Swords Crossed on Sunday
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the movie or anything really.
Warnings: A/U, lemon
Rating: NC-17 ^_^
Notes: I was RPing with Paco and we made Norrington hit on Will, well she wanted more so here we are some very interesting Norrington and Will interaction. Does Norrington have a first name? I'm gonna call him Edward. Edward Norrington sounds nice and respectable doesn't it? Not that I call him that...he'll always be Norri to me! *laughs*
Dedication: This one goes out specially for my Choco Paco Puff ^_^ Enjoy!
Summary: Norrington meets Will on Sunday for their traditional crossing of the swords.

Will looked up as the door to the shop opened. The newly dubbed Commodore Edward Norrington stepped inside dressed smartly in his red uniform with his new sword at his side.

"Good afternoon Commodore." Will grinned as he stepped away from his work mule whom he'd been feeding and petting on its nose.

"Good afternoon William, how are you today?" Norrington closed the door and started to remove his red coat.

"I am ready for our next lesson, as always." Will grinned as he stepped over to take Norrington's coat, hat and powdered wig. The Commodore's real hair was revealed, dark brown in color and pulled back into a tight ribbon to keep it from escaping from beneath the wig. Will lay the items aside and turned back to Norrington.

"It's a pleasure to have such an eager student. Are you sure that you will not join the navy under my command? We could use a few more good men such as yourself."

"I enjoy what I do now Commodore." Will grinned as he picked up one of his many swords.

"You're enjoying airing out my new title I see."

"You did earn it sir."

"As that may be, it took me long enough to try to get you to call me Edward, though I know you won't, you'll be calling me Norri won't you." Norrington chuckled at Will's nickname for him. "At any rate, we'll not be returning to such trite formalities Mr. Turner." Norrington smiled at the blacksmith. "And on the subject of swords, I must compliment your excellent workmanship on the sword presented to me yesterday at my promotion ceremony." Norrington drew the sword in question from its sheath.

"But it wasn't-" Will stopped as Norrington held his hand up.

"Let's not pretend. We both know that it is you that does the work around here and not your master. At the tavern as usual?" Norrington looked at the empty chair that Will's master usually occupied, most often drunk.

"Yes, he's out at the tavern again." Will frowned.

"You really shouldn't support his habit, by all rights the money is yours Will." Norrington frowned at the youth.

"I know, but he is still my master. He's taken care of me all these years, even if it wasn't that well."

"It wasn't just him. Governor Swann paid for your apprenticeship here as I have come every Sunday since you were ten to teach you swordsmanship."

"I know. I owe so many people so much."

"Do not think of it in such a way. You owe me nothing and nor do you owe the Governor. He did it out of kindness and expects nothing back except for you to turn out as a proper young man as you have proven to be."

"I try my best," Will admitted.

"I know you do." Norrington smiled.

"I am sorry that I was unable to attend your promotion ceremony. There was so much to do here in the shop."

"Think nothing of it, I know you would have been there if you could and this fine blade more than made up for your lack of appearance." Norrington held the sword out at ready.

"I am glad that you approve. I tried to make a sword worthy of your new title." Will grinned as he held out his sword as well.

"And you have more than succeeded. Now on with our lessons." They crossed their swords together before stepping off into an involved and intricate set of motions, each matching the other perfectly, the sound of their blades ringing through the shop. It was more of a spar than any instruction seeing as Will had long since learned to match Norrington in his skills. It was a tradition that they had held for many years. At the age of ten Will had asked the Commodore, then only an Lieutenant, to teach him swordsmanship so that he could fight off pirates. It had become their tradition to have lessons or spar every Sunday that Norrington was in the port and it had so far never been broken.

Norrington feinted and attempted to catch Will off guard as he had done the week before, but the boy easily fended off the attack. "Good, you fell for that one last week, but it seems you remember it well now."

"Yes, I like having my head attached to my shoulders thank you." Will grinned back as he parried and tried to back the Commodore up a few paces.

