Heart to Heart Conversations
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Neither the characters nor the candy belong to me otherwise I would have a lot more money than I do now.
Warning: This is a Shonen Ai story. That means Boy love as in boys loving boys. You don't like it leave.
Note: I remembered that Valentine's day was fast approaching and decided to get a headstart on my story rather than leaving it for the last minute. I pulled out my bag os heart candy and thought 'Why not?' Most of the dialogue in this fic is really candy conversation hearts. The candy phrases are contained like so: {Be mine}. Get it? You will. I picked out every phrase from my bag of candy hearts. How about that? Well now on with the sugar shock!
Dedication: This fic is dedicated to Rahne who was the very first person to sign my guestbook. Thanx!

February 14, Valentine’s Day

It was the Goldenrod City Pokemon Center’s annual Valentine’s Day party. Mostly the only people who attended were kids on their journeys with no sweethearts to be with. So all being single and having nothing better to do Ash, Brock and Misty were attending the small gathering. People were trading Valentines with their friends and standing around drinking punch and eating heart-shaped cupcakes. Everyone was eating candy conversation hearts by the handfuls. Ash was standing with Brock and Misty while they discussed something or other. He wasn’t really paying attention to them. He was busy watching a lone figure sitting on a couch up against the far wall.

It was Gary. He was sitting all alone. No cheerleaders, groupies, or admirers of any kind. He looked almost approachable this way. He reminded Ash of when they were still friends. Then it all went wrong. He knew what went wrong. They had fallen in love but Gary had panicked and ran. Ash was still in love with him and that was why it hurt so much when Gary was so mean to him. Sometimes with the way Gary treated him it was so easy to slip into the mask of rivalry, but deep down inside he knew it was a lie. He supposed that for Gary it was easier to just be rivals than to figure out his feelings. Ash sighed. He looked at the lone figure and then down at the candy in his hand. Slowly an idea began to form.

Gary was not having any fun at the party. His cheerleaders had all abandoned him and he had no idea where they'd gone. It didn't matter, he didn't want them anyway. There was only one person he wanted. That person was Ash. But Gary had blown it. He had panicked and ran. Then he'd hurt Ash by turning rivals and being a complete jerk to him. Gary wouldn't forgive himself for half the stunts he pulled with Ash, so why should Ash?

A sudden dip in the couch pulled Gary out of his thoughts signaling that he had company. He turned to see the object of his thoughts sitting beside him on the couch. Ash smiled shyly as he held out something to Gary. He saw that it was a small white candy heart with a peace sign on it. He looked at it bewildered. He looked up into Ash's soft brown eyes before accepting his peace offering and popping it into his mouth. He savored the flavor as he decided how to respond.

He looked at the bowl of hearts on the coffee table and an idea struck him. He leaned forward and rummaged through the bowl while Ash watched him curiously. Finally he came away with his prize and handed it to Ash. Ash looked down into the palm of his hand to see a small purple heart. The heart said {I'm sorry}. Ash's eyes watered as he stared down at the candy in his hand. He looked up into Gary's pleading eyes. He saw all the words that were so hard for Gary to say out loud. He smiled sweetly as he placed the candy in his mouth in silent acceptance of the apology.

Gary pulled the bowl of candy onto the couch next to him and looked through them once more. His next heart said {Be mine}. Ash dug through the bowl looking for an appropriate answer before coming out with a simple {Yes}.

Gary's next heart said {Miss you}.

To which Ash replied with two candies, {Miss you} and {2000 hugs}.

Gary promptly handed him {2000 kisses}.

Ash grinned and silently retorted with {Lover boy}.

Gary handed him a pink heart that said {I love you}.

Ash replied {I hope}{Romeo}.

{I do}{Only you} Gary's candy said.

{Be true} Ash taunted sweetly.

{It's true}{Amore} Gary replied.

{E Z 2 love}? Ash questioned with his candy and his eyes.

{Yes dear} Gary retorted back.

{Awesome} Ash sent back as he squirmed happily on the couch. Gary studied the candies before handing Ash two more.

{Be mine}{For keeps} they said.

Ash looked up and smiled glowingly. His answer came in two more hearts. {Of course}{My love}.

Gary smiled back as he handed Ash three more hearts. {All mine}{Angel}{All mine}.

Ash handed Gary a single orange heart. {Kiss me} it requested.

Gary's response was to lean forward and gently brush his lips across Ash's. Ash leaned forward into the soft kiss. He parted his lips slightly and Gary took full advantage by sliding his tongue into Ash's mouth. Their mouths were sweet from all the candy they'd been eating and their tongues happily explored each others sugary depths. Gary brought his hand up to cup Ash's cheek as their kiss continued on for long moments. Finally they pulled back gasping for breath. Ash looked around and noticed people watching them. He shifted nervously on the couch.

“Gary,” he whispered.

“Eh?” Gary queried without looking up from the bowl of candy.

“People are staring,” he whispered.

“Let them,” Gary replied drawing Ash’s attention back to himself. He held a heart under Ash’s nose. {It’s love} it said. Ash opened his mouth and accepted Gary’s confession.

Ash snagged a candy out of the bowl and held it up for Gary. {True love} it said. Gary opened his mouth and teasingly nipped at Ash’s fingers as he took the candy heart. Gary reached out and took Ash’s hand.

“Come on,” he said. “We have things too talk about and I don’t want to do it here. Besides these candies can’t say it all. Even though they were a useful was to express things that are hard to say out loud. They don’t make candy hearts big enough to say all the things I have to say to you.” Gary said smiling. “I do believe that I saw a nice quiet little café around the corner from here. It should be the perfect place for us to talk.”

Ash nodded and allowed Gary to pull him to his feet. He looked around for Misty and Brock. He spotted them near the door. They were locked in a tight embrace. Ash smiled at them. Gary turned to look at what Ash was smiling at. He saw Ash’s traveling companions hugging. He turned back to Ash who was digging through the candy again. Ash flashed the heart at Gary who smiled and selected one of his own. Then they turned and walked towards the door hand in hand.

Misty watches as Gary and Ash mend their old relationship and seal it with a kiss. She looks at the candy in her own palm and selects one which she hands to Brock.

{How sweet} it reads.

Brock doesn’t know how to respond. But before he can think of something to, she hands him another heart. {Say yes} it instructs.

This he can respond to. He promptly hands back one that says {Yes dear}.

Misty hands him another candy. {Hug me} it says. He smiles and hugs his friend tightly. They hold each other for much longer than necessary but neither one seems to mind. Just as they break away Gary and Ash walk by them. Ash hands Misty a candy and Gary slips one to Brock. They both smile and wink at the couple as they head for the door. Misty holds up a heart that says {You go girl}. Brock shows her the candy that says {You rock}. They both smile and look after their young friend.

Gary and Ash are going to have a real heart to heart conversation without the aid of conversation hearts. Handy as they are, they can only say so much. There was only one more heart that Gary planned on using in the future. He smiled as he thought about the little green heart that said {Marry me} in his pocket. It would have to wait a while but it would definitely have its time in the limelight.

The End