This Beautiful Skin
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I do not own them, 'cause if I did they'd both be wearing collars with my name on them ^_~!
Rating: PG
Pairing: None Yet
Notes: Ok....this story came from a plot bunny about panties. I'm sure most of the clothing mentioned is completely inaccurate....but who cares? It's fiction and it's pretty ^_^ (I hope!)
Summary: Will has a desire to be beautiful. Will slipping into something a little different fill that need?

Elizabeth opened the box with no little trepidation. She had been receiving many of these gifts lately and was coming to dread each beautifully wrapped box that came her way. At first, the gifts had been innocent enough. A new hat, a new pair of gloves, a parasol for the heat. They slowly turned more extravagant, jewelry and dresses, and of course the dreaded corsets that she hated so. All of those were typical gifts from a suitor. However, as of late they had taken a turn from proper gifts, to things you brought your favorite whore for a wild night out. Elizabeth pulled back the silk inside the box and groaned. This gift was no exception.

“What is it?” Will asked looking over her shoulder curiously.

“Here,” she said shoving the box into his hands and standing up. She walked over to the window and cast a venomous gaze out towards the Fort where Norrington was most likely to be located. “He seemed like such a mild mannered man. Now I see it is good I shall not be marrying him.”

Will looked down at the contents of the box. A very delicate pair of lace panties sat nestled in silk, which upon closer inspection turned out to be yet another intimate piece of clothing. “It looks nice enough to me,” Will said, holding up the panties.

“Will! They’re positively indecent!” She turned on him, giving him a disapproving glare. Properly cowed, Will laid the garment back inside the box. “I want them gone.”

“What?” Will looked up.

“I want them gone. All of them!” She gestured towards a chest where she stored all of the gifts from Norrington, unused and unwanted. “When you leave, please get rid of them.”

“Why? There are some very nice things he’s given you.” Will looked over at the chest thinking of all the lavish gifts inside.

“I don’t care. That’s not the point. The point is that I don’t want any of his gifts. I don’t want his attention, especially not…that kind,” she hissed, gesturing towards the box in Will’s hands. “All I want is for you to take it all and get rid of it.”

“How?” Will asked closing the box in his hands and setting it aside.

“I really don’t care how. Throw it in the sea or sell it all, I'm sure you know a place to do that. Just get it out of my sight.” She said, crossing her arms.

So it was that Will found himself lugging a very large trunk back to the Smithy. He walked in to find his Master passed out, as if that was a big surprise. Will dragged the trunk into his room in the back of the shop. He set it down beside the bed as he sat back and caught his breath. It was a long walk from the Governor’s mansion to the Smithy and he’d dragged the chest the whole way. It wasn’t light. The chest was large and sturdy in addition to all the gifts that Norrington had sent to Elizabeth.

He didn’t understand why she was getting rid of it all. There were some really nice things in the chest. In fact, the things in the chest were probably more valuable than anything he owned, except of course his swords, which if you really thought about it technically belonged to his Master. Shaking his head, Will opened the chest and looked inside. Immediately, he was hit by the smell of a strange exotic perfume that Norrington had sent to Elizabeth. The whole chest smelled of the spicy yet fruity scent. He actually enjoyed the scent much more than the overpowering floral perfume that Elizabeth usually wore. It was just too strong and made his eyes water. This scent was a little more subtle; it had a different flavor to it that he enjoyed.

Slowly, he began to remove the items from the chest and lay them out beside him. They were thrown in the chest in the order in which she received them, so the delicate undergarments were on top. He took those out and laid them on the bed. Soon, he had amassed quite a horde of finery around him. He fingered a fine gown, mentally ticking through the things he had laid out before him. There were numerous outfits, an opulent ball gown with matching accessories, a light summer dress with a matching hat and parasol and all the necessary undergarments. Will fingered some of the layered petticoats and sighed. Even the simple undergarments were better crafted than the outfit he wore on important deliveries. Was it so wrong of him to want to slip into such fine clothes?