"Yes, I quite like it there as well so it is good that you learn to keep it there rather than lose it to the first blade that challenges you."

"Speaking of challenging, I heard rumors that there was a pirate in port snooping around the Interceptor. Is there any truth to them?" Will danced away from a thrust to his side, bringing his sword around towards Norrington's head.

"Well, there was an interesting character wandering about on the boat, but it seemed he was no more than a colorful drunkard. After waltzing about for a bit he left for the nearest tavern. I believe he left on another ship this morning." Norrington blocked Will's blade and drove him back.

"And Miss Elizabeth? I hear that she also had an adventure yesterday." Will halted Norrington's forward movement and began to circle the other man their blades sliding over each other lightly, readying to be put to use.

"Indeed. We were standing on the battlements in conversation when she fainted into my arms. That fashion from England was bound so tight she couldn't breathe. She was quite angry when she came about, claiming she'd never wear a style such as that ever again and that she'd rather wear men's trousers than any dress that came out of the English court."

Will laughed at the thought of the fair Elizabeth dressed in his work clothes. "It sounds just like her. She was never satisfied with being a proper lady. She's a wildcat that one is."

"Indeed, I despair along with her father in ever finding her a husband that she won't cuckold to death. Are you sure that you won't marry her? She's taken a liking to you." Norrington grinned.

Will shook his head. "You know that I could never marry her. We are almost like siblings and you know that my interest lies elsewhere sir." Will gave him a look of mock insult.

"She would marry you if for nothing more than you would provide her with the freedom she craves." Norrington pressed forward, their blades ringing out.

"I could not deny her of course but you well know that I would never do such a thing." Will suddenly found himself backed into a wall, his blade holding off Norrington's just barely.

"It seems that I have caught you once again." Norrington grinned as he let down his blade.

"You say that as if it's anything new." Will grinned also lowering his sword.

"Yes, you do seem to overly enjoy being caught." Norrington moved closer to Will, their chests pressing together. He brushed some stray brown hairs from Will's face as he moved in slowly, kissing the young blacksmith tenderly.

Will let his sword drop to the dirt floor as he put his arms around Norrington's neck, kissing him back. "Only when it's you who catches me." Will murmured as he pulled away.

Norrington gave him a mock serious glare. "That as it may be, I thought I taught you better care for your swords."

"Yes Commodore." Will replied in a meek voice, his face wide open as if afraid, but a sparkle in his eyes showing his amusement as Norrington stepped away. Will retrieved his sword, setting it aside with a little more reverence.

"Cheeky lad." Norrington smiled as he put his sword back in its sheath and removed the sword belt, hanging it up on a peg beside his other belongings.

"But you would have me no other way right Commodore?" Will asked as he sauntered up to the other man.

"Oh, I would have you many ways, but I would prefer you in bed on this fine Sunday afternoon." Norrington wrapped his arms around the youth.

"Then on my bed you shall have me as I find that I prefer it to being bent over an anvil and hammered." Will laughed heartily as he began to lead the Commodore through the shop to the small rooms in the back, one of which was his and contained only a sturdy bed and an old desk. Will plopped down on the bed and stripped out of his shirt, using it to wipe away the sweat on his face. He kicked off his shoes and stockings and sprawled out on the bed, turning to look at Norrington.

Norrington was slowly slipping out of his shirt and setting it aside on the desk. He sat on the bed beside Will and bent over to remove his shoes and stockings. Will's hand slid over his spine as he hunched over. He straightened and turned to the younger man. Will was watching him hungrily and as Norrington leaned in, they kissed again. Will's kiss was full of pent up passion as his tongue battled with Norrington's. The Commodore broke the kiss as he climbed fully onto the bed, his body covering Will's as he lay atop his lover.

