Pirates of the Caribbean

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Fine Turner Blood
Elizabeth pushed Will off the wall to follow Jack and now years later the two pirates return from years at sea to find what has become of Elizabeth.

Hold Me Tight
Companion piece/sequel to Rock Me Gently. Will thinks about his new lot in life with a certain pirate.

Not Gonna Get Us
Jack and Will are cornered by the navy, but it is their fate to always escape by any means.

Norrington thinks Gillette needs to relax.

Rock Me Gently
Jack contemplates his life, freedom and his treasure.

Swords Crossed on Sunday
Norrington meets Will on Sunday for their traditional crossing of the swords.

This Beautiful Skin
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8
Part 9 | Part 10
Will has a desire to be beautiful. Will slipping into something a little different fill that need?

Companion piece/sequel to Relax. Gillette thinks pirates make life more interesting.

To Pagan Gods
Will is caught up in a virgin sacrifice, and he's the virgin. Lucky for him he's rescued by Jack and Jack has a plan...

Untitled Drabble Series
Seven Seas
Jack likes Will better than rum, only until they get to Tortuga.
What He Needs
Annamaria thinks Jack is an idiot...she's right.
Those Eyes
Gibbs spills a secret and Jack sees the light.
Kitten Tradeoff
Jack is seeking information, but first he has to buy a cat.
Matter of Payment
Will books passage on a questionable ship that "looses" his payment.
Cat Overboard
Bootstrap the kitten takes a dive overboard.
The Sense to Recognize
Jack is a little blind in matters of the heart.
Anna knows Best
Why does she have to be so smart?
If this is Hell
No matter what, there's no place else that Jack would rather be.
Nurse Jack
Jack plays the part of nurse.
Too Smart for her Britches
Anna's just too damned smart!
Lesser of Two Weevils
Mr. Cotton and his parrot keep Will company.