Nurse Jack
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: PG
Pairing: Jack/Will
Notes: A small drabble of many.
Summary: Jack plays the part of nurse.

Jack never really fancied himself to be much of a nurse. Truthfully, there were very few people in his lifetime that he cared enough about to sit through an illness with. Of those few, all were dead. All except Will and heíd see the Caribbean freeze over before he let will join them. He faithfully kept by Willís side, mopping his fevered body with cool cloths, soothing him through nightmares that drew forth great screams of terror, and cleaning and changing blankets as many times as necessary, all without complaint. He considered it all part of his penance. It was an act that he would only perform for someone he cared so deeply about.

For two days, he didnít sleep as he battled Willís fever as well as he was able. The first time Will opened his eyes, Jack had been ecstatic. Unfortunately, he hadnít truly woken; he was in the grips of the fever. He began to babble almost incoherently, his voice thin and strained. As the fever flared, Will became more agitated until Jack was forced to get into the bed and hold him down for fear of his thrashing opening the cauterized wound on Willís back. Will fell into an exhausted sleep, but it didnít bring any rest for Jack as the sleep soon turned nightmare. He had to soothingly speak Will out of the dark places that made him cry out in fear, his hands gently skimming over Willís over-heated skin.

Even when Willís sleep was peaceful, Jackís watch never wavered. He sat beside the bed with Willís hand between his own, watching the rise and fall of his back, always ready to step in should another nightmare take him. On the third day, Willís fever broke in the early hours of the morning. Knowing that from there it could only go down, Jack decided to get some much needed sleep. He carefully climbed into bed beside Will, carefully placing his arms around the still too warm body. Snuggled up beside Will, he finally allowed himself some over-due sleep.

ďRest well Will, things will be better. Yeíll see.Ē

To Be Continued...