Cabin Boy
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters!
Warning: Lemon
Pairing: Gene/Jim
Notes: I know that quite a few people have made comments about Jim's age so I attempted to fix it a little. Yeah he's still young, but not nearly as young as some of the people I saw on Maury yesterday!


Gene surveyed the newly redesigned sleeping cabin. He and the others were tired of waking up in the morning and hitting their heads on the ceiling of the cramped sleeping chambers. They pulled a few small jobs in order to collect enough money to convert two of the rooms into proper cabins. There was one for the girls with three beds and one for the guys with two. Jim smiled as he glanced at the bed alcove inset in the wall and the smaller trundle that pulled out from beneath the main bed. They'd claimed that Jim got such a tiny bed to keep within budget, but the real reason was that in truth the tiny bed would never be used. The extra money went towards sound proofing their chamber.

At present Gene suspected that Suzuka was the only one who realized the true nature of Jim and Gene's relationship. He got the occasional disapproving glare but she was not in any position to talk. He didn't even want to think of what was going on between the three female crewmembers, it made his head ache. That and Aisha's shrieks of "Suzu!" at night, another reason for the soundproofing.

Besides, contrary to popular belief Jim was 14 years old, still very young but no longer a child. In fact Jim had been the one to initiate their whole relationship. Gene had been really hard to convince but Jim was nothing if not persistent and Gene soon had no choice but to give in. Before Gene had found him Jim had been a child prostitute, it was the only way he survived on the street he wasn't proud of it but he didn't seem to regret it. He always said that everything he went through, he went through to find love. And that was it, this wasn't just some lust based pedophilic relationship, this was love. He loved Jim, Jim loved him.

"Ready to try out the bed?" Jim asked interrupting Gene's thoughts as he walked in with a small towel wrapped around his waist.

"Ready when you are my cabin boy," Gene replied as he stripped down to his underwear.

"Cabin boy?" Jim asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, I'm the captain, you're my cabin boy, isn't that why I keep you around?" Gene asked teasingly.

"I'll give you a cabin boy," Jim growled throwing himself at Gene and tackling him to the bed.

"Oh I'm scared now," Gene smirked as Jim pinned him.

Gene's eyes widened as he heard a small click and suddenly he couldn't move his arms.

"What'd you do?" he asked.

Jim grinned. "Aw relax, its only restraints Gene. Tonight I shall have my way with YOU little cabin boy," Jim purred.


"You heard me," Jim smiled as he began to remove Gene's underwear.

"What brought this on?" Gene asked curiously.

"Just decided to remind you who you belong to," Jim said discarding the underwear. "Plus we need to break in this nice new bunk, I figured it should be a special occasion."

"Well I suppose you tying me up would be kinda special wouldn't it now," Gene noted.

"That's what I said," Jim nodded as he removed his towel and sprawled on top of Gene's nude body.

Flesh pressed against flesh as Jim kissed Gene softly. His tongue stuck out licking lightly at Gene's closed lips, requesting entry. Gene smiled and opened his mouth sending his tongue out to meet Jim's. Their tongues tangled in a slow sensual dance caught between their mouths, stealing their breath and fueling their passion. Slowly the heat between the two began to build and Jim pulled back, depriving Gene of his sweet mouth.

Gene sighed with loss as Jim moved over to his cheek to begin tracing his scars with his tongue. It seemed to be one of Jim's favorite things to do. Foreplay always consisted of a little session of seeking out all of Gene's scars and tracing them with his tongue, worshipping each cut or scrape that Gene had ever taken and survived. Gene wanted desperately to bring his hand down to stroke Jim's wild dirty blonde hair, but they were tightly held above his head.

Soon enough Jim moved lower seeking out the scars that crossed his chest and taking a few moments to tease at Gene's nipples. Then on to the tight abdomen to lap at more scars. From there he made the short trip to Gene's erection. Licking enthusiastically he drove Gene mad. Gene squirmed and moaned desperately wanting to push Jim's head down further, but Jim was only teasing and there was no way he'd let his little game end this early. So he began to make his way back up Gene's scarred chest once more.

"Jim!" Gene moaned as Jim came back up to claim his mouth.

"What?" Jim breathed.

"I want you."

"I want you too," Jim replied teasingly.

Gene groaned. "Please?"

"Oh I love it when you beg. Call me captain and I'll think about it." Jim grinned.

"Please Captain?"

"Captain Hawking, Greatest Outlaw Captain in the Universe."

"I'm not saying that!" Gene protested.

"Then you're not getting any," Jim replied stepping off the bed and pulling out the smaller bed.

Gene watched as Jim readied the little bed.

"You're sleeping there?" Gene asked surprised.

"No you are," Jim grinned.


"Fine what?"

"Fine, I'll say it! Please Captain Hawking, Greatest Outlaw Captain in the Universe can we have sex?!" Gene queried.