Norrington ran a finger over Will's high cheekbones, tracing the handsome lines of his face before returning the kisses that Will was bestowing upon his fingers. His fingers threaded in Will's hair as he angled the youth's mouth and worked it over thoroughly, leaving the young blacksmith panting for breath. He pulled back and looked at the slightly glazed look Will always got when he got lost in the moment. Norrington smiled at his young lover and slid down the youth's body, his hands roaming over the strong plains of his chest. His strong fingers pinched lightly at a dusky nipple, bringing Will's gaze snapping into focus.

Will looked up at his lover and licked his lips. Norrington kept Will's eye as he lowered his head and took one of Will's nipples into his mouth, sucking gently. Will moaned softly as he watched Norrington. The older man had always been a considerate lover. He was always careful with Will, taking his time and never failing to satisfy him and leave him content even when they were both mindless with passion. Norrington liked to heat him up slowly like building a fire into a hot blaze. Will usually had no objections, but he was young and eager and he arched up into Norrington, his hands pulling at the ribbon that bound his lover's hair.

Norrington looked up and chuckled. "Are you in a hurry Will?" He leaned in and dragged his tongue down Will's flat stomach. The muscles rippled beneath his tongue.

Will's eyes fluttered shut. "I haven't seen you since last Sunday, all the preparations for your promotion kept you away." Will almost pouted as he looked down at his lover.

"It was only seven days. And we saw each other in passing twice. It is not as if I spent a month at sea." Norrington's fingers played with the lacings of Will's pants.

"I know, but you were in the port, I just didn't get to see you." He made a tragic face and sighed as Norrington began to slide his pants down. Will shifted and allowed his lover to get rid of the troublesome material between them.

"You sound like a spoiled child Will." Norrington laid the pants aside and turned back to look at Will stretched out before him. Will's young body was strong and lean with only a few scars that came with his trade as well as a few training accidents. He leaned in and kissed a long scar on Will's hip. It had been the result of an accident in their training. It hadn't been particularly life threatening, but it had bled a lot and taken some time to heal. He kissed the scar as if in apology for marring the beautiful skin.

"I can't help it if I want you all to myself." Will sighed as Norrington began his little ritual of kissing his training scars.

"You could, you just don't want to." Norrington teased as he suckled here and there, but avoided Will's erection.

"Norri," Will whined.

"If you missed me so much, I have to make up for the loss don't I?" Norrington lapped at Will's bellybutton.

Will squirmed beneath his lover's attentions. "No! I want you now." Will demanded tugging on Norrington's arm.

"So petulant young Will," Norrington chuckled as he moved up and bit lightly at Will's pouting lip. The bite progressed into a kiss and Will rubbed himself against his lover, thrusting his hips up into Norrington's. Norrington pressed back, but in a slow rolling motion compared to Will's quick thrusts. Will moaned and let his head fall back against the pillow. Norrington followed him, giving his neck a nibble. As Will arched into him, his arms wrapped around Norrington's broad shoulders and his fingers dug into the firm muscle there. Will whimpered and tried to thrust harder.

"Shh, I will take care of you Will." Norrington brushed Will's hair out of his eyes, staring down at his younger lover. "Just relax." He removed Will's arms from his shoulder and moved back. He stood and pulled a small bottle out of the desk. He handed it to Will as he removed his pants and laid them over the desk. Will had eagerly uncorked the bottle and poured the spicy scented oil into his hands. He put his hand down and began to probe his own entrance. Norrington stood over him and looked down in amusement. "I can see that you are very eager."

Will nodded as he began to stretch himself. He couldn't bear a long drawn out lovemaking. He'd missed his lover and had been frustrated with not being able to see him or even attend his promotion ceremony. Norrington sat down on the bed, taking Will's oiled hands in his own, rubbing them together to collect the slick oil. He kissed the back of Will's hand and began to insert his finger into Will instead, searching out Will's prostate. Will wriggled and gasped as Norrington found the spot and brushed it. Norrington inserted another finger and despite Will's protests stretched him very slowly and thoroughly. The younger man was a whimpering limp pile as Norrington finally spread the oil over his own weeping erection.

"Are you ready?" Norrington asked, lifting Will's face up to meet his.