Will turned away from the clothes. Why was he thinking such thoughts? They were women’s garments and he had no business wearing them. And yet, he remembered how he had run into a woman while in Tortuga with Jack. At least he had thought it was a woman, but when he apologized, rather than a high feminine voice, it was a soft male purr that assured him it was no problem. Will had been dumbstruck. The man had laughed lightly, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek before slipping off into the crowds. Jack had laughed, slapping him on the back and steering him to the nearest bar where he’d bought him a drink.

Even all these months later, the incident stuck in his mind and refused to leave. When Elizabeth dressed in fine gowns, Will was brought back to Tortuga every time. The man’s beautiful dress, his slim figure and painted face, and the warm feel of his lips on Will’s cheek. The memory was untainted by the nature of Tortuga. It remained beautiful in his mind. Deep inside, Will wanted that. He wanted that beauty. He wanted to be looked at with the delicious intensity that Jack looked upon his painted tarts. He wanted to wear the rich things the Elizabeth so carelessly turned aside.

Will looked back at the clothes with a determined gleam in his eyes. He stood up and went to fetch his razor. Soon, he sat before a bowl of water and a shard of mirror, carefully shaving off his neatly trimmed facial hair. After a moment’s thought, he also trimmed back the side burns. Setting down the blade, he wiped his face with a wet rag and looked at his reflection in the mirror. The loss of his facial hair made him look even younger than his nineteen years. That and it gave him a more androgynous look. That was what he needed if the crazy idea in his head was to succeed.

Will walked back to the clothing he had left spread about the chest. He had never seen a woman getting dressed, let alone undressed one before, so he would just have to guess. He fingered a soft chemise. Undergarments would obviously go first. Shyly, as though someone were watching him, Will stripped out of his clothing. Leaving them in a pile on the floor, he picked up the chemise and slid it over his head. It fluttered down around him and he shivered at the feel of the satiny cloth against his skin. It was sinfully soft and he couldn’t help but run his hands down over his hips and sigh in delight.

He looked down on the bed and picked up the panties that Elizabeth had just received and rejected. They were very nice, but they also seemed very naughty. He knew why Elizabeth had been upset with them. It didn’t phase him in the least however as he carefully slid into the delicate lace and satin garment. He was strangely pleased with how they fit, even if he did have to carefully arrange certain parts of himself. If he closed his eyes, he could pretend that these things had been bought just for him. After a few moments of daydreaming, Will turned back to the clothing, picking up some filmy silk stockings and garters. He pulled them on carefully, afraid of stretching or tearing the fragile material. Once they were secured, he looked around for the next piece of this puzzle.

The corset. He looked at it warily, remembering the stories Elizabeth had told him about the contraption. She said that one could hardly breathe and that bending was impossible in the stiff confining cage. If there was anything that required bending over, he’d better get it over with. He looked into the chest and pulled out two slippers. They matched the sundress, so he pulled them on. It was a tight fit, but he got them on. The cut of them made his feet appear smaller than they really were. He was quite happy with the effect, but with nothing left to distract him, Will began to put on the corset. Unlike Elizabeth, he didn’t have a horde of maids to squeeze him into the corset, so he had to improvise. He struggled for a long time with the laces of the corset. Once it was laced up, he looped them over his bedpost and pulled, gasping as they tightened.

“That’s enough,” he wheezed as he clumsily tied off the lacings. He moved over to the mirror shard. He was surprised by the dramatic curvature of his waist. If he pushed his chest just so, it even gave the illusion of cleavage. Small cleavage perhaps, but it wasn’t quite as flat and manly as it had been. The corset was bare, with the unforgiving whalebones showing. He looked around in the chest and found what appeared to be a covering for the corset. He then started to pull on the petticoats. It created a white froth around him and he could barely see the cream slippers on his feet.

“Now for the dress,” Will murmured softly, picking up the cream dress embroidered with small pastel flowers. Of course, Norrington had purchased only the best for dear Elizabeth and the cloth was soft and beautifully decorated. He carefully worked his way into the dress, smoothing it out around his body. A look in the mirror showed him a familiar face, but that was all. He didn’t even recognize his own body. The only thing that convinced him that he was really looking at himself was the soft whisper of the fine clothes against his skin.

