People always focus on romantic love fore Valentine's Day. I like to think that there's more to it than that. It's the thought that counts ya know. With that in mind, here are two small Naruto drabbles, 100 words each. Iruka shares the Valentine's Day love with Naruto who in turn spreads it to Sasuke...and not in that way. Just look ^_^

A Heart for Caring
By: For-Chan
Summary: Iruka gives Naruto a card.

Naruto looked at the handmade card that Iruka handed him. "What's this?"

Iruka smiled. "Itís a Valentine card."

"Eh? Whatís it for?" Naruto looked over the red heart and white doilies.

"You give them to people that you care about very much to remind them how much you love them."

"...Love them?" Naruto looked up, surprised.

Iruka hugged Naruto tightly. "Happy Valentineís Day Naruto."

"Iruka Sensei," Naruto whined, embarrassed at the contact, yet secretly pleased.

Iruka laughed. He released Naruto and ruffled his hair affectionately. "Come on Naruto. Ramen is on me tonight."

"Yatta!" Naruto bounced. "Thank you Sensei!"

A Heart for Sharing
By: For-Chan
Summary: Naruto shares the love.

Sasuke glared as he opened the door to reveal his annoying blond teammate on the doorstep. "What do you want?"

"Ano sa..." Naruto dragged his foot across the porch nervously. "I" He shoved a crude paper heart into Sasukeís hands.

Sasuke looked at the red and white paper, bewildered.

"Itís a Valentine," Naruto explained, "to remind you that I care."

Sasukeís brows rose as he stared at Naruto.

"Happy Valentineís Day Sasuke!" Naruto said quickly, turning to leave.

Sasuke reached out and snagged Narutoís arm. "Wait."

Naruto turned, glancing back.

"Thanks," Sasuke murmured, looking away. "For caring...I do too."