Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elders
Part 1
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Donít own them
Warning: Yaoi, lemon
Notes: It was interesting the way Leilong and Gene interacted, so what happens if they chance to meet again?

Gene sat in the corner of a burnt out bar in the middle of nowhere. His head rested against the table as he covertly watched the people around him. Most of them didn't give him a second glance. One person however, was acutely aware of Gene's spying, mostly because he was watching Gene in return. After a staring match that went on forever, the man stood and made his way over to Gene's little shadowy corner.

Gene watched from the cradle of his arms as the man placed a bottle of whiskey in front of him and then took a seat. With infinite slowness Gene picked his head up from the table and stared at his company.

"Leilong, I thought you were dead," he said flatly.

"Now Gene, did you honestly think you could kill me that easily?" Leilong picked up Gene's overturned glass and filled it up. He stared at Gene as he pushed the drink across the table within Gene's reach.

Gene sighed. "I suppose it was too good to be true." He downed the drink in one swallow before lowering his head back to the table.

"Something wrong kid?"

"You mean besides the usual? Yeah, everything's fine and dandy. I mean I love Jim to death but the kid has been on me about money so bad these days that I just want to strangle him. But then Aisha would strangle me cause Jim is like her little brother or something, not that she's much better, she keeps hounding me about the Galactic Ley Line and C'tarl C'tarl this and C'tarl C'tarl that. And Suzuka just sits back and watches it all making the occasional haughty comment, while Melfina tries to get everyone to stop fighting and Gilliam adds his mechanical two wong. On top of the pirates it just seems like everyone is after me in some way." Gene vented.

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, it is."

"Then let's you and me have a little drink," Leilong replied refilling Gene's glass. "To humanity," He held up his glass.

"To humanity," Gene replied flatly as he clinked their glasses together. "So how's the assassin business?" Gene asked propping his head up off the table with his fist.

"Oh, I don't do that anymore. I quit after my first run-in with you," Leilong replied.

"So what do you do?"

"Whatever comes my way," Leilong answered with a tiny grin.

"So what's come your way lately then?"

"Only you," Leilong replied staring Gene in the eyes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Gene asked staring back.

"Whatever you want it to mean," Leilong replied enigmatically.

Gene eyed the older man warily. Did he mean what he thought he meant? His brain was too alcohol muddled to really think in such complicated patterns.

"Listen kid, do ya wanna come back to my room? You're obviously sloshed."

"Sure," Gene replied, too tired to care.

Leilong got up from the table and helped the unsteady younger man to his feet. It was only Leilong's strength that kept Gene standing, otherwise he would have collapsed to the ground. Leilong practically carried Gene out of the tavern and down to the dingy hotel he was staying in. The bored desk clerk barely gave them a second look when they walked past. He'd worked there too long to not be used to such things. Somewhere along the way Gene lost consciousness. He later awoke as he was being laid out on a bed. He slowly opened his eyes to see Leilong standing above him with a strange gleam in his eye.

"See somethin ya like old man?" Gene asked tauntingly as he stretched his arms above his head, feeling his black shirt ride up over his stomach.

"Well ya ain't much to look at but if I get the angle right I can see your potential kid," Leilong replied with a slight smirk.

"Says the old geezer," Gene returned.

"Hey kid, you need to learn some respect for your elders," Leilong replied sitting down on the bed.

"You gonna teach it to me?" Gene demanded sitting up and getting in the older man's face.

Leilong grabbed Gene's face and pulled it in close to his own. "That's exactly what I'm gonna do," he replied as his lips collided with Gene's.

To Be Continued . . .