To Pagan Gods
By: Missfortune
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Warnings: Lemon alert. There be smut ahead!
Notes: This fic was written for the Slashers of the Caribbean Fuh-Q-Fest. Took me a while but here it is!
Challenge SS#34 - Will gets caught up in a virgin sacrifice and he's the virgin!

It had started out easily enough. Will had agreed to travel to another island to work on a commission for a neighboring noble. The trip was pleasant. The seas had led them to their destination swiftly and Will had been warmly welcomed into the noble's home. Unfortunately, it seemed that the man had gotten on the bad side of the island's native people. They raided the town that night leaving many dead and others captured and Will amongst those captured. He had been separated from the other prisoners and was put into a small cave with wooden bars across the entrance and two guards with guns. Where they had gotten guns from was a mystery, but they wielded them a little too well for Will to feel comfortable testing their ability with a foolish escape.

Will sat in the back of the cave clothed in nothing but a nightshirt and a robe and stared outside into the evening. He had the worst luck sometimes. He'd had to go off after pirates to rescue Elizabeth and then in turn been kidnapped by pirates while he helplessly watched Jack and Elizabeth being marooned. After said adventure he won the girl only to have her break their engagement and run off to do mission work deep in the jungles of the southern Americas. His master had been killed in a very strange accident in which he'd been crushed by several barrels of rum that toppled onto him and he'd had to put up with Norrington sniffing around for foul play and then put out the money to bury the old drunkard. It seemed that fate was laughing at him.

There was a movement outside and Will looked up at the bars. The torches the guards had illuminated a woman decked out in lots of bright feathers was standing there. She had skin the color of rich finely crafted wood and dark eyes the seemed to swallow the light that shone into them. She spoke to the guards in a language Will didn't recognize. The conversation went on for a few minutes before the woman turned back to Will.

"You were taken from the big house?" She asked in accented English.

"Yes, I was a guest there." Will acknowledged.

"It is enough you were found there. You can calm the restless spirits."

"What does that mean?" Will felt his stomach flutter nervously.

"You have not lain with anybody." It wasn't a question as her dark eyes pierced Will, seeming to read his soul.

Will shivered. The only other person he knew whose eyes had such an affect was Jack and this woman was far more serious looking than his pirate friend. Wordlessly he shook his head. It was true. He hadn't lain with anybody. Not Elizabeth, not a Tortuga whore, nobody. He didn't want to betray any partners he would have in the future. That and he saw some of the diseases those ladies of the night carried. "I...I haven't"

"Tomorrow we offer you to our gods. Make peace in this world for it is your last night." With that, the woman turned and melted back into the darkness.

"What? Wait! No!" Will moved up to the bars, rattling them. "I...I've lain with someone! Stop! Come back!" Will reached out of the bars.

One of the guards batted at Will's hand with his musket and yelled something he didn't understand. He quickly pulled back and moved to the back of the cave. He was going to die? He was going to die because he'd never taken up an offer to sleep with someone. Here he was saving himself and it turns out the only thing he was saving himself for was death. He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the situation.

"Well tha's a right mess ye've gotten yourself into."

Will's head snapped up and he looked through the bars daring to hope. "Jack?"

"I's Captain Jack, but fer you whelp, Jack will do jus fine." Jack was standing outside the bars with a grin on his face that said he was very pleased with himself.

"How did you...why are you...what about the guards?" Will moved forward, wide-eyed.

"The guards're asleep an' will be for some time." Jack held up a little reed with a few feathers on it. "Sleep darts, learned it from the natives ye know." He dropped the reed and started pulling open the bars. "As fer how and why, we just happened to be passin' the island and saw the smoke. The crew is back at the town pillaging to their black hearts' content. Me, I decided to do a little explorin' and look what heavily guarded treasure I came across." Jack grinned as he offered Will his hand and pulled him out of his prison.

"Jack! They were going to kill me."

"Wha for lad? You steal their princess?" Jack grinned as he put his arm around Will's shoulder and began leading him away.

"No. I came to do a commission for the lord on the island. But the natives attacked and I was taken. They said they were going to give me to their gods because...." Will trailed off at the reason. He could feel his cheeks heating up in embarrassment. Of all people to tell that he was chalked up to be a virgin sacrifice, Jack was not at the top of the list.

"'Cause why lad?" Jack prompted.

Will mumbled under his breath, unfortunately, it seemed that the mostly drunken pirate was very good at deciphering the unintelligible. He stared at Will in shock.

"Because ye haven't lain with anyone? Will me're a virgin?"

