This Beautiful Skin
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I do not own them, or we'd definitely see Will in a dress sometime in the future.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: sweet and awkward Norri/Will, father/son type Jack/Will
Notes: That big ballroom number in Disney's Beauty and the Beast was playing through my head over and over as I wrote this song.

Will looked out at the dance floor where the other couples began gathering. He turned back to Norrington and slowly nodded, reaching out to take his outstretched hand. Norrington smiled and led Will onto the floor among the other couples. They took their positions as the musicians began a slow string piece. Will looked around as they started dancing, but his eyes were inevitably drawn to Norrington's. Shyly, he met the Commodore's eyes and found himself lost in the man‘s intense gaze.

Will licked his lips nervously. "Why are you staring at me?" He whispered, just loud enough for Norrington to hear.

"I feel as though I am seeing you for the first time," Norrington replied as they slowly spun to the gentle sound of the strings.

"What do you mean? You have seen me many times."

"True," Norrington nodded. "But I don't think that I was truly looking before. At first, I saw only an orphan boy that we pulled from the sea. Then, you were a mere blacksmith's apprentice to me. Later on, you became a nuisance. I was ready to continue viewing you as such. I probably still would if I hadn't run into you on your walk.” And if a certain pirate hadn’t paid him a late night visit, he added silently. “It changed everything."

Will swallowed. "H-how?"

"What do you mean?"

"How did it change things? I am still the same. An orphan. An apprentice. A nuisance. Nothing has changed but my clothes. I am still all those things you say." Will replied softly, his eyes drifting down to study the gold buttons on Norrington's jacket. Each one shone so brightly, Will thought them fit for a king. If Norrington was the king, then he was a mere pauper, staring at the riches, knowing that they were far out of his reach.

"You are wrong. Things have changed. You are not an orphan, for it seems that you have been adopted by a very protective man. You are not a mere apprentice since you have far surpassed your master in your art. And you are not a nuisance. You are worth all the trouble and fuss. I see this now because I have finally looked beneath the surface and found something wholly unexpected."

Will looked at him skeptically. "What did you find?"


Will bit his lip, turning his head. He watched the other dancers whirl around them and suddenly felt dizzy. This couldn't be true. Norrington would never tell him that. It had to be some sort of hoax. He was sure of it! At any moment, they would stop and Norrington would laugh and take it all back, telling Will he was a fool to believe it. Then he would be exposed while everyone looked on. Elizabeth would step from the crowd and laugh at him. He would be humiliated. Seeing Norrington laugh at him would tear him apart and he wasn't sure that even Jack could save him from that heartbreak.

"Nerissa. Nerissa?"

Will blinked, his eyes focusing on Norrington. He vaguely noticed that they had stopped dancing and were standing still in the middle of the floor while the other dancers continued to waltz around them. His attention was not on them, but instead on Norrington, who had trapped him with his concerned gaze.

Norrington held Will close, his hands rubbing soothingly over his skin. "Listen to me. I do not lie when I tell you that you are beautiful, for you are. All of you. Your face and body are exquisite. Your heart and soul are gentle and kind. Your courage and determination are most admirable. All of this together paints a picture most rare. One that I find intriguing. I find myself drawn to you. I am helpless to fight against your siren song. It is as if you drive me mad and I do not care. For, each time I look into your eyes, I feel a stronger desire to drown in them. When I look upon your lips, I want nothing more than to press them to mine, to see if they are as soft and inviting as the look. So, may I?" Norrington asked, leaning close to Will.

"B-but all these people!"

"I care not for them. Let them watch and whisper. They will do so regardless. Let us give them fuel for their fire. Please allow me to kiss you, if only this once." Norrington stared at Will pleadingly.

Will tried to swallow, but his mouth was as dry as a summer drought. His heart hammered so hard in his chest that he could no longer hear the music or the people around them. It seemed as if suddenly, everything fell away and he clung to Norrington, his hands clutching at the Commodore's jacket. He did want this. He felt needed. To know that this man needed his kiss, it made him feel special for once. As much as he enjoyed his slight power over the man, he knew that he could not deny Norrington, especially not when it was something he yearned for as well. "Yes," he whispered, leaning against Norrington.

Norrington released his breathe in a slow sigh of relief. Their lips gently met and Will's eyes fluttered shut, completely closing himself off from everything but the feel of Norrington's lips on his. It was hardly more than an innocent brush of lips and yet it felt like infinitely more. The intimacy and passion that passed between them was like a chill winter wave crashing over them. When they pulled back, each gasped for breath, staring at the other in surprise. They probably would have continued to stare if a polite sprinkle of applause hadn't startled them from their dazed reverie. Will looked around and noticed that the dance had ended and the crowd was clapping politely for the musicians.

Norrington and Will quickly stepped away from each other, clapping politely with the others as they collected themselves. A hand on Norrington's shoulder made him turn around. Jack stood behind him smirking.

"Nicely done Commodore, that looked very sincere."

"It was," Norrington replied adamantly.

"Well, in that case, now seems like the opportune moment to make your escape. Just remember, if you hurt her..." Jack left the threat hanging. His dark eyes drilled into Norrington's, promising many unpleasantries should he hurt Will again.

Norrington nodded. "I won't." He turned away from Jack, gently taking Will's arm. "Come, we're going to sneak away," he whispered.

Will gave him a relieved look and nodded. Slowly, they navigated the crowded room and eventually managed to slip away without incident. Jack watched after them and grinned to himself. It looked like the Commodore was actually beginning to understand the truth about beauty and to come to his damned senses.

"Mr. Sparrow." A low voice at his elbow drew Jack's attention. He turned his head to find the Governor standing beside him, watching the door with a curious expression. "You look quite pleased with yourself sir," the Governor said, glancing over at Jack.

"Aye Governor. You seem a bit smug yourself," Jack replied lightly.

"I must admit to being quite pleased. I've never seen such a smile on James' face. It is good to see him happy."

"But your daughter is not pleased." Jack pointed out.

The Governor sighed. "No, she isn't, but it is no fault of William or James, rather something inside of her. She wants excitement but still wants the security of money and society. These needs are at war within her and make her most unpleasant to deal with as of late. I feel that I am at quite a loss as she throws the most incredible tantrums. One would think that I had a grumpy toddler once more and not a full grown young lady."

"Perhaps it's time you sent the lass on a bit of a vacation. Perhaps a taste of the Americas will quench that need for adventure." Jack suggested.

"You know," the Governor turned, "That doesn't sound half bad....Would you care to join me in my study to discuss this further? I have some rum you might be interested in..." The Governor grinned.

"Lead the way mate, I want to get out of this wig, it's hot."

"It is a very fine wig," the Governor commented as he led Jack through the crowd.

"As long as nothing happens to me, it's yours."

"You are too kind."

“Shh, don’t let that go getting’ around. You’ll ruin my reputation.” Jack pouted.

“Ah, we can’t have that now can we?”

“Certainly not! Let it never be said that Captain Jack Sparrow has gone soft.”

“Not soft, Mr. Blackwell. Never soft. Perhaps just a little…sentimental.”

Jack shook his head. “Well ye’ve got the mental part right. I suppose that’s close enough.”

“I suppose so. I suppose so,” the Governor chuckled as they retired into his study for a drink and a chat, plotting the fate of Elizabeth.

To Be Continued...

Well, it was a bit short, but that's only because if all goes to plan, the next part will be a bit long. We'll see, please tell me how you're enjoying it ^_^ Thanks for reading!