Part 3
By: Missfortune
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"There it is Harry. The Galactic Lei Line.

Harry stared out from his tank at the dark nebulous clouds in front of them. A strange feeling of dread had settled into his stomach and refused to go away. Ever since they had left the planet for the Galactic Lei Line Harry had felt uneasy. Ron had been watching him strangely again and it made his skin crawl. When he wasn't avoiding his brother however he was thinking of Gene. He often wondered what the outlaw thought about their encounter. Was it too much to hope that Gene felt the same way about it as he did?

"Harry, take us in."

Harry snapped back to attention. "Yes Ron." Harry guided the ship into the strange spiral that would ultimately bring them to the heart of the Lei Line. He watched the golden spirals go by as the ship was drawn deeper and deeper into the Lei Line. Soon they were docked and walking down the oddly silent corridors. It wasn't long before they heard the eerily familiar voice echoing in the air above them.

::What is thy desire?::

"I'm almost there," Ron muttered with excitement.

"What about me?" Harry wondered quietly.

::What is thy desire?::

The words struck him. His desire. His desire was to be with Gene Starwind. His desire was to find a love equal to his own within the outlaw's heart. But they were enemies. Even if by some strange turn of events Gene did feel for him, Ron would never permit it. He'd just as soon kill them both as let his brother betray him with a sworn enemy.

"Harry. Harry!"

"What?" Harry blinked.

"We're here," Ron pointed. Harry had completely missed how they got here. They just were.

"I am the Maiden of the Lei Line. What is thy desire?" a soft voice called out. The brothers looked over and saw a perfect copy of Melfina standing before them wrapped in white robes.

"Melfina?" Harry called.

"I am the Maiden of the Lei Line. What is thy desire?" the girl repeated patiently.

"Oh, well..." Harry trailed off.

"I want revenge." Ron announced.

"Revenge? On who?" Harry asked his brother.

"Gene Starwind of course. I'm going to kill that miserable man and his crew. I'll show him what it means to cross Ron MacDougal!"

"Ron!" Harry exclaimed shocked.

"What? I know you want them as much as I do Harry." Ron replied without looking at his brother.

"That's-that's not what I want!"

"You're wrong. You want it. You want to hear them scream in pain. You want to see Gene Starwind's blood flow like a river. You want it so bad you can taste it!"

"No! No Ron I don't! That's-"

Before Harry had a chance to finish his sentence there was a flash of light. He blinked and saw that Ron was gone. "Ron? Ron! RON!!!"

"His desire is death. Death he shall have." The maiden said sadly.

"No! No he can't do that!!" Harry cried out.

"You do not desire death?"

"No! I don't want death! I don't want Gene's death!" Harry yelled frantically.

"What is they desire?" the maiden asked.

"My desire...I cannot say." Harry cried out as tears rolled down his cheeks.

"You must, lest you loose everything." The maiden insisted.

Harry looked up at the maiden of the Lei Line. "You desire..."

"I desire..." Harry began.

"You desire love."

Harry nodded.

"You desire the love of one forbidden to you."

Again Harry nodded.

"You desire the love of Gene Starwind." The maiden said softly.

"Yes," Harry whispered. "Yes, that is my desire."

"Well you cannot have it." The maiden announced.

Harry slumped dejectedly. "I-I know."

"You cannot have it without earning it." The maiden continued.

"W-what?" Harry looked up surprised.

"You must earn the love of Gene Starwind."

"How do I do that?" Harry asked.

"Save him."

To Be Continued....!

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