Intimidation Factor
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: The Characters are not my property by any stretch of imagination.
Warning: Violence and Rape, Shonen Ai
Notes: I was just wondering about the dedication of Gary's cheerleaders. How far would they go to make him win?

"The day of the tournament and he's late! I can't believe this. Where is he?" Gary fumed. "Probably slept in again, that loser!"

"Don't worry Gary, if he doesn't show up, he forfeits and you win." one of his cheerleaders said.

"I don't want to win cause he doesn't show up, I want to beat him fair and square." Gary replied.

A few of the cheerleaders shifted awkwardly.

The Previous Night

Ash and Pikachu were relaxing before the championship. Tomorrow they would battle Gary for the title.

"C'mon Pikachu, we should go to sleep early to get our rest," Ash said to his electric mouse pokemon.

"Chu," it agreed. Pikachu snuggled into the pillows as Ash stripped down to a T-shirt and boxers and readied himself for bed. He was just settling into sleep when the door opened. He was blinded by the beam of a flashlight. Next to him, Pikachu was pulled into a pokeball in a small explosion of light.

"Get rid of the rat and grab the boy," a voice commanded. The pokéball was moved out of Ash's reach as he was pinned to the bed by four dark figures.

Ash opened his mouth to yell but a gag was quickly shoved in his mouth, silencing him. A gloved hand grabbed his face. He struggled against the hand but the others were holding him too tightly.

"Don't struggle and it might be easier on you," somebody whispered roughly in his ear.

He tried to lash out but was slapped savagely.

"Although if you like it rough, that's fine with me," the dark shadow purred. The leather clad hand reached out and wiped the line of blood from the corner of his mouth. The hand was slowly lifted to the mask covered face of the figure making as if to lick off the blood. One of the others gagged. "Shut up!" the first figure snarled at its companions. The dark shadow shook itself as if in a trance and then looked back at Ash.

"You're probably wondering what we want," the person said.

Ash decided that it was a female, their voice was just too high to be a male's. Ash nodded at the figure.

"It's very simple. We just want one thing. We want you to forfeit the competition tomorrow."

Ash shook his head wildly. There was no way he was going to forfeit.

"We're just going to have to persuade you otherwise. Tie him up," the shadow growled.

Ash's hands were pulled behind his back roughly and tied with scratchy ropes and his ankles were roped together. He tried to move but the tight ropes bit into his soft flesh. He was flipped onto his stomach and his legs were pulled back and tied to his wrists. Ash tried to struggle but he was tied too tightly. The ropes rubbed his skin raw even as his circulation began to slow. He saw a glint in the corner of his eye and he froze. A wicked looking blade was brought into his line of vision.

"Yes, that's right, don't move, or you'll get cut," the shadow woman instructed him.

He felt movement on his back and heard a suspicious noise. He felt a breeze and realized that his clothes were being cut away. He jumped slightly and pain shot through him.

"Oops, looks like you've been cut! I told you to stay still," the shadow woman purred.

Ash fought back tears of pain. He was completely still as his shorts were cut away. He didn't even dare to breathe. He felt a bead of blood rolling down his side from the cut on his back.

"Good boy," the shadow woman cooed. "Now I'm going to ask you nicely one more time. Will you forfeit tomorrow's competition?"

Ash shook his head. He would not be intimidated into giving up his dreams.

"Oh, that's too bad, because now I'm going to have to convince you," the shadow woman sighed.

"I?" one of the other shadows demanded.

"Yes, I. Leave him to me," the first said.

"Is that such a good idea?" another asked.

"I said, Go!" the first snarled.

The others left slowly, shutting the door with a soft click, leaving Ash with the depraved shadow woman.

Ash heard some shifting and rustling. He tried to turn his head but he was slapped by the dark figure holding him. He could taste the coppery blood welling up in his mouth. His legs were pulled apart at a painful angle causing the rope to cut into his ankles. Something large and rounded was pressed into the crack of his ass. His eyes widened with the realization of what she was about to do to him. Fear rose in him and he struggled violently. He was slapped hard but he continued to struggle. A punch in the head dazed him slightly but he still fought.