It wasn’t complete though. There was still his hair to take care of. He would just comb it out and tuck it up into the hat. His face was another matter. It was still quite sharp. He needed a way to soften that look. He walked slowly back to Elizabeth’s magic chest. There was bound to be a solution in there somewhere. He carefully knelt beside the chest, trying not to bend too much. Around the bottom, he found just what he needed. A box of fine makeup imported from France and the strangely spicy perfume. He used a powder puff and some powder on his face, making it paler and softer. He did the same for his neck and chest, marveling at the feel of the powder puff. He tried a bit of lipstick next, keeping it light, as he didn’t wish to wind up looking like a Tortuga tart.

He dabbed the perfume on his wrists and paused. His hands were too rough. Something else was required to hide that. A pair of silk gloves did the trick. A cameo necklace wrapped around his neck effectively hid his Adam’s apple. He put his hair up into the hat. A few stubborn wisps escaped, but he chose to ignore them. Instead, he held his breath as he turned back to the mirror shard. He nearly stopped breathing. He could no longer tell that it was himself in the mirror. A stranger stared back at him through his own eyes.

He had to take hold of the edge of his table and calm his breathing as it made him feel mildly faint. Did he dare go out like this? He barely recognized himself, nobody else would know. He only had to leave from the back and stay away from the busier parts of town and he’d be fine. He shivered with anxiety and excitement. Biting his painted lip, he picked up the parasol and walked out of his room. He stopped and listened for any signs of his master. Once he was sure he wouldn’t be seen, he walked swiftly towards the back door. It was difficult walking in the layers of petticoats. He had to significantly slow and shorten his steps. He reached the back door and took a deep breath before walking into the alleyway behind the shop. With a few more steps and he was out in the streets. For the most part, his appearance was ignored, though one or two people looked up, some even stared.

Will nervously opened the parasol and held it over his head, not daring to see if their stares were ones of recognition or otherwise. Slowly, he walked down towards the ocean, taking the emptier streets. The salt air was blowing over him, causing the dress to ruffle and he smiled. A passing soldier smiled back and tipped his hat. Will blushed and hurried along a bit.

He was really enjoying his little walk. He was completely anonymous, and people kept smiling at him. It made him fell lighter, as if his next step wouldn’t connect with the ground. He twirled the parasol lightly as he looked out at the sea. The waves sparkled in the afternoon sun. He felt like that. Sparkling and bright. For the first time in his memory, he felt as if he was more than a mere blacksmith’s apprentice. It was different from being just another working person. It was unlike the time he spent as a pirate. Then, people were always measuring him, finding him lacking or disappointing. Now, all he needed to do was smile, and people smiled back at him as though his mere presence pleased them.

Will felt as if he was transformed by some strange magic. None of his usual disappointments could touch him. It didn’t matter that his Master was a credit-stealing drunkard. It didn’t matter that Elizabeth was drifting slowly away from him, getting cold and impatient with his lower class ways. None of those things mattered here and now, just the feeling of sun on his face and silk on his skin with the haunting scent of perfume around him.

“Miss Swann?”

Will froze. No. It couldn’t be.

“Elizabeth, you’re wearing my gifts.”

No! Will turned his head. Sure enough, Commodore Norrington was approaching from the side. Will quickly turned, looking for an escape route. His only option was to get away. He began moving forward, ignoring the Commodore.


He was gaining. Will panicked. He dropped the parasol and began to run. Everything was ruined now that Norrington showed up. Why? Will quickly ducked into an alley and followed it up to the next street. He moved quickly, but he was severely restricted by the petticoats and the corset. He could hear Norrington’s boots hitting the cobblestones sharply behind him. Will was gasping for breath as he ducked into another alleyway. He couldn’t breath! The alley got fuzzy and he reached out for wall. He pressed his hand to the corset and gasped raggedly. He barely heard Norrington's boots echo through the alley. Everything started getting dark. Why did such a perfect afternoon have to end this way? Why?

To Be Continued...

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