By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I do not own Outlaw Star. Darn the fates!
Notes: It's been a while since I wrote, but I got this great idea ^_^ Read and see!

All it took was a single hair. One strand of ocean green silk and a few million wong. The genetic information was extracted. New plans were drawn to specific calculations and with a find blend of science and nature a new bio android was created with all the memories of Harry MacDougal uploaded directly into the perfectly aged and perfectly formed body. Perfect in every way but for a single flaw. The flaw of human emotions, more specifically of love.

Gene groaned as the little blue soda pop can sized robots hopped around on his chest.

"Wake up Gene! Wake up Gene!" They cried out in their dry little voices.

Gene groaned and swatted at the mechanical annoyances.

"Go away! I'm up already!" Gene growled.

"You've missed breakfast," Gilliam's hoard replied in stereo sound. "Jim and Melfina went shopping. Aisha and Suzuka are. You are the only one left. Melfina left explicit instructions to see that you don't sleep the day away."

"Why not?" Gene mumbled, rubbing the grit from his eyes.

"She says that it is not healthy. She wants you to go outside into the fresh air for a while." Gilliam explained.

"But the air here is smoggy," Gene whined.

"It is an order Gene. You must go outside and stay there for at least two hours."

"You can't be serious!" Gene exclaimed.

"I am always serious Gene." Gilliam replied.

Gene grumbled to himself as he walked down the street. There was a small park a few blocks away from the spaceport and Gene decided to walk over there since Gilliam had locked him out of the ship on Melfina's orders. He would have liked to go sit in a bar and have a drink but he had promised Mel that he would drink less to save money but also because of her concern over his drinking habits. She was so much like a mother that it was hard to believe that at one time she doubted her own humanity.

Gene sighed at the direction his thoughts were taking. Serious thoughts of Mel always led to another whose humanity had always been hidden in questions. Harry MacDougal, the unfortunate younger brother of that monster Ron MacDougal always seemed to come directly after Mel. Gene had always admired the younger man's fiery passion that rivaled his own. He had an explosive temper and an unquenchable lust for life. How could someone so alive doubt that they were human and feel they didn't fit in? With a brother like Ron putting you down and degrading you at every turn it was easy to see how.

Ron MacDougal put up a front about caring for his younger brother but in reality that's all it was, a front. He didn't care about Harry as a brother, so much as a tool, a very valuable instrument that would do his bidding. It was sad really.

Gene looked up to see exactly where he was. He'd made it to the park but it was in a sad state of disrepair. The wall around it was crumbling and the gates hung on their hinges at odd angles. Wild weeds had overrun he path that once ran through it. In short it looked like a jungle. Shrugging his shoulders he decided to see what the overgrown little park had to offer. Surely he wouldn't be disturbed in there. Carefully avoiding touching the rusted gates that would probably fall off in the next stiff breeze Gene began stroll down the weed riddled path.

Harry sat on an old stone park bench in a wildly overgrown rose garden. He'd just had to get out for a little while. Ever since he had been given this new body Ron had been acting so weird lately. He was desperately searching for the new coordinates for the Galactic Leyline. After he had Harry installed in this new body he had pretty much ignored him. It seemed the only thing he was good for was navigating the ship.

Sighing, Harry looked down at his hands. Both flesh. No more robotic limbs. He was a bio android now. Just like Melfina. Melfina . . . now he was just like her. He was a bio android, not just a construct. She had fascinated him so much, how she was so human but still part machine. He had wanted to be like her. He didn't want to live out his existence with crude mechanical limbs. He wanted to be flesh. His desire to be flesh was a strange one. He hadn't really truly cared that he was anything but until the day he first encountered the crew of the Outlaw Star. He'd met Gene first.

Gene had come up and touched him and held him and acted so friendly, with an underlying dangerousness. That was his first yearning for true flesh. It was only later that he'd met Melfina, that he'd become obsessed with her and her organic body. He was fascinated by the idea of a bio android that was nearly indeterminable from a normal human. That was what he wanted that was his desire, for only if that was granted could his true desire even be possible, in his mind. His true desire was as untouchable as air. Gene Starwind, he was a beautiful outlaw pilot and Harry's sworn enemy. How could he even dare to think about him when the man would just as soon spit on his grave then touch him with any intention other than harm?

A rustling from down the overgrown path startled him from his thoughts. He had come to this hidden place to get away from people and yet here somebody was trespassing on this sacred seeming ground. Not wanting to be seen, Harry crept into the thorny bushes and his behind a large clump of white roses, hoping that the person would just pass on by.

Harry was forced to suppress a gasp as the person rounded the corner. Gene Starwind himself walked around the corner lost in thought. His heart sped up and he began to breathe heavily. He alternately willed him to walk on by and silently ordered him to stay, his mind contradicting his heart. He wasn't sure if luck was with him or not as Gene saw the bench Harry had just vacated and settled down on it. He looked like he was going to stay a while.

To Be Continued....