Suddenly, the thing was shoved inside him. He tried to scream as the thing tore him open, but the gag choked him. The object was pulled out and plunged back deeper inside of his body as tears rolled down his face. He felt like he was being torn in two. He could feel blood welling up between his legs. The thing in him was large and it had gone in dry, brutally ripping his soft skin. Something was pushed and the gadget began to vibrate. He tried to cry out once more as the thing jarred him. His body trembled as he was violated and above the electric buzz of the device within him and his own cries he heard harsh feminine laughter that would forever be engraved upon his mind.

Soon his body went limp as he slipped into shock. The evil shadow with the voice of a gentle girl cackled on as she broke him. Slowly, blackness surrounded him and he slipped into unconsciousness as his innocence shattered and his world fell apart.

Gary was annoyed. He had won the competition because Ash never showed up. That wasn't how he wanted it to go. He had wanted to beat Ash in a battle. He had wanted to see the look of defeat cross his face as he realized that Gary was better than he was. Instead, all he had to do was stand around and wait until he was handed the badge that named him champion. It was all too hollow though. His cheerleaders had been jumping all over the place as if they had just won the lottery or something. They had been acting kind of strange lately any way. It was probably time to get rid of them.

Gary decided to go over to Ash's hotel to see if he could get some answers. He and Ash had been staying at the same hotel but Gary had a nicer room. They were on different floors altogether and so they hadn't seen each other at all during their stay. He had to get Ash's room number from the front desk but the room was easy enough to find. He got to the door and went to knock but when he touched the door it swung open. He heard a small whimper from inside the dark room.

Gary's heart began to beat faster. He had a bad feeling about this and he was afraid of what he would find. He walked cautiously into the room letting the door shut behind him. Slowly, he felt along the wall searching for the light switch. He found the switch and turned the light on. His eyes adjusted and his heart froze. A small figure was tied up on the bed. The battered body stood out against the blood stained sheets. A cry escaped Gary's lips as he ran to the bed. He jumped onto the bed and tried to turn the figure over. Another whimper escaped as he jarred the body. He pulled it into his lap and looked down at the face confirming his worst fear. It was Ash. Ash looked up at him with huge dilated eyes. Gary's heart nearly broke when he looked into them. He stroked Ash's wild hair back from his face and kissed his forehead comfortingly.

"It's okay he whispered. Everything will be okay. I'm here. It's okay." Gary whispered. He knew he was babbling, but he knew that if he didn't he would burst into tears. Right now Ash needed him to be strong. Gary dug through his pockets and pulled out his Swiss army knife. He carefully cut the ropes pulling Ash's legs to his wrists and then sliced through his bonds. But the ropes wouldn't come off. They were glued on with Ash's own blood. Gary was horrified. He settled Ash's trembling body in his lap as he undid the gag. "Ash, what happened?" he whispered.

"She...they...I..." Ash began hoarsely. He looked up at Gary and just fell apart. He buried his head in Gary's chest and began to cry. Gary wrapped his arms around him and tried to comfort him. But how does one comfort somebody whose world has just been crushed. Everything that he had believed in was ripped away from him. He might never believe in the goodness of people again. And for that Gary too mourned. Most importantly, he cried for his friend. His friend whom, despite all their differences and petty battles, he loved.

Ash had just settled down into an uneasy sleep. Gary stood up and stretched. Several bones made harsh popping noises. Hospital furniture was very uncomfortable. Gary looked down at Ash's sleeping face. Instead looking peaceful in his sleep, he looked scared. Gary sighed. He stroked Ash's face gently. They had yet to get any information out of him about his attackers. Officer Jenny had been very nice but for some reason Ash seemed to be terrified of women, which was strange considering the fact that a man raped him. One would think that the opposite was true and that he'd be afraid of men.

Wait a minute. When he found Ash, he had said "she." If it was a man why would he say she? He also said "they," meaning that there was more than one of them. A feminine they. Team Rocket? No, they were bad, but he didn't think they would stoop that low. Even if their boss was slime, Jesse, James, and Meowth seemed like decent people, if a bit misled. For the life of him he couldn't think of anybody who would want to hurt Ash. Everybody who met him seemed to fall in love with him. Himself included.

