By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. If I did, they'd be a lot less repressed *Grins*
Ratings: PG
Pairing: Norrington/Gillette
Notes: This drabble is best read after my previous drabble, Relax, but can also stand alone.
Summary: Gillette thinks pirates make life more interesting.

"A toast!" Gillette exclaimed as he raised his glass above his head.

"Another?" Norrington asked, amused.

"Yes! A toast." Gillette smiled, looking at the Commodore with the bright eyes of someone who had overindulged.

"To what do we toast this time?" Norrington asked, relieving Gillette of the brandy glass before he spilled it on them again.

The man in his lap looked at him as though he'd just told him the world was flat. "Well, to pirates of course." Gillette whispered secretively.

"To pirates?" Norrington took a sip before setting it aside so the Lieutenant could not reclaim the glass.

"Yes sir, to pirates." Gillette nodded. The young Lieutenant grinned easily, making his disheveled appearance even more appealing. His wig had been knocked to the floor during some of his earlier, excited gesticulations. His coat had been tossed aside after an unfortunate splash of brandy dripped down it and his shirt hung open loosely, exposing his pale but well-defined chest.

"And why exactly would we be toasting those scoundrels?"

Gillette leaned into the Commodore, knocking his mussed wig askew as he wrapped his arms around Norrington's neck. "Because they make life more interesting," Gillette murmured in Norrington's ear.

Norrington raised an eyebrow as Gillette pushed his wig onto the floor and ran his fingers through the sweaty hair beneath. The Commodore sighed at the feeling of those strong fingers dragging lightly over his scalp. He tilted his head back and Gillette gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Mmm yes, I suppose they do," he replied as he cupped Gillette's cheek and guided him close for a longer kiss.

Gillette practically purred as he snuggled against his commanding officer. Norrington wrapped an arm around the man's waist, holding him in place as he explored his mouth with all the enthusiasm of a treasure hunter. Gillette was equally passionate in his reception, welcoming Norrington like a tribe of friendly natives. Very friendly natives. Norrington let his hands travel down past Gillette's waist and squeeze the firm muscle he found there. Gillette moaned and rubbed up against the man.

He pulled back gasping, his eyes locked on Norrington's. "Are you going pirate on me sir? Pillage and plunder and the like?" He breathed against the Commodore's lips.

"Are you adverse to such a notion Lieutenant?" Norrington asked, brushing some of the Lieutenantís hair behind his ear.

"I told you, sir. Pirates make life more interesting." He nipped lightly at the Commodore's lip. "What say you, sir?"

"Prepare to be boarded, Lieutenant." Norrington grinned as he reclaimed Gillette's lips.


Very friendly natives...ok, I got a little silly with that, but I enjoyed it. Did you? ^_^ Feedback is welcome.