Seven Seas 1\?
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: NC-17ish
Pairing: Jack/Will
Notes: A small drabble of many 1/?
Summary: Jack likes Will better than rum, only until they get to Tortuga.

“Jack,” Will moaned softly as the other man moved inside of him.

“Tha’s right love,” Jack panted in his ear. “Feels good.”

Indeed, Will did feel good. Jack couldn’t think of many things better than burying himself into Will’s tight body. It was right up there with rum and the Pearl, maybe even above them. He held the young man’s waist as they moved together, a fine sheen of sweat eased the slide of their skin. Will let such sweet noises fall from his lips, Jack wanted to taste each one. He leaned in and claimed Will’s mouth again, stealing his breath, taking it over and then giving it back, used.

“Please,” Will gasped as Jack took his time, slowly working the lad.

“Shh, jus’ feel it.” Jack murmured as his lips slid over Will’s skin, taking in the salt of his skin.


Jack chuckled, a hand moving down to touch Will’s erection. “You want this?”

“Yes!” Will arched up into the hand, his body taught as a sail in a stiff wind. He pumped his hips up enthusiastically and Jack found himself moaning too.

“Ah, whelp.”

Will’s movements were like a trigger. It was as though they’d been pulled into the first sucking currents of a whirlpool and they had no place to go but completion. Jack began to thrust hard and it wasn’t long before Will cried out his name, sticky warmth flowing between them. Jack followed with a much louder exclamation that probably roused the whole ship.

Afterwards they lay together, Will curled up into Jack and toying with one of the braids on his beard. Jack stared up in the darkness before speaking. “Tomorrow we’ll be getting to Tortuga.”

Will immediately stiffened. “Why?”

“We need to make port somewhere lad. We need supplies.”

“I see.”

“We’ll find ourselves some rum and a good whorehouse and-“

“I don’t think I will.”

Jack looked down at him. “Why not lad? Once we’re ashore there’ll be plenty of ladies to be choosin’ from.”

Will shook his head slowly.

“There’ll be men too.” Jack offered.

Will sighed in frustration and rolled over, his smooth back facing the captain. Jack looked over at him and frowned. He felt as if the seven seas had suddenly settled between them and he wasn’t quite sure why.

To Be Continued...