Part 2
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't the characters.
Notes: It's been a while but finally here is part two.

Gene decided to sit on a stone bench that sat in the middle of a neglected but blooming rose garden. It was very beautiful. Roses of all colors bloomed around him. There were all shades of reds, pinks, yellows, whites, odd oranges, and deep dark blues. Many of the roses looked like they were pretty rare. He was surprised that some crazed garden freak hadn't come and uprooted them seeing as the park was totally abandoned. He was thoroughly glad that they didn't however, as he sat and smelled the roses.

The wonderful scent was very calming and Gene set about trying to organize his thoughts. His thoughts had other ideas however. They focused, but not the way he wanted them to. As he stared out across the ocean of flower petals he was having visions of smooth pale skin and ocean green hair. Not only that but they were quite naughty and Gene blushed to himself as his body became hot and bothered. Trying to focus on something else, a song popped into his head. It was a song that he had taught Mel back when they'd first met. When she couldn't sleep at night he'd sing it to her, like his father had done for him as a child. Smiling at the memories that song carried for him he began to sing softly to the roses.

Harry nearly fell over as Gene Starwind began to sing. He wasn't singing just any song either; he was singing Melfina's song. The one that had touched his heart so deeply. He tried to calm his loudly beating heart to listen to the red head sing.

"I don't know
What words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me
Flowers sleep.
A silent lullaby
I pray for reply
I'm ready
Oh Serenity
What is it they say?
Maybe I will know one day."

Something tickled Harry's cheek and he reached up to brush it off. His cheek was wet. He was crying! He couldn't remember the last time he'd cried. He'd never done it in this body and it was strange. It was a flaw on perfection. It was human.

He must have made a noise because Gene suddenly jumped up and looked in his direction.

"Who's there?"

Gene looked up at the rustle in the rose bushes. It could have been a harmless animal but as crazy as his life was he doubted it.

"Who's there?" he called out putting his hand on his gun but not drawing just in case it was a curious squirrel or rabbit.

Nobody answered but Gene still felt nervous. Slowly he walked forward. The closer he got the more something began to take shape among the leaves and blossoms. He was only a few feet away when something erupted from the bushes scattering a cloud of multi-colored rose petals in the air. A blur of ocean green tore through the bushes and started running towards the trees. Gene instinctively gave chase. Tearing through the rose bushes he ignored the sharp thorns that bit into his skin. Gene was gaining on the figure before him. He was just within reach.

He made a desperate grab for the long waves of hair flying out behind the person. He grabbed hold of something that slipped free. He stumbled, not expecting his grip to slide. Gene was left holding what looked like a red silk bow. He looked up quickly. The person ran to the edge of the woods. They slowed and looked behind them once before slipping into the trees. Gene was shocked. He'd have thought he'd seen a ghost if he couldn't still feel the warm silk squeezed tightly in his fist. He couldn't believe it but that face had been unmistakable.

"Harry MacDougal," he murmured looking off into the trees.

Harry attempted to slow his swiftly beating heart. Gene had almost caught him. As it was he had the bow from his hair. It was his favorite one. And now Gene had it . . . Gene had his hair bow. Gene had caught him spying. He knew that Harry was still alive. And he hadn't killed him.

Catching his breath Harry began to make his way out of the overgrown park. Ron would be angry if he knew that he had seen Gene Starwind and didn't take the opportunity to kill him. He just wouldn't tell Ron then. It was none of his business anyway. He was pretty sure that Ron was already keeping secrets from him. So he'd just keep this little encounter a secret too. Hugging himself tightly and ignoring the multiple scratches he'd collected Harry slowly walked back home. Ron was waiting for him at the door.

"Harry! Where have you been? I've been waiting for you."

"I was walking," Harry said lightly.

"Whatever, you're here now. I have great news! I found the new co-ordinates to the Galactic Lei Line! Now we can finally get our revenge!" Ron said with fire in his eyes.

"That's great Ron," Harry said looking away.

"Great? This is more than great! This is...this is huge! This is enormous! Go get packed Harry. We're leaving as soon as possible." Ron ordered.

"But Ron," Harry began.

"No." Ron cut him off. "No buts. We leave immediately. Go pack or you'll wear nothing. Not like you need clothes in that fish tank of yours anyway."

"Ron!" Harry growled.

"What can I say? It's a good look on you Harry," Ron leered.

Harry shuddered in disgust and stormed off to get clothes packed. He'd sooner die than run around the ship naked, perfect though his body may be. He just didn't want his brother pawing at him!

Gene stared at the silky red bow in his hands. Harry MacDougal was alive. Gene wasn't sure how he felt about that. He knew that he should be disturbed. But instead he felt relief. Harry was alive. He hadn't killed him. He didn't have that precious life on his head. Smiling Gene wrapped the silk ribbon around his wrist several times and covered it with his coat sleeve. Reveling in the feel of the silk on his wrist Gene decided that he had spent more than enough time outside wandering through his thoughts. Turning, he began to make his way out of the abandoned park. He headed back to the ship humming to himself.

"Gene!" a familiar voice called.

Gene turned and saw Jim running up to him. "Hi Jim. What's up?"

"I finally found you! Why'd you turn your communicator off?" Jim asked panting.

"Oh sorry, I forgot about that."

"Yeah well we need you back at the ship. Somebody is offering us a lot of money for a job. We have to hurry and decide if we'll do it or not." Jim explained.

"How much is a lot of money?" Gene asked.

"Two hundred million wong."

"Ha ha. Really, how much Jim?"

"That's it Gene! Two Hundred Million Wong!" Jim exclaimed looking up to catch Gene's reaction.

Gene cocked his head to the side and blinked. He blinked again. Then he let out an ear splitting whoop and jumped into the air. Jim winced. "I take it you want the job?"

Gene rolled his eyes, grabbed Jim's hand and dragged his partner back to the ship.

To Be Continued....

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