Kitten Tradeoff
By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Warnings: G
Pairing: Jack/Will
Notes: A small drabble of many.
Summary: Jack is seeking information, but first he has to buy a cat.

Will was not on the Pearl. Nor was Will in Tortuga. Jack knew this because he'd gone straight back to the ship to look for the lad. When he found no sign of him, he figured that Will had changed his mind and gone into the town after all. He searched the town. When he was unsuccessful, he scoured every back alley, gutter and other likely place to hide a body. There was no sign of Will. His crew hadn't seen him. Nobody had seen him. He was simply no where to be found. Until...

"Yeah, I seen 'im. Who wants to know?" An old withered woman with a basket of mangy kittens looked up at Jack through yellow watery eyes.

"Could you tell me where he went?" Jack asked.

"Buy a kitten?" She held up her basket.

Jack looked down at the cats in distaste.

"I don't remember." She shrugged as she put the basket back down.

Jack sighed and looked at the cats once more. There was a small brown one curled up in the back that looked relatively cleaner than the rest. "I'll take this one," he grumbled as he picked up the small bundle of fur.

"Excellent. Ten pence if you please." Jack quickly handed her the small copper coins. She made a great show of inspecting each one carefully before stuffing them in a dirty handkerchief that got shoved down the front of her dress even as Jack seemed to dance about with impatience.

"So where did he go?" Jack asked again.

"Where did who go?" She blinked up at him.

"The lad! Where did he go?"

"Oh, he got on a boat." She waved over to the many ships docked nearby.

"Is the boat still here?"

She tilted her head. "No, it left."

"Do you know what ship? Who captained her?" Jack asked desperately, clutching the cat to his chest. The little creature mewed and pawed at the braids of his beard.

The old woman laughed. "Do I look like a fortune teller lad? I donna know that. Though...." She scratched the white hairs on her chin. "I think it had a snake painted on that back."

"The Cobra," Jack hissed.

"Aye! One of those." The woman nodded.

"Thank you." Jack said quickly as he turned to walk off.

"Take care of my kitten and he'll bring you luck!" The woman called out at the retreating pirate's back.

To Be Continued...