Gary decided to walk back to his hotel. He needed some time to think. Hopefully, he could shower, change his dirty clothes, grab a quick bite to eat, and be back before Ash woke up and realized that he was gone. Gary walked through the cool morning air. He had spent all day and night with Ash in the hospital. Ash wouldn't let any of the female staff near him unless Gary was there and even then he was scared out of his wits. It was a problem since the hospital didn't have any male nurses and male doctors couldn't attend to him all the time. Gary sighed, releasing a small puff of steam into the air. He hated to see Ash like that. Sure they had been rivals, but Gary wouldn't wish that on anybody, especially Ash who was also his best friend and love, although he'd never admitted it to him.

Gary trudged through the hotel wearily. For some reason he found himself passing Ash's room where police tape was stretched across the door barring entry. As he walked to the stairs he tripped over something. He looked down. It was a Pokeball. How had the police missed this? He picked it up and pressed the button and Ash's Pikachu jumped out bristling.

"Pikachu!" Gary said. "Are you all right? Did they hurt you?"

"Pikapi?" Pikachu called. "Pikapi!" the little mouse wailed.

"No no, he's alright Pikachu. I brought him to the hospital. He's gonna be fine." Gary assured the little yellow mouse.

"Pika?" it chirped.

"Yes, I'm going to go back there after I shower and change. Would you like to come with me? I'll feed you breakfast." Gary said offering his hand to the little mouse. Pikachu looked up at him searchingly before nodding it's head and putting out a little paw to shake his hand. Suddenly, Pikachu jumped on his arm and crawled up to settle itself on his shoulder. "So you don't like your view of the world down there? What makes you think that it's any better up here?" he asked as he trudged up the stairs.

When they got to the room Gary called room service. "I hope you're hungry Pikachu because I don't know how much of an appetite I'll have."

"Chu," Pikachu commented mournfully.

"You wait here, I'm going to take a quick shower. I should be out before room service gets here." Gary told the mouse.

"Cha," Pikachu said as it settled on the bed and stepped on the television remote. Gary watched, amused as the pokemon surfed channels by walking across the remote before finally settling on some cartoons. Gary wasn't quite sure if Ash's pikachu was very well trained or just free-spirited.

Gary turned and walked into the bathroom pushing the door shut behind him. He quickly slipped out of yesterday's clothes, which still bore Ash's bloodstains. He threw the soiled clothes in the trash not wanting to keep reminders of what had happened. Gary stepped into the shower letting the freezing cold water run over him before it finally heated. He picked up a small bar of soap and scrubbed his body thoroughly. He felt dirty, but he had to hurry. He had to get back to Ash. He quickly shampooed his hair, rinsed off, and stepped out of the shower. He pulled on the fluffy complimentary hotel robe and emerged from the bathroom, towel drying his hair.

"Chu," Pikachu greeted him.

"Anything good on TV?" Gary asked.

Pikachu flipped to a news station where they were showing a small clip about what happened to Ash.

Gary's heart sunk. "There goes my appetite," Gary said.

Somebody knocked on the door and Gary threw the towel over his shoulder as he got up to answer it. Room service had arrived with their food. Gary thanked the maid and brought the tray into the room. He set it down on the bed and raised the lid. Steam rose from the plate as the warm food was revealed. Gary picked at some scrambled eggs and toast while Pikachu ate strawberries and mini muffins. Gary wasn't much in the mood for eating so he sat and watched Pikachu enjoy the sweet red berries.

"You know Pikachu, Ash and I weren't always rivals. We used to be really good friends," Gary told the little mouse.

"Pika pi pi pikapi chu pika pi chu," The mouse commented. Gary could almost imagine that the mouse was saying, "Yes, I know. Ash talks about it a lot. Why aren't you friends any more?"

"It's mostly my fault. I started having feelings for him. It didn't seem right so I pushed him away. I mean, boys aren't supposed to feel that way. That's what you always hear, so I just got rid of the person who made me feel that." Gary sighed.

"Pi pi," the mouse chided.

