This Beautiful Skin
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I do not own them, 'cause if I did they'd both be wearing collars with my name on them ^_~!
Rating: PG
Pairing: Strictly platonic Jack/Will
Notes: Contrary to popular belief, I do not think that Norrington is a bastard. I really like him ^_^ Unfortunately, in this chapter he is a bit bastardized. *spanks him* Poor man's just under a lot of stress, so please don't judge him too harshly.
Summary: Will has a desire to be beautiful. Will slipping into something a little different fill that need?

Will woke to a sharp smack across his face. He gasped in pain as his eyes opened and he looked around wildly. He was lying on a couch in an unfamiliar room. How did he get here? Where was here? He raised one hand to his face and was shocked to find his fingers encased in silk. It all came back in a rush, like a bad dream.

“Welcome back to the world of the living Mr. Turner.”

Will cringed at the tone of Norrington’s voice. Slowly, he glanced over at the man. Norrington’s face was a cold mask of disgust.

“What is this Turner?” His hand waved at Will.

Will closed his eyes and turned away, his gloved hand going to his aching cheek.

“Answer me,” Norrington barked. “Why are you dressed in Elizabeth’s things? What manner of sick joke is this?” “It’s nothing,” Will whispered.

“Nothing? It looks like something to me. A travesty. So in addition to a pirate, you are also some perverted degenerate?” Norrington laughed cruelly.

“No. That’s not it.” Will protested in a small voice.

“Then do tell Turner. By all means. Tell me why it is that you are stealing Elizabeth’s clothing and prancing around in them.”

“I didn’t steal them!” Will yelled.

“Oh? I suppose she just decided to give you her dresses. Perhaps she wanted you to pawn them and buy better clothes?” Norrington sneered.

“No! She didn’t want your gifts. She wanted me to get rid of them.”

“What happened then Turner? I highly doubt this is what she meant. You are wearing a dress. What else are you wearing?” Norrington moved closer. Sitting on the edge of the couch, he put his hand on Will’s leg.

“Stop it.” Will gasped as Norrington’s hand traced up the silk stockings. “Commodore!”

Norrington ignored him as he encountered the garters and moved forward, his hand sliding over skin before meeting the delicate lace panties he’d only just sent over that morning.

“Stop!” Will cried, pushing at Norrington’s shoulder.

“You are in no position to make demands,” Norrington retorted sharply, squeezing Will’s flaccid member.

Will snapped his mouth shut, his eyes watering with the beginnings of pain.

“Since you are all tarted up, perhaps you will also act that part.” Norrington leaned in towards Will’s face. He took a hold of Will’s hand, pressing it to the slight bulge in his pants and rubbing the gloved hand over the perfectly white pants.

“No!” Will slapped Norrington with his free hand, yanking the other back.

Norrington’s head jerked to the side. He turned back to Will, fury burning brightly on his face. “What’s the matter? Haven’t I paid you enough for your services Turner? Everything you’re wearing is mine. If you think about it, I had you pulled from the water when first you were cast out at sea. I turned the ship back to the pirate island when I could have left you for dead.” Norrington moved in close even as Will pressed back into the couch. “If you think about it Turner, I own you.”

“I am not a whore!” Will cried, turning away from Norrington and his cruel words.

“Maybe not Turner, but everyone has their price. For Sparrow it was his precious Black Pearl. For Elizabeth, it’s the adventure she craves combined with the proper amount of wealth and civility. What is your price Turner? What would it take for you to wrap those pretty painted lips around me?” Norrington purred, taking a hold of Will’s face and turning it back towards him.

“I would sooner die than sell myself so cheaply,” Will hissed back, jerking his face from Norrington’s hand. Norrington’s gloves smeared the lipstick on Will’s face and hot tears of humiliation were quickly leaving dark trails on his powdered face. He struggled to sit up and pull his feet off the couch. He kicked out at Norrington, drawing his feet up and away to set them on the floor. One of the slippers came off his feet and when he went to reach for it, Norrington’s hand stopped him. Will pulled away and stood up. “You may not like me and I may not like you, but I have never been deliberately cruel to you. Before I respected you at least, but now I see that you are a disgusting man.”

Will turned, spying his hat on a nearby table he picked it up as he marched out of the room. Norrington stared after him. He looked at the single slipper on the couch and picked it up, walking over to the window that looked out onto the street. He watched as Will glided down the steps, despite the loss of his left shoe. Without a single look back, Will quickly fled the area. Norrington looked at the shoe in his hand and wondered what in the hell he had done.