Will blushed, turning away. "Yes. Yes, I am. What's it to you?" Will snapped defensively.

Jack chuckled. "Jus figured you and yer lady woulda been knockin your boots tegether by now."

"She left. She went off to be a missionary. She said she had to spread the word." Will snorted, showing what he thought of that idea. "I wasn't exciting enough for her."

"Not exciting enough? Lad yer plenty exciting. Look, I just had to rescue you from a tribe of natives wantin te sacrifice ye to pagan gods. I think that's mighty adventurous, wouldn't ye say?" Jack clapped Will on the back.

"I'd say it was very bad luck. Very very very bad luck." Will frowned.

"Wha's so bad 'bout it? I rescued ye didn' I?"

"But what would have happened if you didn't?" Will asked, looking at Jack, his brown eyes tinted with fear.

Jack frowned. "Well," he said holding up a finger. Will glared at him and he stopped. "How bout this then lad...I'll fix it so that never happens for ye again. What do ye say to that?"

Will looked at the pirate skeptically. "And how exactly do you plan on accomplishing that?"

"Like this." Jack pulled Will towards him and captured his mouth in a fierce kiss. Will opened for him in surprise, tasting rum and the sea on Jack's tongue as it plundered his mouth. Jack slowly pulled away and Will stared at him in the dim starlight.

Finally, Will found his tongue and asked, "And how did that guarantee anything?"

"Well it didn't. That was only the beginnin of me brilliant plan." Jack grinned.

"What plan?"

"The one where I make sure nobody makes you a virgin sacrifice." Jack grinned more than a little maniacally.

Will stared at him. "Jack..." he said with a small warning tone.

Jack turned to him. "Don't worry Will, trust ol Jack te take care of ye."

"I think that's what I'm worried about."

Jack didn't reply, instead he backed Will up against a tree and pressed their bodies tightly together as he kissed Will again. Will didn't fight, he was too unsure about the situation. Jack was taking advantage of Will's disorientation to untie the robe's sash and slide his hand under the material. He rubbed Will's stomach with the flat of his palm in a comforting manner and Will gave a small moan. The kiss tapered off into something a little more chaste and less fiery as Jack looked into Will's eyes.

"Ye know it's a pirates' way to take what we want. But I'll be askin' ye lad, is this somethin you'd want?" Jack's fingers moved through Will's hair gently, brushing soft strands behind Will's ear.

Will took in a deep breath. " want to do that with me?" He sounded surprised. He looked shy and a little flattered as he looked through his eyelashes at Jack.

Jack smiled. "Yeah. I do."

"I don't know...I've never..." Will stuttered.

"I know lad," Jack soothed, brushing his fingers over Will's lips. "Don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of ye. Just let me."

Will nodded silently, his eyes fixed on Jack. Jack leaned in and kissed him again, then moved to Will's neck where he nibbled at the smooth skin. Will let his head tilt to the side as Jack sucked and did interesting things with his tongue. Will felt his robe slipping off of his shoulders as Jack helped it along, leaving him in only a loose nightshirt. Jack's hands almost immediately slid under the light cotton shirt and began to map out his body. Will moaned as hands touched him intimately as no others had done before.

"Tha's right. Enjoy it." Jack said as he lightly pinched one of Will's nipples. Will squeaked and Jack chuckled, letting his other hand wander down. Callused fingertips traced lightly over firm muscles, bringing a shiver to the younger man. However, those reactions were nothing compared to the sexy groan Will released as Jack began to stroke his erection. Jack bit back his own groan as he fought the urge to throw the lad to the ground and take him like that. He had to firmly remind himself, this was not some paid harlot, this was Will and it was the whelp's first time at that.

Will's hands clutched at Jack's shoulders as his hips instinctively moved to thrust into Jack's hand. Jack's mouth had returned to sucking at Will's neck, occasionally biting and Will moaned. He let his head fall back against the trunk of the tree and was thankful for its support because he wasn't sure if he'd be able to hold himself up with what Jack was doing to him.

"Ye like that lad?" Will asked, nipping at his earlobe.

"Yesss," Will hissed back, arching into Jack.

"Ye'll like this better." Jack left a quick kiss on Will's lips before he got to his knees in front of him.


"Shhh, just feel." Jack's hands glided over Will's pale thighs. He pushed up the white nightshirt that hung around Will's hips and looked at the erection that jutted out proudly. Holding back the shirt with a hand on Will's hip, Jack leaned in and began to lick delicately at the head of Will's erection. The reaction was immediate as Will whimpered, his fists gripping at his side. Slowly, Jack took Will's erection into his mouth. Will clenched his eyes tight as he was enveloped in the hot wetness of Jack's mouth. He felt the Captain's tongue gliding over his erection, wrapping around it, and he was sure that he would explode with pleasure.

