Gene is in Love? No Way!

Gene is in Love? No Way!
By: Missfortune
Notes: Sorry for the lame title -_-

Jim sat in his sleeping cubicle holding tightly to his little pink robot.

"I'm just so mad Gilliam!" Jim said to the little robot.

"What's wrong with you Jim? Melfina expressed concern about your behavior, as do I. I know that you are angry but what is the cause of your frustration?" Gilliam asked.

"It's Gene," Jim replied.

"Yes he has been being quite difficult lately," Gilliam agreed.

"Yeah but its more than that," Jim sighed.

"Explain," Gilliam requested.

"Do you promise not to tell anyone Gilliam?" Jim asked uncertainly.

"Certainly, if you choose to share personal information then I shall not disclose them without your explicit permission," Gilliam reassured.

"Well, I guess I should tell somebody," Jim sighed. "Gene almost kissed me! This morning when I went to wake him up he almost kissed me."

"And this upsets you?" Gilliam inquired.

"No! Well yeah because I was really tempted to kiss him back! I wanted to kiss him really bad but then he called me Rosie." Jim said dejectedly. "So what was I supposed to do? I got mad. After that we got in a fight. Then when he made up another scheme for getting rich quick he came to see me. He laughed when he saw that I painted you pink."

"Well I do look quite funny," Gilliam added.

"But I like pink! I think you look cute. Besides the whole ship is Gene's I just wanted something to be mine. And this one little pink drone robot is mine. No one else can mistake it for one of Gene's. I mean even the company is more his than mine. His name comes first. Starwind and Hawking enterprises. I do all the business stuff but its still his." Jim explained.

"I do all the planning and important stuff and he struts around like the figurehead of the whole deal! He doesn't want to plan anything. He's willing to just wander around in the dark and hope that his luck doesn't run out. I just can't do it that way. I need some sort of plan. He just infuriates me!" Jim yelled out suddenly.

"It frustrates me as well. We are put into danger to relieve his sense of adventure." Gilliam said.

"But then if he didn't do it that way he just wouldn't be Gene Starwind. He'd be just another nobody. But I don't love a nobody. I love Gene Starwind." Jim sighed.

"So that is your problem?" Gilliam asked. "You are in love."

"Yeah, I'm in love. But why with him of all people? I mean he's impulsive and gets us into all sort of trouble. He's stubborn, strong, extremely handsome and I just . . . I can't resist his charm. Nobody can. That smile of his. Oh Gilliam what should I do?" Jim asked picking up the pink robot and looking it in its mechanical eye.

"I suggest you look behind you," Gilliam said as the pink robot's eyes widened.

Jim whipped his head around to see Gene standing in the entry to his sleeping cubicle. Jim's eyes widened in fear. "Gene!" Jim cried.

"Jim?" Gene said quietly.

Jim panicked. He shot out of the cubicle right past Gene and ran out down the hall with the pink robot clutched tightly to his chest.

Gene just stood at the entrance to Jim's cubicle in shock. Jim loved him? That was just too good to be true! He quickly snapped out of it and turned to run after Jim. He sped down the hall as different thoughts flew through his head. He'd been there almost from the beginning. He'd heard the whole conversation between Jim and Gilliam. Was he really as bad as they made him out to be? He thought that he'd always been fair wherever Jim was concerned.

He'd always cared for the boy and wanted to be good to him. But somewhere along the way care had turned into something more intense. It turned into love. And not just the love for a little brother or best friend but the love of somebody you could share everything with. Even now he shared everything with Jim. Everything except his bed and his affection or so he thought.

However one of the strongest reasons he kept silent was not fear of rejection but rather a strong sense of taboo. Jim was only young. He wouldn't go so far as to call him a child for Jim's intelligence and maturity far surpassed that of any other person his age. But Jim was young all the same and still almost a baby by some standards. What kind of monster would he be if he took a young impressionable mind into his bed and molded him into something else, never giving him a chance to figure things out and experiment for himself? It was all so complicated, he loved Jim and yet he wasn't supposed to because he was so young.

Gene shook his head. He needed to find Jim first before he contemplated what a strange place the universe was. He stopped suddenly as he looked up at the maintenance rail that his underwear hung from. A little blue robot hung from the rail looking at the underwear with its mechanical arms crossed in frustration. Gene would have laughed if it hadn't given him an idea.

"Gilliam where is Jim?" Gene asked directing the question at the robot.

The robot turned to look at him. "Jim has requested that I not impart that information at this time."

"Come on Gilliam its important," Gene complained.

"Well perhaps if you remove your undergarments from my rail I shall tell you," Gilliam replied.

"Are you bribing me?" Gene asked.

"Perhaps," Gilliam said noncommittally.

"Fine," Gene grumbled as he pulled his black boxers off the rail and bundled them in his arms. "Now where is Jim?"

"I am sorry but he has ordered me not to inform you of his location." Gilliam notified Gene.

"Grr! As Captain of this ship I override that command and order you to tell me the location of Jim Hawking!" Gene demanded.

"The location of Jim Hawking is in cargo hold one," Gilliam replied immediately.

"Thank you Gilliam," Gene said as he stalked off in the direction of the cargo hold.

Jim sat huddled in the far corner of the cargo bay hugging the pink robot to his chest. He sniffled lightly as tears ran down his cheeks.

"Now he's going to hate me forever," Jim said pitifully.

"I'm sure that is not the case," Gilliam said as a little mechanical robot arm patted Jim's cheek.

"He heard what I said! He'll never talk to me again!" Jim protested.

"I will so."

Jim's head snapped up. "Gene!"

"The one and only," Gene grinned.

Jim squinted, momentarily distracted. "Gene what are you holding?"

"Ah um, my underwear," Gene replied.


"Because Gilliam didn't want them on his maintenance rail." Gene said scratching the back of his head.

"Oh," Jim said looking down at the little robot in his lap.

"Jim," Gene said stepping closer.

Jim ignored him.

"Jim," he said again as he kneeled in front of him.

"What?" Jim asked not looking up.

"Look at me," Gene said reaching forward and taking hold of Jim's chin, making him look him in the eye.

Jim looked up fearfully. Another tear slipped down Jim's cheek. Gene smiled as he leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to Jim's cheek, effectively stopping the trail of his tears. Jim gasped and Gene drew back slightly. He looked Jim in the eye before leaning forward and pressing his lips to Jim's. He reveled in the feel of those soft lips beneath his own. He brushed his hand across Jim's downy cheek as he pulled back once again.

Jim sat in shock. "G-Gene?" he whispered softly.

"I love you too, Jim," Gene smiled.

The End