Will walked out of Norrington’s house and through the gates. As soon as he was sure that he was out of sight, an explosive sob burst from his throat, quickly followed by another. He’d never been so humiliated in his life. Norrington had just, had just tried to treat him like some sort of cheap whore! He wasn’t a whore. He had feelings, and right now, they ached with the pains of Norrington’s actions. All he had wanted to do was be beautiful. Just for a little while he wanted to hold onto that feeling. Now it was shattered. Tears leaked down his cheeks and he was missing a shoe. He felt like some sort of fairy tale gone awry. For a short while he’d had what he wanted, only to have it come crashing back down to earth. There was no hope of a fairy godmother or charming prince. All he could do was pick up his broken pride and get back to the Smithy without anyone else finding him.

“Excuse me miss.”

Will groaned. No. Not another person. He just needed to get away.

“I couldn’t help but noticing that ye’re in a bit of distress there. Might I be I bit of assistance fer ye?”

Will’s eyes widened. He knew that voice. It struck chords of both delight and dread in his heart.

“Jack?” Slowly, Will dared to turn his head and look at the pirate.

Jack’s eyes widened. “Do I know you? We haven’t spent the night together have we? I haven’t spent many nights in Port Royal.”

Jack didn’t recognize him. The pirate was offering him a slightly grubby little handkerchief, which he gratefully accepted. He wiped at the tears on his cheeks and then stood there, knotting the cloth between his hands. “You…you don’t recognize me?” He asked softly.

Jack squinted. “Well…now that you mention it, you do look a bit like an old friend of mine. Name of Bill…wait a blasted second! Will?!”

Will flinched away from Jack’s outburst. He raised his hand as if expecting a blow to match the one already throbbing on his cheek. Norrington’s slap was meant to hurt as much as wake him and he was sure he’d have a bruise in no time.

Jack immediately calmed down as he saw Will’s reaction. He reached out and touched Will’s shoulder gently. “Will lad, are ye all right?”

“Yes…no,” Will sniffled.

“What’s wrong? Tell old Jack.” Jack began to rub Will’s back.

“Besides me being dressed up as a cheap whore?! Nothing! Nothing at all!” Will snapped, his body taught and his eyes wild.

“Will, Will,” Jack said soothingly. “You don’t look like a cheap whore. You look beautiful. I didn’t even recognize ye.”

Will looked at Jack, his eyes wide and hopeful. “You…you thought I looked beautiful.”

“Still do lad, can hardly know it’s you, ye look so nice in those clothes.” Jack made a wavering motion at Will’s outfit.

“Jack,” Will cried, throwing himself at the pirate and wrapping him in a desperate hug. “Jack, Jack, Jack.” Will chanted as his happiness once more dissolved into tears.

“Shh. None of that now. I need to be gettin’ ye home before someone around here gets ideas. Can’t be ruinin’ your fine reputation can we now?” Jack smiled winningly and Will didn’t have the heart to argue. He was just too tired. He wanted to get home.

“Take me home Jack,” Will whispered. His words were tired and defeated, but Jack kept the smile on his face as he escorted Will back to the Smithy.

Will directed Jack to his room and they walked in to find the bed and floor strewn with fine feminine articles.

“Ye gonna tell me about this lad?” Jack asked, looking between the gowns on the bed and Will.

“Maybe after a bottle of rum,” Will muttered as he moved into the room and attempted to get out of the dress with little success. Finally, with a frustrated sigh, he turned to Jack. “You have more experience with getting people out of this than I do. Could you lend a hand?”

Jack laughed as he approached Will and helped to peel the lad out of the dress and corset. As they got down to the chemise, he went to lift it and Will put his hands over Jack’s. Jack looked up at him questioningly and Will blushed. “Not that.”

“Whatcha hiding under there?” Jack grinned.

“Why don’t you get us some rum? You’ll find that and some food in the kitchen.” Will said, ignoring Jack’s question.

“Okay, but after you’re explaining all this to me,” Jack said, waving his hands at the chest of things.

“I will,” Will promised, sitting down on the bed beside a ball gown.