"Unn! Jack, so good. I'm gonna..." Will managed to string together.

Jack didn't pull away. He seemed to redouble his efforts, sucking harder and bobbing his head up and down, taking a little more with each move. Will's hands were clenching and he was almost sure he'd drawn blood in his palms, but he didn't care. The only thing that mattered was what Jack was doing to him and how close to release he was. Jack suddenly pulled all the way back and the night air wafted across Will, making him shiver. The next moment he was plunged back into the heat. That small action was enough to push him over the edge.


Jack swallowed Will's seed. He licked him off gently and stood up, his body pressing Will's to the tree, as the lad didn't look like he could support himself. He held Will's cheek and kissed his lips. Will's eyes drifted open and looked at him with a glazed expression.

"Ye okay lad?"

"Jack...was so..." Will grasped for words.

"Yeah, now don' you go fallin asleep on me, there's more ye know."

"More?" Will blinked at Jack kittenishly.

Jack smiled. "There is. Do you want it?" Jack pressed his erection into the lad's hip. "Do ye want me to show you?"

Will moaned softly. "Yes. I want it Jack."

Jack's eyes seemed to darken and swallow Will whole. A shiver traveled down his spine at the sultry look Jack was sending. Jack tugged Will to the ground. They knelt on the robe that Will had shed. Jack leaned in and claimed Will's mouth fiercely. He pulled back leaving Will breathless and panting. Happy with his effect on Will he brushed back Will's hair, which had fallen into his face again. "Now lad, I need fer ye te get on yer hands and knees. It'll be easier for ye...and take that shirt off too, I wanna see ye."

Will blushed as he pulled the loose shirt over his head and laid it aside. Jack's eyes raked over Will's body like hot coals and Will had to suppress a moan brought on by the look alone. Jack's hands ran over Will's chest, pinching lightly at his nipples and drawing forth a squeak from Will.

Jack chuckled. "Yer hands and knees lad."

Will nodded and did as he was told. Jack's calloused hands ran over his smooth backside. Strong hands parted his cheeks and there was hot breath blowing across his entrance. Will blinked he was about to turn his head when something hot and wet touched him. He gasped, his head whipping around.


Jack looked up. "Relax Will, it'll feel good. Better if ye relax."

Will nodded numbly and kept his neck craned to watch Jack. Jack's head lowered and soon the hot wetness was probing him again. Will released a soft sigh as he told his body to relax under Jack's ministrations. Jack's tongue was teasing as it pushed into him, and retreated quickly. Will whimpered as Jack's tongue began to torture him, pressing in and making him squirm in pleasure, then drawing back. Will let his head fall forward as he relaxed completely. Then he felt the first finger, pushing carefully into him and touching here and there. He opened himself to the explorations and jerked suddenly when his body jolted with pleasure.

"What was that?" he gasped, body shivering slightly.

"Yer spot. Ye like that?" Jack was grinning, Will could hear it without even looking at the pirate.


Jack chuckled and soon two fingers were stretching Will, occasionally lightly brushing the spot that made Will shiver and cry out in pleasure.

"Jack!" Will gasped.

"Yes lad?"

"More," Will moaned, his hips shifting back against Jack's fingers.

"Ye think ye're ready?" Jack let a third finger tease at Will's entrance then slide inside. Will whimpered and pushed back against the filling fingers.

"Yes, please!"

The fingers withdrew and Will whined softly at the loss. "Shh lad, I'll give ye what ye need." Jack soothed, his hands running across Will's back and waist. It seemed that somehow, without removing his hands from Will's skin he managed to push down his pants and press his erection to Will's entrance. Will whimpered as the head teased him, brushing against the sensitive pucker but not going in.

"Jack..." Will whined.

Jack pulled away for a moment, then was back, his erection slick as it once more brushed against Will. Will spread his legs, his bottom pushing back at Jack and the pirate licked his lips at the wanton angel spread out for him. "Here I am lad," Jack murmured as he began to push slowly into Will's body.

Will held his breath as he was breached by something larger than a tongue or fingers. Jack was thick and Will could feel himself stretching to accommodate. He didn't dare move, as it was a strange blend of pain and pleasure. Jack's callused hands took a hold of Will's waist, his fingers kneading into tense muscles as he continued to push in.

