Sequel to Breakdown

By: Missfortune

~ The gates are open ~

They'd confessed. They finally admitted their feelings. And now they just stayed suspended within the tank allowing their feelings to flow freely between them. They shared everything they'd ever known, holding nothing back. They shared it all in silence just staring into each other's eyes.

~ But you won't leave ~

Then there was nothing else to share. Nothing more that they could trade that they didn't already know about each other. And still they stayed. Floating in the liquid just feeling each other, being surrounded by each other's essence. They stayed.

~ Break this silence ~


~ You choose to keep ~

Gene's eyes focused more clearly on Jim. //Yes Jim?//

~ Without knowing ~

//What do we do now?// Jim asked. //This changes everything.//

~~ Without fear ~~

//Are you afraid?// Gene asked.

//Yes// Jim admitted.

//Don't be. Everything changed but its still the same. I'm still Gene Starwind and you are still Jim Hawking. We are in love and that's all that matters.//

~~ Of where you're going ~~

//I know but where is this going? Where are we going?//

//Wherever our hearts lead us Jim// Gene answered as he wrapped his arms around Jim's slender waist.

~~ Now you are here ~~

//You're here with me now, don't worry about anything else// Gene said pulling their bodies closer pressing them together.

~~ And when the talk comes too cheap ~~

//But . . .// Jim started.

Gene kissed Jim softly cutting off his words reassuring him with his body, with his presence. Saying without words exactly what Jim needed to hear. Letting his calming thoughts wash over the younger boy.

~ When the lies cut so deep ~

Jim soaked in the gentle thoughts. Drinking them greedily, trying to wash away the lies and doubt that still lurked in his head. One doesn't get over things quite so easily, but it was a start.

~ When that money in your hands ~

So maybe they weren't rich, as Gene had planned. Maybe the money they spread around wasn't theirs. Maybe they were broke but they had each other. They would always have each other no matter what and that was better then all the money in the universe.

~ Hasn't worked out like you planned ~

Even if Gene's plans of making it big never came to pass Jim would be content. He had a new plan now. To be with Gene forever.

~~ Surrender ~~

//That's it Jim. Just let go. Let is all go. Surrender// Gene's mind whispered.

~~ Your heart to me ~~