Twilight Truths

Twilight Truths
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Warnings: A dab of shoujo-ai.
Notes: The original concept was too weird so I just wrote a short little ficlet. Enjoy.

Suzuka stood on the top of the Outlaw Star watching the sunset. It had become tradition for every day they spent planet side. She would find the highest point around and would climb atop it to watch the sun set below the horizon and the twilight spread across the sky. They never asked why, they just accepted and that was fine with her. They all had their secrets. Every single person on the Outlaw Star had a secret that they kept. Most didn't know the secrets the others held.

Some were let out in vulnerable moments. Suzuka was a collector of them all. She'd heard every single one of them. She knew of Jim's true background. She knew Gene's true feelings for his young partner. She knew of Aisha's true failure of the C'tarl C'tarl Empire. She knew of Melfina's transgressions with Harry MacDougal. She even knew of Gilliam's mechanical obsession with Jim. But none of them knew her secret. None of them even suspected the secret she harbored. And she was glad to keep it like that.

But at times, her secret along with everybody else's weighed upon her. So at twilight she took the opportunity to watch the twilight settle like an old friend. She would pull the blanket of night around her shoulders and let it soothe her soul. The twilight, she took her name from it and it kept her secret for her. The twilight that masked her shame.

"What do you see in the darkness?"

Suzuka looked down. "Aisha."

"What do you see in the darkness Suzuka?" Aisha asked again.

"Shadows," Suzuka replied in a soft voice.

"What haunts you in the night?"


"What do you see?"

"Death," came the whispered response.

"Do you want to talk?" the C'tarl C'tarl asked.

"My shame is my own," Suzuka replied.

"But Suzu..."

"Do not call me that. I wish to be alone." Suzuka responded sharply.

Aisha let loose a raspy sigh and slipped off into the darkness. Suzuka neither saw nor heard her go but she felt her presence slip away. The loss tugged at her but she steeled herself and stayed on her perch. From down below Aisha watched the solitary figure stand out against the moon.

"You will give in to me." Aisha vowed quietly before she slid into the gloom of the night.

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