Too Smart for her Britches
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: PG
Pairing: Jack/Will
Notes: A small drabble of many.
Summary: Anna's just too damned smart!

Jack stumbled out of the cabin in nothing but his pants as if the hounds of hell were on his heels. A loud smash followed his exit and Annamaria looked up from where she’d been standing at the rail for a moment of peace. That peace was now shattered as she heard a muffled string of curses following Jack’s swift exit.

“Jack! What did you do?” Anna demanded, stalking towards the man.

“Nothing! He just woke up!”

“I can hear as much,” she said with a pleased grin. “But what did you do to put him in such a state?”

“Nothing! One minute I was sleepin’ peacefully and the next minute I was on the floor with Will yelling!”

“Where exactly were you sleeping?”

“In the bed o’ course.”

“Of course,” Anna sighed, shaking her head. “Jack are ye daft?! That’s the last place he’ll be wantin’ ye after the way you treated him!”

Jack stared at her as if she was speaking one of the few languages he didn't.

"Jack! You hurt him. He doesn't want you near him right now. He's still feeling the sting and all of a sudden there you are like everything is fine? Well it ain't! Not for him. For him, you still left him behind for a few cheap whores. That pain ain't just gonna go away. You're gonna have to work to make it better." Anna ranted.

The Captain stood before her shifting from foot to foot like an errant child. He didn't want to believe her words. But he knew that she was telling the truth. He had hurt Will a lot and he couldn't just ignore that. He had to try and fix it somehow. Obviously that wasn't going to be easy, but he'd damn well try.


Jack's head snapped up. "What woman?!"

"I said, since the lad's awake, he'll need some food and someone to care for him. But it can't be you. In fact, he probably won't feel like talking at all, why don't you send Mr. Cotton. The lad won't feel pressured to talk that way."

Jack grumbled. "Why the hell are you so smart woman?"

Anna smirked. "Well, that's for me to know and you to wonder isn't it? Now why don't you follow my orders, Captain?" Her smirk grew as she stressed the last word.

Jack stomped off muttering about women too smart for their own britches as he went in search of Mr. Cotton.

To Be Continued...