"Yes, yes!" Will wrapped his legs around his lover sure that he was going mad with need. "Just do it! I want you! Norri!" Will's mouth fell open as Norrington slid into him with a quick thrust.

"Are you all right?" Norrington nuzzled Will's neck as he rested in his lover, giving him time to adjust to the intrusion.

"Ah! Yes!" Will nodded, despite the tingling sting. His lover was well endowed and was very cautious about it, but Will loved the feeling of Norrington inside him. He loved being filled and whole as he'd never been. His life had been full of loss and absences, but not with Norri in it. Now he had someone that cared for him. He wrapped his arms around Norrington's shoulders, holding him tightly. Norrington lifted his head and kissed Will gently, their tongues sliding together lazily.

While Will was distracted, Norrington thrust gently. Will moaned softly as his lover began to set the pace, but he wasn't satisfied with the slow drawn out torture. He wanted more.

"Norri, go faster. Please." Will pulled his lover close, thrusting up.

"Hungry whelp," Norrington murmured as he took a firm hold of Will and managed to roll them both over and into a sitting position. Will stared at him from where his head rested on his lover's chest. "You want faster, you may set the pace." He sat up and set his hands firmly on Will's waist. Will licked his lips and nodded as he rocked in Norrington's lap, his eyes fluttering shut at how much deeper his lover pressed from this position. Norrington smiled at the blissful expression on Will's face. He rolled his hips up and drew a groan from his lover.

Will rocked back on his lover's erection, carefully lifting himself from Norrington's lap and then sliding back down, his hips gently guided by his lover's hands. Despite his earlier demands for speed Will took a few moments to savor the depth of the slow thrust and the drawn out pleasure. As soon as he was seated in his lover's lap he repeated the process, only speeding up as he quickly rode his lover, moaning as Norrington let a hand slide across his erection. He grabbed onto Norrington's shoulders to steady himself as he threw his head back.

He moved rocked against his lover, crying out when Norrington pushed his hips up. Norrington's hand moved slowly over Will's erection in a counterpoint to their motion. Will felt as if his senses were overloading with the hard thrusts so deep inside of him and the gentle stroking designed to send him over the edge. His fingers tightened on his lover's shoulders as his thighs began to shake and soon he was crying out, his head tossing back as he came. Will tightened around Norrington and the older man groaned and thrust up quickly, drawing delighted whimpers from Will as he brushed across his prostate. Norrington's thrusts grew erratic just before he came and Will's name escaped his lips as a groan while he held his lover tightly and filled him.

Will melted limply against Norrington, their sweaty chests sticking together as Will wrapped his arms around Norrington and rested his head on his shoulder. Panting to catch his breath, Norrington cradled Will and stroked his hair as he murmured sweet nonsensical words in his ear. Will nuzzled him and slowly Norrington shifted them so that he was stretched out on the bed and Will sprawled across his chest. Will ran his fingers through the dark curls of hair that peppered his lover's muscled chest. Norrington watched him with a satisfied grin.

"Happy now?" He asked.

"Very," Will nodded.

"Now how to spend the rest of this lovely Sunday afternoon?"

"Right here, in bed, with me." Will nuzzled him.

"And what happened to our sword practice then?" Norrington looked down at Will with an amused glint in his eyes.

"We've already crossed swords twice today, but I wouldn't object to a little more practice." Will grinned naughtily as he rolled his hips against his lover's. Norrington chuckled and grinned back, hugging Will close and taking his mouth in a steamy kiss.

"Then practice you shall have young Will." Norrington promised as he rolled Will beneath him and prepared to spend the rest of the day in bed.

The End

Woo, that fic didn't want to end, I hope the end doesn't suck too much ^_^* Sorry if it does, I was a little stuck there O_O Anyway, I hope you enjoyed even if you probably wanted to see Jack. Norri can be fun too! You just have to know how to pull his strings. Anyway, feedback is always always appreciated. Thanks a lot!