Will slowly stripped out of the stockings. The left one was dirty and torn because of his walk back to the Smithy without a shoe. With a sigh, he folded them carefully and put them aside. He began to fold the other dresses and lay them into the trunk. Tomorrow he could sell it all and give Elizabeth her money. Or maybe he should give the money to Norrington, he thought bitterly. Not that he owed the man a single shilling.

Jack walked back into the room with an armload of bread and cheese and a bottle of rum in each hand. Will blushed. He hadn’t even changed out of the chemise. His real clothes were still in a dirty pile on the floor. He made as if to stand, but Jack got in the way as he sat on the bed in front of Will.

“C’mon, let’s get some food and rum in us. We can trade a tale or two if you get my meanin’.” Jack handed him a bottle of rum and a hunk of bread.

Will nodded in resignation, pulling his feet up on the bed and tucking them under him. He pulled the cork from his bottle of rum and took a big gulp, coughing a little as the alcohol burned down his throat. Jack grinned and took a draught of his own rum.

“Ah, good stuff that.” Jack set his bottle down. “So, I’m guessin’ you’re wonderin’ what brings me to Port Royal?”

Will picked at his piece of bread and nodded.

“Well, I was comin’ back to check on ye, see that you didn’t get into any trouble without old Jack around to watch your back.”

“Check on me? I think it’s your own back you should be watching. Norrington…” Will shuddered. “Norrington will see you hang if he catches you.”

“Ah, but that’s if he catches me. You just let me worry about old Norri Porri okay lad?”

“I guess,” Will mumbled as he took another big gulp from the bottle.

“Woah lad, going a bit fast there are we?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Will shrugged, putting the bottle down and picking up a small piece of cheese. Jack watched as the hard cheese was crumbled between Will’s nervous fingers.

“Will, are ye gonna tell me what happened?” Jack asked as he put a hand over Will’s, stopping his destruction of the defenseless cheese. “Did someone hurt you?” Will looked down at their hands. Jack reached to touch Will’s cheek. Will gasped as Jack’s fingers touched his bruised cheek. Jack’s eyes narrowed with suspicion as he pulled out another handkerchief and wet it with his tongue. He began to carefully wipe away the powder on Will’s face to reveal a dark swollen bruise on his cheek. “Who did this to you?” Jack asked his voice dangerously soft.

“It’s nothing. An accident.”

“This is not an accident,” Jack replied as he traced the hand shaped bruise with a gentle fingertip.

“I fainted. That’s all. Somebody woke me up.” Will looked up. It was the truth, just not all of it.

“By slapping ye? Obviously the corset must have been botherin’ ye. Why didn’t they cut the laces? Or use some smellin’ salts or something. Not this, this was done deliberate like.”

“I…it was…” Will stuttered.

“Will, don’t lie to me. I’m yer friend. Ye can tell me.” Jack smiled reassuringly.

“Norrington. It was Norrington. I had been out walking. I just wanted to try it on. Elizabeth didn’t want them. Norrington has been sending the gifts for weeks. Today was the last straw. She told me to get rid of them. But they’re so beautiful. I..I never had anything like that. And I remembered that time in Tortuga. When I ran into that lady, but it wasn’t a lady! And I kept thinking of how people look at me, and how I wanted them to. I just wanted to feel…beautiful. I wanted to know what it was like! I never meant to. Norrington saw me. He thought it was Elizabeth and so I ran. He started chasing me and I was running, but he caught me. I couldn’t breathe and I..I fainted. He slapped me and I woke up. He wanted to know what I was wearing and...and he started to touch me. He said he owned me and that I was a whore. I…I’m not a whore! I’m not! I’m not!” The words tumbled from Will’s lips. He couldn’t stop the sudden rush of information. He needed to explain. He needed Jack to understand. He wasn’t a whore.

“Whoa, whoa lad! You’re not a whore. Norrington is a fool. You don’t need to defend yourself,” Jack said, squeezing Will’s shoulder. “I’m not against you. I understand. I understand.”

Will paused. “You do?” He looked up hopefully.

“Of course I do. All your life you’ve been overlooked and ignored. Elizabeth, she was beautiful to you and you loved her for it. But now…she’s driftin’ away from you and it’s not enough. You wanted to feel it for yourself. Is that it?” Jack asked softly.

Will nodded. His eyes watered up and he had to close them before the tears started rolling down his cheeks. Jack understood. Of course he did. Jack knew everything. He was Captain Jack Sparrow.

