Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elder
Part 3
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Don't own them
Warning: Yaoi, lemon
Notes: It was interesting the way Leilong and Gene interacted, so what happens if they chance to meet again?

Leilong pulled Gene into his lap. Gene rested on his knees straddling Leilong's lap. Leilong used the considerable strength of his arms to lift Gene up and position him over his throbbing member. As Gene felt the tip at his entrance he groaned and tried to push himself down but found that he was trapped just hovering above his goal.

"Patience is something else you need to learn," Leilong advised Gene.

"No more lessons please," Gene begged. "I just wanna . . Aaaaahhhh!" he cried as he was slowly lowered onto Leilong's erection.

"Patience is a virtue and some things are worth the wait," Leilong groaned as his iron control began to slip a little.

Gene pressed his chest tightly to Leilong. He wrapped his arms around the older man's muscular shoulders and pressed his mouth into his neck. Leilong slid his hands up those scarred thighs and up to the slender waist. He held Gene in place as the younger man squirmed lightly. Gene moaned as each move he made sent ripples of pleasure through his body.

He lifted his body and then impaled Gene once more thrusting deeper and reaching places in Gene that had never been touched before. Gene was mindless with pleasure tinged with pain. He hadn't known that it could ever feel like this. If he had, he'd have done it a lot sooner. They moved together and Leilong used every ounce of his considerable experience to make it pleasurable for Gene.

Gene was going near out of his mind at just the slightest sensations. Each brush of Leilong's hand across his back or his face sent shivers through him. Every thrust, every noise, everything blended together to make it into something more. There was no way that this was just simple lust being released. He had the feeling that it was something more but he was too drunk on alcohol and pleasure to come to any sort of conclusion. All he could do was ride the wave of pleasure that was building inside of him.

Leilong could see the thoughts trying to form inside Gene's head and tried even harder to dispel them. This was supposed to be a release of pent up feelings not a deep earth shattering epiphany. And so Leilong doubled his efforts and attempted to try and shut off his own thoughts as well. Soon enough any rational thought was impossible to keep in his head. And so they moved in the ancient rhythm of the universe giving and receiving for the moment with no price, no worries and most importantly no commitment.

Soon their activities caught up with them and they were drowning in the passionate waves of their own making. Gene cried out as he came. Leilong just clamped his mouth down on Gene's shoulder puncturing the skin and leaving the young man a new scar to remember even as he filled his body with his seed. Gene slumped against him totally spent. Leilong laid them both gently down on the bed carefully pulling out of Gene's exhausted body. He got up from the bed and retrieved a damp cloth to clean them both up.

Gene sighed softly in his sleep as he was wiped clean of his own seed. Leilong smiled down at Gene who looked so much like a lost boy while he slept. It was obvious that he was getting soft in his old age. This beautiful outlaw was stirring something within him that he'd never thought possible. It was nearly unimaginable to think that after only a few meetings and a one night stand that he was in love with the red haired rogue. Unfortunately, that's what it looked like.

Shaking his head he pulled the covers up around Gene's neck and quietly walked around the room collecting his possessions. Sighing he looked down at the bed regretfully. Gene would hate him for this, but hopefully one day he'd come to understand. For now it was better this way. He looked sadly at the beautiful figure in the bed, wanting only to climb in and stay that way but he knew that he had to go. With one last look he slipped from the room and was off the station before Gene even awoke.

To Be Continued...