Rock me Gently
By: Missfortune
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Jack stared up at the clear night sky. Stars twinkled overhead and a light breeze stirred the balmy air. The rocking of the ship made the hammock he'd stretched out in sway lightly. Pressed tightly to his side, Will murmured in his sleep and snuggled closer to Jack. The pirate captain grinned and stroked Will's hair, now stiff from sun and sea spray. The voices of some of the crew made a dull buzz in the background as they drank and played dice below.

As the hammock rocked gently, Jack sighed in content. He had his ship, he had his freedom and now he had Will. Of course it hadn't always been that way. It had taken him a long time to get to a point in his life where he could be satisfied with what he had. At first it had been a ship he'd been after. Then he'd needed a crew and treasure. When he was marooned, he'd needed revenge. Once all that had been achieved, what did that really leave him with? An aimless freedom to wander where he would. That wandering always led him back to one place. Port Royal. Or more specifically, a certain blacksmith in Port Royal.

He had constantly returned to Will like a moth returns to a candle flame, despite its burning heat. It had taken him a while to realize that as he had once told Will, he was also obsessed with treasure. Or rather a certain kind of treasure, for it wasn't the kind you could hold. It was the kind of treasure that could hold you back. The kind that smiled at you gently and made your heart thump madly. The kind that would touch your arm shyly before leading you to bed. He was after the kind of treasure that kept on giving, and Will was that treasure.

Jack had put a lot of work into winning Will over. He had spent many nights and days wooing the young blacksmith just as Will was attempting to do with Elizabeth, with little success for the poor boy. It seemed that once Will had settled down into his normal occupation, he wasn't exciting enough for Miss Swann. She had begun to turn her attentions elsewhere and nothing Will tried could draw her back. All the while Jack would constantly return to Port Royal under the pretense of arming his crew with Will's fine creations. He would stay a night or two with Will, talking and drinking before sailing off, but not before dropping subtle offers for Will to join him.

Elizabeth eventually eloped with a merchant of questionable morals. The night that Jack sailed into port to that news was the night the city lost its blacksmith as Will boarded the Pearl and didn't look back. Will had fallen into the everyday life of the Pearl easily. It had taken him a little longer to appreciate the skills involved in sacking ships, but eventually he was able to settle on being a good pirate and a good man despite his less than honest lifestyle. The life of a pirate was far more exciting than that of a blacksmith mending kettles and making horseshoes day in and day out. Of course there could be weeks on end with no ships to prey upon, but they would be filled with watches, sword practice, tall tales and rum.

It was the rum that eventually landed Will in Jack's bed and it hadn't even involved any devious plans. One night while he and Will were drinking in the Captain's cabin, Will had fallen asleep on the bunk beside Jack. Jack hadn't had the heart to move him back to his hammock with the rest of the crew, so he'd let him stay, and fallen asleep beside him. Morning found Will wrapped securely in Jack's arms with his head tucked snuggly under Jack's chin. There was no awkward waking and stuttered excuses. Will had just opened his eyes as Jack looked down at him and smiled. A quick, shy kiss was pressed to Jack's lips before Will untangled himself and slipped out of the room leaving a stunned Captain behind.

After that, they had continued to get closer, but still seemed to dance around the relationship with Jack fiercely pursuing and Will stringing him along with small kisses and touches. It took Jack a month to finally corner Will in the Captain's cabin once more. A successful raid had been cause for much celebration for the crew. Jack and Will had gone to the Captain's cabin to enjoy some rum and ended up enjoying each other. It had been a most memorable night as they slowly made love in the captain's bunk long into the morning before falling asleep wrapped tightly around each other.

Will was now a permanent fixture in the Captain's cabin, one that Jack happily shared his space with. Will's place was beside Jack. They complimented each other, Will's sanity to Jack's madness, Jack's uncanny planning to Will's rash behavior. They fit together like shards of a glass bottle made whole when brought together. It was as if fate had somehow pulled all the strings that brought them together. Usually, Jack was wary of anybody but himself deciding his destiny, but just this once he'd allow it.

Will shifted in his arms. "Nnn, Jack." Will muttered, his eyes fluttering open sleepily.

"Yes luv?"

"The wheels in your head are waking me up." Will complained running a hand through Jack's wild hair.

"Sorry luv, jus' thinkin'." Jack leaned into Will.

"Too loud. Less thinking, more sleeping." Will ordered.

Jack chuckled. "Yes sir." He gave a small salute as he leaned down to nuzzle Will.

"Least you know who's boss around here," Will mumbled as he began to slip back into sleep.

"Aye," Jack smiled. He knew that he was wrapped around Will's finger. It was hard to deny something that stared him so blatantly in the face. So he just accepted it, as he had learned to do, taking it in stride as he took in the waves of the sea that were slowly lulling him into the sleep of a contented man. He had his ship. He had his freedom. But most importantly, he had his treasure. He had Will.

The End

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