smeared stomach but neither of them seemed too inclined to move and clean up.

"Are you all right?" Kouga finally asked, hoping that he hadn't hurt the fox. "Did I hurt you?"

"No. 'M fine." Shippo mumbled as he snuggled back against Kouga, moaning as his soft member nestled between his cheeks.

"Good." Kouga replied as he suckled a soft patch of skin on Shippo's neck, bringing up a dark red mark. "You're mine now. You're my One, my mate."

"You're stuck with me now." Shippo murmured lazily, his fingers twining with Kouga's.

"I don't care, I made the right choice. Now we'll be together forever."

"Forever is a long time." Shippo's tail swished from its position twined with Kouga's.

"I just hope it's long enough." Kouga kissed Shippo's copper hair as they both drifted into a lazy sated sleep.

The End

Hn, this was supposed to be a PWP one-shot and yet now at the end I wonder what the couple would be like later on...