Sins of the Brother

Sins of the Brother

By: Missfortune

Warnings: Angst, Incest, Nonconsensual Sex. Generally quite dark and depressing.

Summary: What Ron does with his pretty brother.

Pairing: Ron/Harry (MacDougall brothers)

Notes: In this story Harry is autistic, he's not quite all there and so is quite childish and innocent. I suppose this is probably an AU.

"But I don't want to," Harry whimpered.

"Shh, hush Harry its okay, I won't hurt you," Ron whispered stroking his brothers soft skin.

"You said that last time and it hurt bad!" Harry reminded him.

"You know I love you," Ron said kissing Harry gently. "I don't mean to hurt you, you know that don't you?"

"Y-yeah," Harry whispered uncertainly.

"It won't hurt now just be quiet," Ron ordered kissing his way down Harry's chest. Caressing the silky skin with his large rough hands.

Harry suppressed a shudder. He was supposed to like this, Ron told him so. Ron wouldn't lie to him, Ron loved him. So he tried to like it for his brother. Even though it hurt. It hurt his body. And it hurt in his heart. He didn't know why but after it always hurt his heart. He felt dirty. He always needed a shower after and he would scrub and scrub until his skin was red but it stayed dirty. He didn't know why. He'd asked Ron once and Ron had hit him. He apologized and said he loved him and then they did it again and Harry felt dirty, but he kept quiet after that.

Harry squirmed as Ron's fingers started to go up inside him. It only burned a little right now. It wasn't bad. It almost felt good but he knew what was coming. After the fingers Ron let himself in. Ron was big and it hurt. Harry always cried because it felt like he was splitting in half. Ron would reach up and wipe away the tears. Sometimes he even kissed him away but even the kisses didn't make it better. Then Ron would push in hard and Harry always made noise. At first Ron didn't like the noise and he tried to get Harry to stop, but he couldn't help himself and soon Ron gave up and let him make noise.

Ron would push the pretty ribbon out of Harry's hair. He would run his hands through his nice soft hair making it dirty with his hands. Ron liked Harry's hair and would hold it. Sometimes he would pull it and Harry would cry more but sometimes he was gentle and would pet it. But it still made it dirty. Harry still cried. And then Ron would go faster and it would hurt more but Ron would go and go and go until he made Harry warm and wet inside. Then Ron would yell and moan and Harry would get scared until Ron was quiet and then he would kiss Harry. He would kiss Harry and tell him that he loved him and then they would sleep.

That's how it always happened. That's how it happened this night and that's how it would happen the next night. Ron would promise not to hurt him. Then he'd hurt him. And Harry would cry and he would be dirty. He would always be dirty. He would never be clean. Because he was bad. He was bad because he was dirty and that's why everyone hated him so he blew them all up. Then it made him sad. But Ron still loved him. Ron made him dirty but his brother loved him. Like now. He was saying it.

"I love you Harry," Ron said as he body came down from the heights of its dirty ecstasy.

"Yes Ron," Harry nodded as he turned away. Harry rolled over and quiet tears rolled down his cheeks. It was over, until tomorrow when his brother would love him again.

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