"Um. . . . . Okay!" Jim said jumping back up on the large bed and crawling up onto Gene.

"Just like that?"

"Just like that," Jim grinned.

Jim straddled Gene and positioned the restrained man's erection beneath him. With a single smooth motion he was seated on Gene's erection and grinning like the cat that got the canary. Gene groaned as he was taken into a very hot tight place.

"You were ready for me?" Gene managed to ask.

"Gene, Gene, Gene," Jim shook his head. "Unlike you I plan things, Of course I was ready for you. How else would I get ready after I had restrained you?"

"I don't know, maybe you would have done it dry," Gene said.

"Nuh uh, Not after the time you took me dry in that empty theatre! You try explaining to everyone why you can't sit still!" Jim recalled annoyed.

Gene laughed but it was cut short as Jim squeezed his inner muscles causing Gene to gasp for breath. Tired of talking Jim began to slowly slide himself up and down Gene's erection, setting his own pace, enjoying being on top. Gene would occasionally push his hips up but for the most part he was still allowing Jim to please them both. But soon that wasn't enough. Gene wanted to move. He wanted to run his fingers through Jim's wild hair as he pulled him down for a passionate kiss. He wanted to run his fingers over that silky skin. He wanted to stroke Jim's own arousal, but he was stuck in the stupid restraints.

"Jim" Gene whispered.

"Yeah?" Jim panted.

"Can you release me?" Gene asked.


"I . . . I want to touch you," Gene replied.

"Well I suppose that's okay," Jim sighed. "But I stay on top!"

"Your wish is my command Oh Great Captain Hawking," Gene smirked.

Jim scowled and ghosted his fingers across Gene's ribs, tickling the helpless man. Gene squirmed and snickered helplessly as Jim tortured him.

"Okay! Okay I give! Just get these stupid restraints off me!" Gene gasped.

Jim smiled victoriously and reached up to remove the restraints. As Gene's hands were free they immediately flew into Jim's hair and pulled his head down. His tongue eagerly traced the inside of his lover's mouth, mimicking their actions, driving each other wild. Finally Gene released Jim and they both panted for breath. Gene rolled his hips up against Jim, encouraging him to move faster.

Gene's now free hands roamed over Jim's back caressing the soft skin. He traced over muscles hidden beneath the deceptive baby soft skin. Soon his hands wandered down and began to stroke Jim's erection. Jim groaned in pleasure as Gene used his talented hands to bring him to the brink of ecstasy. Just as Jim was about to come Gene pulled his hands away. Instead he pulled Jim against him and proceeded to steal his breath away once more.

Jim pulled back and decided that a little bit of revenge was in order. He slowed his strokes down to a slow and sensual thrust that was so pleasurable that it was nearly painful. Jim reveled in the feel of Gene's shaft pressed so tightly against his inner walls but not only was it torture for Gene but it was torture for himself as well. He continued for long stretched out minutes before finally giving in to his own need. Looking down at Gene he grinned as he sped his pace once more grinding against him in order to gain more pleasure and sensation.

Gene placed his hands on Jim's hips as a bracer and he too began to thrust, meeting Jim half way. As they moved together Gene managed to find that spot within Jim. The one that made him loose it. Crying out in pleasure Jim went mindless with passion and sensation. He lost his famous calm level headedness and became a creature of pure passion. Hungrily they pushed up against each other, feeding off the sensations they caused within each other.

Gene moved his hands from Jim's hips back to his erection. He began to pump it in time with their thrusts. With the double pleasures of Gene thrusting inside of him and hitting that spot and Gene pumping his erection Jim could no longer hold on. He cried out as he spilled his seed into Gene's hands. His body tightened around Gene as fire and ice ran through his veins signaling that he had reached ecstasy. Gene groaned as Jim tightened around him. He took hold of Jim's hips once again and thrust up deeply into the spasming depths of Jim's body. Finally he too was thrown from the heights of pleasure to be left in a helpless puddle of passion.

Jim slowly slid down to rest on Gene's chest. They both panted heavily. Jim listened to the sound of Gene's heartbeat as his breathing evened out into a regular rise and fall. A sleepy mood descended upon the pair. Jim yawned and snuggled up against Gene's chest sighing as Gene's softened member slipped from his loosened body. Gene wrapped his arms around Jim's smaller body and turned them onto their sides. He pulled the soft sheets and blankets up around them and curled around his lover.

"So you think the bed is properly christened?" Gene wondered sleepily.

"It'll do for now," Jim replied.

"For now?"

"Yeah, we need to do this a few more times to get it broken in just right," Jim grinned.

"Whatever you say Captain Hawking!"

"I do," Jim nodded.

"Well you know what I say?" Gene asked.


"I love you," Gene whispered kissing Jim softly on the lips.

"I love you too Gene."

The End!!


Well how was it? It's my first Gene/Jim lemon. C&C if you're so inclined! Thanks in advance because I just know that all of you will reply right? ~_^

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