By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own the cuties, someone else does.
Warnings: A/Uish
Notes: Hmm, this is getting interesting.

"88! I will see you in my quarters. Now!" Instructor Azuma yelled.

Hiead smirked. Zero was to be punished again. It served the loud boy right. He never shut up. He was always in the way. He was a threat and now he was getting what he deserved.

"88! Did you hear me?" Azuma demanded.

Hiead turned, fully prepared to shoot Zero a victorious smirk. He stopped, confused. Zero was staring at Azuma in horror, visibly shaking. Immediately, that strange night a week before came to his mind. He'd nearly forgotten being awoken by Zero's scream. But the look in Zero's eyes, it was probably identical to the one in the darkness. Sharp eyes narrowed. Something was going on. He opened his mouth to question the boy, only to be interrupted by Instructor Azuma grabbing Zero and dragging him from the room. Their eyes met as the door slid shut and fingers of ice dragged down Hiead's spine.

"Interesting," Clay commented quietly, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"Oooh! Zero's gonna get it now," Roose said shaking his head.

"Yeah, Azuma must be really mad," Yagami added.

"I suppose that we are free to go," Clay commented, not looking very pleased about it. The other two high-fived and quickly dispersed, leaving Hiead and Clay alone in the room. Hiead turned towards the bespectacled boy. He was an observer of people. His EX reactions came most frequently while he was making observations. From the sour expression on his face, Hiead decided that he knew more than he was letting on.

"Talk," Hiead ordered.

"Excuse me?"

Hiead turned to the other boy. "I said, talk. You know what is happening. Tell me or else."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Clay retorted, too defensively for Hiead's tastes.

He grabbed Clay's shoulders and shoved him up against the nearest wall. Clay coughed weakly as Hiead pressed him against the hard metal. "Now, we can do this two ways. There is a hard way, and there is an easy way. Which do you prefer?"

"I don't know anything," Clay retorted.

Hiead narrowed his eyes and shoved harder, knocking Clay's head against the wall. "You suspect something then. Tell me. What is your theory?" Clay's lips were sealed into a thin line, his eyes defiant. "For someone who is so weak in battle, your will is strong." Clay's head tilted in acknowledgment of the statement. "But you will talk," Hiead informed him just before his fist buried itself in Clay's stomach. The other candidate fell to his knees as Hiead stepped back. He coughed, one hand wrapped around his stomach, cradling the spot that was sure to bruise.

"Why this sudden fascination with Zero?" Clay forced out between gritted teeth as he stood unsteadily.

"He is my rival, I must know his weaknesses." Hiead replied coldly.

"Then my answer to you is no. Even if I told you, you wouldn't care." Clay shook his head and began to walk away.

"What do you mean?" Hiead demanded rushing to grab Clay. Clay surprised him by quickly turning and grabbing his hands, holding them away from his body.

"If you care to know, watch. Look what is done. Hear what is said. Observe what happens. If you care to know, you will know." He let Hiead's hands drop and quickly left the room.

Hiead stood, watching the door where the other candidate had exited. If he cared to know. In other words, if he cared about Zero. But he didn't. Not really, he just wanted to know. What was the thing that put that fear in the boy's eyes? Something was happening. Something that needed to be seen. Something that he had vowed to find out. He would do as Clay said and he would watch. And he would know.

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