"Yes, I know it was stupid of me but I didn't know what else to do." Gary said.

"Ka pi!" Pikachu commented as it munched away on a muffin, tiny crumbs clinging to its red cheeks.

"I can't tell him!" Gary protested.

"Cha pika pikapi pi," Pikachu said.

Gary lowered his head. "Yes, I am still in love with him," he admitted.

"Pi pi ka pi," the mouse said.

"I-I don't know how to tell him, especially now. How would he take it?" Gary told the mouse.

"Cha pika pika pi pi pikapi chu," Pikachu declared.

"Really? You think he loves me too?" Gary asked astonished. Pikachu was interrupted by a knock on the door. "I wonder who that is." He slowly got up to answer it. He opened it to see one of his cheerleaders standing outside of his room.

"Gary! Where have you been? We've been worried about you!" she exclaimed. "You won the competition and then disappeared!"

"I didn't win the competition, Luisa," Gary informed her. "I only won because of a terrible disaster."

"Oh what? That Ash dork not showing up? That was a good thing!" she bubbled.

"He is not a dork!" Gary yelled.

The unfortunate girl took a step back. Silence descended over them.

Gary heard a low noise from behind him. He turned around and noticed that Pikachu was growling viciously. He took a step toward the mouse. "Pikachu?"

Pikachu launched itself off the bed straight at the cheerleader. "Kaka pi!" It cried. Gary blinked, did Pikachu just call her a bitch? The girl screamed as the electric mouse flew towards her. She tried to duck out of the way but Pikachu landed on her chest and dug its claws in.

"Stupid rat!" she snarled as she tried to pull it off from her.

Gary was astonished at her tone of voice. She didn't sound at all like a sweet cheerleader. Then something hit him. She did it. She was the one who had hurt Ash. The way Pikachu was attacking her just proved it. He had known that the cheerleaders had been acting strangely, he knew that they wanted him to win, but he didn't think that they'd take it that far. They had seen his petty rivalry with Ash and taken it to a dangerous level. Gary was shocked out of his thoughts as Pikachu used a thunder shock on the wicked cheerleader. He rushed to the phone and called Officer Jenny.

Gary and Pikachu walked into Ash's hospital room. Ash looked up from the TV and his face lit up. "Gary! Pikachu!" he cried.

"Pikapi!" Pikachu cried as it jumped off of Gary's shoulder and onto Ash's bed. Ash hugged the little mouse tightly.

"Oh Pikachu," he whispered into its fur. "I missed you!"

"Chu pi pikapi," Pikachu said as it petted Ash's hair.

"Gary where have you been?" Ash asked. "I woke up and you were gone."

"I'm sorry, I wanted to be back before you woke up but I got sidetracked," Gary apologized.

"How?" Ash asked curiously.

"First, I found Pikachu here outside your door. We went to my room where I showered and we had breakfast. We were talking when one of the cheerleaders came over. Pikachu attacked her and Ash we have good news. Officer Jenny caught the people who did this to you." Gary explained.

"What? Who?" Ash whispered as he hugged Pikachu tighter.

" was my cheerleaders. Those stupid whores they did this to you so I could win the competition. Ash I'm so sorry. I am so so sorry. I'll never forgive myself," Gary said as tears began to roll down his face.

"Don't cry Gary, I know it's not your fault," Ash said as he too began to cry.

"But Ash they were my cheerleaders! They did it for me. I feel responsible." Gary felt a small tug on his shirt and looked down to see Pikachu tugging at his shirt.

"Ka pi!" Pikachu instructed.

"Tell me what?" Ash asked as he looked up at Gary through watery eyes.

"Pikachu, I can't!" Gary said.

"Please tell me!" Ash pleaded.

Gary looked down at him and couldn't resist. "Ash, I-I...Ash...I love you," Gary whispered.

"Gary!" Ash murmured.

Gary looked down at the floor. Arms wrapped around his waist. Ash looked up at him. "Gary, I love you too," Ash whispered. "Always have." His voice trailed off as he buried his face in Gary's chest. Gary wrapped his arms around Ash and they both sat on the bed and cried in each other's arms.

The End