“Now lad. All that emotional stuff aside, let’s have a toast ok?” Will opened his eyes to see Jack raising his bottle of rum. He fumbled and raised his own. “To beauty,” Jack announced as he knocked back the rum.

“To Captain Jack Sparrow,” Will replied tipping back the rum and taking a deep drink.

Jack grinned as they spent a while longer talking easily and drinking rum. Eventually, Will fell asleep with his head on Jack’s shoulder. He still hadn’t made it out of that little silk number Jack thought, as he laid Will out on the bed, rubbing his hand over the soft material. Will murmured softly in his sleep as he snuggled up to his pillow. “Sleep well lad,” Jack whispered as he snuck out of the room. He moved out into the front of the shop, browsing Will’s blades before picking one up and testing it. Nodding, he put his old sword aside and replaced it with Will’s blade.

With the new blade at his side, he walked out of the shop and crept through the streets until he was standing in front of a certain Commodore’s house. He easily picked the lock and walked in through the front door. Jack walked stealthily through the house, listening at the doors before he finally arrived at the Commodore’s bedroom door. It wasn’t locked, showing how safe the Commodore felt in his own home. How wrong he was.

Jack drew his sword and let himself into the room. He let his eyes adjust to the darkness before creeping across the floor to the Commodore’s bed. In a glint a moonlight, something caught his eye. On the stand beside Norrington’s bed, sat Will’s lost slipper. Now that was interesting, but it wasn’t what he came for. He looked at the sleeping figure in the bed and smirked. The tip of the sword traced Norrington’s outline beneath the covers until it rested lightly between his legs.

“Oh Commodore,” Jack whispered.

Norrington was awake instantly, reaching for something under his pillow.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you sir. At least if you value yer manhood.” Jack purred as he pressed his blade harder into the blankets covering Norrington’s body. The Commodore froze immediately.

“You! What are you doing here? I could have you hung for this.” Norrington spat.

“Ah, but you see, that’s where you’re wrong. First of all, I have the advantage here.” Jack pressed his blade tighter, to make his point. Norrington swallowed. “Second of all, I don’t want you dead before you do a certain something for me.”

“Why would I do anything for you?”

“Those reasons I just mentioned for one thing. But just to make sure you do what I ask, I’ll not tell a soul what you did to Will and yer reputation will stay spotless. You don’t do what I say, and well, let’s just say it won’t be to pretty when it gets out about what you do in yer spare time.” Jack smirked.

Norrington froze, his eyes going immediately to the slipper beside the bed.

“See, you know what I’m talking about. Now, I’m gonna ask for two things.”

“What would that be?”

“Well before I tell ye, ye’d best be givin me the pistol under your pillow. Dangerous place that, can’t have ye accidentally shootin’ poor Jack or nothing.” Jack held out his hand, grinning as Norrington scowled and handed him the pistol.

“Good man, now as to my demands. They’re very simple like. First of all, you just forget about me being here and let me have the run of the town without ending up swinging from your gallows. Just ignore old Jack and everything’ll be savvy, savvy?”

Norrington snorted. “What is the second demand?”

“Ah yes, the second demand. This one might be harder than the first. Listen real close like, it’s important.” Jack leaned in close to Norrington, staring him down. “You have to apologize to Will. More than that, you have to apologize and make him believe it. If he isn’t totally convinced of how sorry you are, I’ll be coming back to claim this little bit of equipment you got down here. Understand?”

Norrington swallowed tightly as he heard Jack’s sword begin to pierce the quilt. “Yes.”

“Are ye sure ye understand now, ‘cause we’ll only be having this conversation once. Tell me my demands.”

“Ignore your presence in town and apologize to Turner.” Norrington repeated dutifully.

“And?” Jack prompted.

“And make him believe my sincerity.”

“Excellent. Now, just so you don’t go fergettin’ this conversation in the mornin’. I’ll leave you with a little going away present.” Grinning like a fiend, Jack shot the pillow behind Norrington’s head. The pillow exploded into a whirlwind of feathers as Norrington leapt away from the shot. By the time he collected himself and his sword from under the mattress, Jack was long gone. He heard the servant’s feet in the halls and reached for some sort of explanation for the shot. Damn that Jack Sparrow.

To Be Continued...

Ok...Jack was not supposed to be in this story at all. He just popped in there while I wasn't looking! The rascal *Grins* I've taken to calling him "The Fairy God Pirate" ^_^ Anyway, feedback is good and appreciated, thanks ^_^