"Remember Will, relax," Jack's breath tickled Will's ear and his hair brushed across Will's shoulder as the pirate leaned over him. The texture of his clothes pressing into Will's bare skin.

Will took several deep breaths and let his muscles relax. Jack's hips shifted forward and Will gave a startled cry as Jack suddenly brushed his prostate then withdrew. Small trembles of pleasure made him loosen up and soon Jack had begun to thrust slowly in and out. Will's hands twisted into the robe beneath him. The pain was fading and the feeling of being filled was overwhelming the young blacksmith. He was getting aroused again. He could feel Jack moving inside him and tightened his muscles a little. Jack groaned and thrust hard. Will whimpered, his body jerking with the thrust.

"Yer so tight Will. So sweet. So hot." Jack whispered into Will's ear. The hot tickle of breath combined with the actual words made Will flush. His face was burning both with pleasure and embarrassment. He was on fire. It was as if Jack had doused him in rum and set him aflame. Each movement the pirate made only stoked the fire hotter. Not even his forge had burned him as much as the feeling of Jack's taut flesh against his. It was like a brand, one that he welcomed.

"More. Please more." Will panted as he pushed back against Jack, trying to get that spot again.

Jack's hips began to move faster. Will braced himself on the ground as the angle shifted and he cried out. Jack was hitting that spot and each time made his body jump as if struck by lightening. He begged and pushed back, not caring how he sounded or looked. All he wanted, all he needed in that moment was Jack. The pirate was more than happy to oblige. Their combined cries echoed through the night as their bodies ground against each other.

Each cry from Will's throat, each twist and jolt of his body brought Jack closer. He leaned in, his teeth capturing Will's ear and biting lightly. "Come for me Will. Scream my name." His hands gripped Will hard as he thrust.

A hard thrust jabbed into Will's prostate. Jack's heat, Jack's body, Jack's words. It was all too much. "Jack!" he wailed, releasing with Jack's words as the only stimulation to his erection. His body tightened, his muscles all drawing taut.

Jack grunted as he continued moving in the restrictive heat. The lad was already tight. In the grips of his orgasm, his body tightened and loosened in quick succession, drawing Jack to release like a whirlpool draws in its victims. "Will," he exhaled as he gripped Will's hips and came.

The feeling of Jack filling him with his seed was like a rush of warmth that covered his whole body. He whimpered, his body going lax beneath Jack. He let his arms fall, his head resting heavily on them as he panted. Will was barely able to support his own weight, let alone the deadweight of Jack sprawled across his back, the pirate's arms wrapped securely around his middle.

"Will lad," Jack's voice was soft as he began to pull back.

Will sighed, the effort alone seeming too much. "Hmm?"

"We should go back to the ship, before the natives come lookin for ye." Jack's hands roamed over Will even as he withdrew from his body.

Will didn't seem inclined to move anytime soon. He barely twitched as Jack's tongue returned to clean him off. He sighed in pleasure at the warm licks. It was the bite that got him. A hard sharp bite on his ass cheek made him jump and cry out.

"Jack!" Will sat up and turned around, glaring at the smirking pirate. "What was that for? I think you drew blood!"

"I said we should get back to the Pearl lad. They'll come lookin for their sacrifice soon an we don' wanna be stickin around for 'em te find." Jack stood and carefully adjusted his pants and shirt and then looked down at Will.

Will pouted and continued to glare, looking around and picking up his discarded nightshirt. He pulled it on over his head and stood, looking down at the dirty sticky robe with distaste. Jack smiled and wrapped his coat around Will's shoulders.

"'Ere whelp. Wear this."

"Thanks," Will mumbled as he slipped into the coat.

"Now come on lad, we have te get back to the ship. The plan ain't finished with yet." Jack wrapped his arm around Will's waist and began to lead him towards the town.

"What do you mean it isn't finished. Didn't we just..." Will blushed, unable to put into words what they'd just done.

"Yeah, we did. But really ye didn't lay with anyone what with you on hands and knees. There's still lots more te do before you're no virgin in any sense of the word." Jack winked at Will. The hot blush on Will's cheeks grew out of control as he ducked his head, thinking of all the things Jack could do to him yet. Jack smirked as he ran his hand over Will's ass. "Come now lad, a good bottle of rum and the Captain's bunk are callin te us. Let's not keep 'em waitin."

The End

Ta da! Took me a while, but it is completed. My first Fuh-Q-Fest I just have to finish the other two..or did I start three? Dunno ^_^ Anyway, I like feedback. Feedback is to me what rum is to Jack! woo! Great analogy.